Randall by on

So yes, the old Randall was just too good - mostly because there was no risk involved.

Now you need at least one other spot in town to spread the word - likely Randall at home, most of the posse in town square, and someone camping out at some deed. Maybe you make it work for you and put Forster Cooke tending bar, or Natalya diverting income.

hopefully flipping Randall p[roves healthier for the game.

Farnum's Consortium by on

Always tricky to thread the needle with the Entrepreneurs "money" theme. Giving advantages on a fundamental aspect like economy can easily turn troublesome.

but if you assign an overseer to your deeds, then they can be more productive. Either use this extra income to cover upkeep costs on your number of overseers, even more deeds, or maybe even use the Noon ability to draw something to spend money on.

Rock Woofstone by on

More movement for the Anarchists just makes the chess game so much more fun.

Can't imagine where the idea for the flavour text came from though.... ;-)

Without a doubt, definitely the best card ever published :-)

Huang Li by on

the core of the idea behind this dude is the ongoing interconnection of the Anarchist dudes. and their multitude of themes.

Huang Li might not fit into a proper Kung Fu deck with his big king value, but he does allow you to get an effect out of kung fu dudes (booting the opposition).

Or with Blessed, setting up a Point Blank.

Or with an Abomination, pumping up to a 4 stud.

and the benefits stack with double duty dudes like Hamshanks, Brother Petrovic, He Fang, and Yasmin Tian

"Dynamite" Jacc by on

Prize card for Marshal winner Jonathan "Chase" Causey - known on some boards as Kamacausey.

He wanted something that did that sort of suicide charge.

placed the timing on the Resolution window instead of the react window because the React window would have made this dude essentially a Take Ya With Me on a stick, and then every deck is splashing it.

in order to make the decision harder, made him a fair costed 1 stud / 1 influence dude, so you might not want to blow him up.

unlike Taking Ya With Me though, you can blow up Jacc even if you are winning or tied. As long as you have another body hanging out after the resolution window, you are golden.


@db0 relevant fiction - Drew Beauman salvages QP:

This story was the result of a 'save or damn' storyline event series where players could vote to save or condemn dudes. Jessica Patchett (nee Sloane) was saved, and Drew Beauman was damned. Story decided that agent of Drew's fall was Quaterman who (now possessed) would influence Beauman to go rogue and enforce his own (Quaterman's) twisted sense of law and justice.

Basically Q got corrupted and is now possessed by a Manitou. He's more Lawful Neutral-->Evil vs. Lawful Good. As Carter notes, there is a definite Robocop vibe to our Metal Man.

The Harrowed bit as noted by Carter is an in-game mechanic to facilitate Q's autonomy and independence from Beauman and reflecting the possession by a Manitou who awakens Q's underlying sentience.

Tawodi by on

RichCarter but booted dude cant start job. Combine with Eagle Wardens and you can grab key shootout actions, then run Tawodi's job to bring your card finding dude home; stealing a page from the Allie Hensman / Desolation Row playbook.

Bai Yang Chen (Exp.1) by on

Our first 5 stud - sort of.

following the tragic death of his sister, Bai Yang Chen has taken a vow of poverty. And he encourages you to take the vow with him.

Each card in your hand reduces that impressive 5 stud, and BYC will not hold on to worldly possessions to do something rude with those bullets, like a shotgun.

And for the D&D enthusiasts out there, he has enough monk levels to be immune to disease (conditions).

Finally, if you have purged yourself of the temptations of Wealth, you can draw a card. Not super useful when you cannot afford to play the card, unless it is a free action.

an aggressive heavy shooting deck would like to run BYC and leverage those bullets into a strong advantage.

Reggie Mallard by on

Reggie here goes into my design basket of "all or nothing" type of risk vs. reward.

Start him, Darragh, Anthea, Maria, and Rosaleen and you can go all in with a 5 stud, 4 draw. Just make sure to win the round, because you lose a stud and a draw for each dude you have to remove from your posse.

and, from the other side of the table, know that Reggie needs to work as part of a unit, so the individual parts can be out maneuvered.


For those decks which want to get this beauty out faster, running a few copies of Technological Exhibition can make it happen much easier. I would have liked that it had more cost and less Upkeep though, to make it easier to keep in play.

Is there a story which explains how the QUATERMAN became harrowed?


I love my QUATERMAN deck. Even if it's not the best Gadget deck out there, I love the theme of creating a bunch of robo-cowboys! And even better, their immunity to bullet changes and being moved means that it messes up a lot of opponents' strategies. I love it when they try to play Sun in Yer Eyes, only to realize that QUATERMAN doesn't care!

So I was thrilled to see QUATERMAN PRIME, the new and improved version! He has the same benefits as the original with more bullets, and extra cost. The extra casualty for cheatin' players is a nice benefit, and the double-edged sword that means it effects you too means it fits well with the Law Dogs, especially Fort 51, given that they tend not to cheat.

The bad news: I've tried to make him work in a Law Dogs deck, but it just really doesn't work, which disappoints me greatly. There are a couple of reasons:

  1. Because the rules don't allow you to have Gadget Dudes in your starting posse (unless you have an ability that says so like POST-A-TRON), you can't build a deck where PRIME is a core strategy. And PRIME isn't Non-Unique like his regular counterparts, meaning if you run more than 1 or 2 of him, you're likely to get dead hands. But if you only run 1 or 2 of him, your play hand only gets PRIME once in a blue moon.
  2. The 4 value and 6 difficulty is tough for Law Dogs where he seems to synergize best. Most decks assume you will always succeed on your pulls, so if there are any other 4s in your deck, you need a Mad Scientist 2. There are currently no Mad Scientist 2 dudes in Law Dogs. You can use Dr. Dayl Burnett, but you have to remove a bounty from an opposing dude. If you include Drifters there's Margaret Hagerty, but that means you're relying on a single dude to allow QUATERMAN PRIME to be auto-pulled (which wouldn't be an issue if you could start with Gadget Dudes). And since Margaret is a Drifter, you might as well put both her and PRIME in another faction, or give up and switch to Entrepreneurs.
  3. Related to value, if you're running QUATERMAN PRIME, you naturally want to run the original QUATERMAN. But with the latter being a 3♠︎, the pulls are even more difficult if you include them.

Maybe someday the rules will change to let you put any gadget dudes in your starting posse so he can see play more often, or Law Dogs will get a Mad Scientist 2 so he can be auto-pulled. But for now, Law Dogs can't very well build a deck that includes him, meaning only Entrepreneurs can effectively invent him.

Arielle Moriah by on

The backstory of the art and this dude's origin are covered in this article at Pinebox's website in the article below. She and Dr Delphi Wallis are RPG characters given life in the card game, with art supplied by one of their players.


Fannin' the Hammer by on

The flavor text implies that Virgil Earp witnessed Doc Holliday firing more than 6 bullets through the use of hexslinging.

The legend Doc Holliday locks a dude to 4 bullets, meaning that Doc Holliday cannot allow a dude to fan the hammer and fire more than 6 shots.

Complete flavor fail. smh.

Secret Paths by on

with Secret Paths, you can take a whole posse of dudes from home over to a contentious deed without having to stroll casually through a Murder Blender in town square. Sure, the deed in question might become the site of a fire fight, but at least your dudes will be there unbooted. Great when there are things that you want to boot for. Or if you have a Totem that you want to drop on their deed.

Sure, it is expensive, but the effect makes you into the king of movement.

And if you can entice a fool hardy claim jumper to boot on out to one of your out of town deeds, then all of your dudes get to attend their upcoming funeral.

Mind Twist by on

for the first part, I wanted some way, outside of Unprepared to impact opposing spells. Like a spell targeting version of Phantom Fingers.

Then there is part 2

another element of the influence denial suite alongside Blood Curse - but only useful against dudes with greater than 1 influence.

or ... Use Mind Twist on your own Zero Influence dude(s) to take control of deeds, or just to stay in the game.

Lethargy by on

This was conceived as another element in the Control Hex toolbox. A spiritual successor to the old Paralysis Mark, only with decision points for the opponent. Keep a Ghost Rock in reserve to unboot your dude or make deliberate movement decisions to keep the dude from getting booted. Scatter a few castings on different dudes and then they will think twice before bringing a whole passel of dudes into a shootout or Job.

or add in a forced booting effect like Leonardo "Leon" Cavallo, and you can be very effective turn after turn.

Battered Banjo by on

Improvised Weapon - thy name is Battered Banjo. This submission was a bit of a weird one, but I ran with it. A melee weapon to support that theme, and a bonus when applying musical accompaniment for a Hymn. add in a Sword of the Spirit and you can turn the banjo into an "axe"


We do not have a ton of options for hitting a dude with a bullet penalty as a noon action. Great is they are the lowball winner and your are trying to dodge a shotgun.

or this CAN lower the bullets of a dude with a Peacemaker.

Safety note on the influence bonus, reacting to Amazing Grace is great, since the influence boost will last until the end of the turn, but reacting to Onward Christian Soldiers will only endure to the end of the shootout.

Scratch by on

I know that the world is pretty broadly divided into cat people and dog people. And we already have three hounds as sidekicks in Doomtown. People know that a dog would take a Bullet for them. And the indifference of cats is well documented (meme'd) on the internet.

Scratch here, can go both ways. If her "owner" is in a shootout that she has no interest in, she can promote a nearby dude as her new caretaker. Or Scratch can see a fight breaking out and decide to wander into the middle of it.

The card cycle is to represent a luck aspect. Possibly even a deliberate sacrifice play to get better cards into hand (and recycle a 5 of hearts).

Net Gun by on

Playtesters pushed back hard on my idea for a gadget weapon that removes Stud. Even though it discards itself when used. All of that concern really was hinged upon the scrounging scientist Janosz Pratt.

But this is a 4. and the ability requires a pull. And needs to be used by a mad scientist. How is this going to be useful Rich?

1) splash this in a higher value pulling deck so that you can neutralize bigger shooters more reliably.

2) run in a more mid range value gadget weapon deck, as there is usually a solid back up stud to wreck with a net gun. Heck, Barton Everest should already be in range.

3) use Prof. Aloysius Roe to pump the skill check.

4) look into some value lowering tricks like Stone Idol to bring that target down

yes, this is best in a situation where putting the 4 back into the rotation is not going to cause problems. Of course a savvy player could focus on the 4 value and capitalize on what going back into the deck does for the draw structure.

Seizing the Pearl of Death by on

I have the Deadlands roleplaying game, all the editions, and when it come to Kung Fu, this is one of the maneuvers that just has the coolest name.

So then, how to incorporate it into the Doomtown mechanics???

The Bull Demon techniques already gave us kung fu tricks for casualty mitigation, so I didn't want to crowd that design space.

But the Kung Fu bag of tricks did not yet have a Cheatin' Resolution in their arsenal, so I thought I would try that.

... But we also knew we were aiming for a high value kung Fu technique, and that can really be a hard sell if a card cannot pass its own check. So this needed to be magically powerful.

Seizing the Pearl of Death is a spectacle to behold. It replaces itself, it dazzles and confounds a nearby onlooker. AND it causes a 2 casualty swing in the shootout, as you return the leaden pearl to sender. And if you can do all of this and stay legal, the legend of your kung fu master sticks with her for the rest of the day. (alas Doomtown memories are short, and tomorrow only the opposing player will remember what you did to them)

Takin' Cover by on

my initial playtest name for this idea was "Table Flip". Both for the gamer reference and for the trope of flipping a table to use as cover.

this can be a great way to survive a round when a dude is in way over their head. Or even, if you are feeling dirty, to Behold White Bull and live to tell about it.

Andrew Lane by on

I believe that there is a full blown article on the development of the second wave of Heroic Legends.

Honest Andrew Lane here went through a ton of changes, with my play test team telling me the number of different ways that I was letting the manitou take control.

The Ghost provides a degree of action economy. If you have the money for a weapon, but are not sure if your opponent is going to oblige you with a fight, you can try, and if they back down you can play that deed you were considering.

if facing off against a melee weapon deck, you can sand bag your weapon and get them to commit to a fight that you can turn favorable.

if you are using weapons that turn your dudes into studs, you can wait out their Sun in Yer Eyes and use a weapon to restore a semblance of studdage.

Dr. Delphi Wallis by on

this card feels like it was made to shut down people who want to camp out in the town square. just make sure she has backup or an exit plan if they want to get into the fight. a personal ornithopter or make the smart choice is a way to get out of a tight spot with the damage already done.

Tumblebleeds! by on

Tumblebleeds is another card where the art came first. Our resident Marshal Artist, David Hammond, had this piece done up, and I had to design how in the nine hells Tumblebleeds from the RPG would take form in Doomtown.

The weeds don’t make it indoors, but they can certainly enhance plans for a town square murder blender. And while you can send intrepid heroes to dispatch the infernal thistles, the removal job happens in town square, and Tumblebleeds make that a dangerous place.

Safety tip, in tie hands their is still a loser. Try not to be that player.

Babble On by on

Another of the aspects that more than one playtester submitted ideas for was a way to mitigate the frequent and heavy handed Boot costing of some of the early Miracles. Design was swinging the pendulum hard back from the raw strength of Hexes, and early miracles showcased a comparative weakness

Enter Babble On. On 9, solid value for passing whatever Miracles you might be running. Conditional use for shootout control. Makes spells like Soothe more better.

But for all that, you do need to pay a ghost rock for it. No free rides.

Iron Mole by on

Sometimes on the design side of things you get yourself in a spot. "I want another gadget horse, but what can it DO that is different than what we already have?"

Enter the Iron Mole.

While not much mining is going on these days around Gomorra, or Tombstone, or Deadwood, the advantages of mechanology can still pay off to increase production.

And while the dude running the drill cannot contest in town locations with ease, should a ruckus break out, she can goose enough speed out of the Iron Mole to come to the rescue.

Magnum Rounds by on

Classic Doomtown had a number of cards with the bullet trait. Most were some sort of silver bullet solution to dudes with certain traits. Including them was a question of risk of a wasted card in some matchups vs an auto kill of, say, an Abomination.

The Magnum Bullets in classic inspired these. As did the myriad ways we have these days of pumping up hand ranks. These babies make short work of Force Fields.

And, for those interested in reliable value structures, this is a playable 3❤️ that you can easily roll back into the deck (for free even).