Knoxville Friday Night Winner Mk2

published May 05, 2015 | | |
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This is my second version of the previous Knoxville winner from here I changed it to drop the J's and add 10's The deck would gain Unprepared and Shadow Walk that way. It would lose the Hex Slingin' and Forget, but those cards just weren't being used that often since there were so many resolution abilities already in the deck. Unprepared didn't really serve much purpose because few players were playing with dudes that had stacks of cards. It ended up getting used for the boot the most. If you start a fight with The Brute or Travis Moone, you might lose them, but you'll be able to boot another dude which fits right into the strategy of the deck.

Having The Brute and Travis Moone in the starting posse has proven to be a blessing because I can use either of them to start fights and eat casualties when the shooters come for me. I also swapped in Nicodemus Whateley per a suggestion I saw. He proved to help me win one game. Most other games, he showed up in my hand too early to afford him.

Right now, I've found one of the best ways to play it is to let Valeria Batten be the main hucskter while Leonardo "Leon" Cavallo waits at home to boot anyone that may try to come after her. I try to split spells between the two of them evenly in case one of them gets killed, the other will still have at least one of each spell that proves helpful.

We played at a different store that stayed open later, so we were able to play six games round robin. This deck won five games and we came to a draw in another game because we were both playing with control elements and no one was getting anywhere in over an hour. We didn't set a clock for that game, so we had to end at some point.

May 06, 2015 mplain

looks like a very strong control deck, but how do you deal with Kidnappin's? You only have one weak stud, a sparse draw structure, and no Hex Slingin'.

Also, why no Soul Blast or Puppet?

May 06, 2015 crx3800

Strangely, I haven't encountered as many Kidnappin' as I probably should have. The It's Not What You Know... and Cheatin' Varmint solve most of the Resolution issues. Neither of those resolutions require a spell to be in the posse, so The Brute can go start a fight just to hope my opponent cheats, which has happened plenty. If someone does Kidnappin' a huckster, I usually just let them. I've been able to draw replacement hucksters quickly enough to not worry much about losing one. It's also a reason I like spreading the spells in between the two so I don't lose everything with one dude.

Without any values beyond the four in the deck, it has proven to be incredibly resilient in shootouts, discouraging most players from fighting it unless they have incredibly favorable terms since they know I have resolution abilities. I'm a stickler for no stray values if I can help it and it pays off.

The strongest shootout deck I faced, had a significant problem in the influence department. I was able to kill off his Jake Smiley and then play all the deeds I had in my hand. He had no one to claim deeds at that point, so I could just sit at home.

May 10, 2015 crx3800

After the reveal of Funtime Freddy, I would highly suggest finding room for a Puppetand a Soul Blast since you'll be able to get both out of the draw structure and replace Travis Moone with Funtime Freddy.