Fourth Ring Huddersfield 4th

published Aug 16, 2015 | | |
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forkbanger 57

This was the deck that I took to 4th place in the Huddersfield Sheriff event. Blood Curse and Paralysis Mark help you remove your opponent's influence and limit movement, and Rumors is another influence hit for anyone you can boot who is away from their home. Unprepared helps with this, too- throw an expendable dude like Travis Moone at unbooted influence, with the intent to use Unprepared to boot them and leave them vulnerable to influence reduction.

I'll change up the dudes a little in my next build, but the actions and deeds worked well. Lula's Exploit and Blake Ranch are great out of town money that's control point free, and can force your opponent to spread out their influence to no huge benefit. The Whateley Estate is a great base of operations, as your opponent's dudes will have to boot to get there, preventing call outs, and it allows you to retrieve Joker (red)s and trigger The Fourth Ring ability.

The deck is stacked on Queens and 8s, as usual for the Paralysis Mark/Blood Curse hex nonsense.