Cookin' Behind the Scenes

published Aug 07, 2018 | | |
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Derived from
Bootlickin' Banksters and the Big Argy-Bargy 2 1 0
Inspiration for
Let's Cook - Tombstone Top 8 8 2 4

jordan caldwell 369

This deck dished out 2-3 at Gencon 2018. The idea is to use Protection Racket and Angela Payne to build up enough money to eventually put Sloane into play packing a Legendary Holster in order to serve up the hottest cuisine in the west.

In order to make it past the third course (and into day four), it employs conflict control tactics such as Pistol Whip, as well as cards that support that play including Faithful Hound to eat the scraps off countercards like Pedro and Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton, and Cookin' Up Trouble for cards that would shut down it's ultimate objective such as Mugging and Unprepared.

Spiced with Inner Struggle which burns the sinuses long after consumed, and paired with a Baijiu Jar to wash the combos down, although I did not particularly place very well with it - indeed I struggled against Control style and Blitz style - I had a lovely time at the table.

Open to substitutions that don't include "Why don't you run this under 108?" because I am aware that may be a better home for it - and in fact recommend that you try that if you like! - while I stick to the original recipe that is the Outlaw Faction.

So, if you are into entertaining playguests for dinner, or cooking your way through your local tournament, I recommend giving this little treat a try. Cheers!

Aug 08, 2018 Harlath

As ever, entertaining report.

Thanks for being a great opponent and even correcting our money (in my favour!) when Buford Hurley was at a Saloon during a crucial turn. Both years I've been to GenCon my final round of Swiss has been a fun, memorable match.

This deck really feels like "playing Doomtown" - lots of movement, skirmishing and hard decisions.

It seems like you're pretty well covered from the current card pool, but I wondered if 2T2D might offer some good options once it is tournament legal? Maybe Ike Clanton over Marion Seville (who would still be on value for the main deck) as the former has zero upkeep? Frank Stillwell might be worth considering too as he'd play in to tactical movement and Raven, albeit it would take adjusting the starting posse.

Some people might suggest a forced callout, but I hope/suspect that Protection Racket and Raven help you put pressure on slide instead of the other way round.

Could Sloane (Exp.1) work instead of Sloane or do you seldom gain enough bounty for this?

Maybe Daomei Wang as a cheap stud "Cruise Missile" instead of The Fixer? You could use the former in the same way other decks use Steven Wiles. :)