(FFoC Set) 3,6,7 The QUATERMEN Strike Back

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jasta07 31

16 x 3, 15 x 7, 12 x 6

Probably the hardest deck to play in the Fist Full of Change set - Four reasonably balanced decks using 1 base set and every saddlebag up till EDS.

After seeing LordManHammer's QUATERMAN deck I just had to replicate it with the cards I had available. Starting Harold Aimslee is genius. Mad genius but genius.

Unfortunately I admit I've kinda butchered it. No Coachwhip!, no Sun in Yer Eyes or Pistol Whip but I just couldn't spare even one without gutting the other decks. On the plus side it has the only two Kidnappin' which is probably good as it's one thing this deck is a little vulnerable to.

Play is the same as the original deck - get a QMan first turn if you can, with a Holy Wheel Gun is even better. Be very careful with your ghostrock. You don't want to have 0 income with upkeep to pay. Hence this is not a deck for new players.

Several cards are blatantly making up the numbers - most notably Pinto which is a terrible card with so many tin men. I tried like hell to replace them but couldn't find anything available - same with The Stakes Just Rose. The off draw Tail Between Yer Legs is making up for all the clubs that have gone missing but it's been a passable stand in.

Probably the only thing that might be a worthy change is ..It's who you know which can be a nice surprise if you use the Morgan ability early and Irving Patterson finds himself with some unwanted visitors away from home. The threat of Harold joining in as a 3 Stud usually sends them running.

Mar 12, 2015 LordManHammer


1 thing - I tried using Auto revolver in my initial deck as well but swerved away from it as pulling a 3 will fail the revolver :(

I think that if a weapon gadget comes out on 5 or the like that any QUATERMAN deck will go from 'surprisingly wellfunctioning - sometimes' to 'brilliantly deadly'! But that is another discussion...


Mar 12, 2015 jasta07

Yeah I think I failed Auto-Revolver once or twice. With Pinto it makes me think 7's are kind of the weakest link. Maybe 9's might be better.

2 x Bunkhouse, 2 x Mechanical Horse, 4 x Tail Between Yer Legs or 2 x Cheatin' Varmint, 2 x Morgan Research Institute, Arvid Mardh, Mario Crane, Dr. Dawn Edwards maybe.

Seems like it needs maybe one more good card though to justify it though - Preferably a Heart or a Spade