Aces in the hole - 1st place Deputy Tournament (The Appraise

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Aces in the hole ver. 2 2 9 6
Desolate Hucksters - 7,8,10 0 0 0

ekyboi 151

The deck is simple, a 13-12-13 structure (better odds at low ball and does ok at straight up draw 5 shootout hands) that revolves around Desolation Row jobs early in the game, followed by deed sliding, which never happens coz' people in our side of town love shootouts (admittedly, so do I).

Notable cards which make Desolation Row safer to use with lesser dudes doing the job:

a.) Ace in the Hole: In my opinion one of the best shootout spell in the game. Keep those Jokers in hand. Switch trips or full houses to 4-of-a-kinds or cheating hands to legal. But the best part is that your huckster stays safe away from shootouts... till they get kidnapped.

It fails the Hex check to itself though.

b.) Quickdraw Handgun: If your opponent is forced to cheat, make the worst legal hand possible with Ace in the Hole, then switch. Other then that, it keeps the game honest.

Other notable cards:

a.) Fetch: Not a good cheating hand punish for shootouts. It's for low ball more than anything.

b.) Mayfair Family Deck: It's a huckster for 1 ghost rock. I usually attach it to Jake Smiley

Deck Strategies.

A.) Control Rocket:

Early control points and ghost rock from Desolation Row + deed slide + Hunter Protections + The Union Casino while protecting Town Square

B.) Control Bomb:

All opposing dudes are booted? Nicodemus Whateley! Play him from hand or Recruitment Drive him in and steal a win.

Or screw A or B , go for C.) Just Keep Shooting. I've been forced into fire fights far too many times in the past. So here's my answer:

Sloane. She's the Big Bad B*tch for a reason. Heck, I make HER into a huckster and give her shadow walk and fetch, and throw in a gun, then chase dudes around town. Let's see you kidnap this huckster!

Ok the last bit was more of a joke, only happened once or twice in the past. But it's fun!

Apr 28, 2015 moveslikejuaber

That Whateley tech got of off-guard, man :P


Apr 28, 2015 ekyboi

Rubber match next tourney ya?

Apr 28, 2015 L2W

Whateley coming through

Apr 28, 2015 ekyboi

@L2W Amazing card! I added it to the deck the night before the tourney Never new it would win me games!

Apr 28, 2015 ekyboi


Apr 28, 2015 byronczimmer

Is Avie Cline purely for draw structure? I can't imagine 4 upkeep per turn.

I'd think Richard Slavin would do better, and he'd help you find those Mayfair Family Decks.

Apr 29, 2015 ekyboi

@byronczimmer She's a cheap casualty soak on a big shootout (coz I got no Bluetick nor The Brute. If anything else I can use her to go for a suicide run to bait out cheat punishes. The latter has been done to me many times before. Just paying it forward, hahaha.

Point taken on Richard Slavin though, I forgot Mayfair Family Deck was mystical. Thanks!