Faster on yer Feet... (Origins 1st place 108 DMH)

published Jun 29, 2019 | | |
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Redgar 147

The one upside to being stuck at home whilst good friends old and yet-to-have-met are playing Doomtown across the pond is that I can catch up on filing a deck report from Origins.

All y'all should come out next year: it was a great con! Wednesday had more demos o' Doomtown than you could shake a stick at; lots o' fun games against friendly and competative folks, reasonably-priced food in abundance, the best gosh-darned TO's in the business...

...and did I mention the shiny foils? Because they sure are mighty purdy! :)

Anyhow, enough shillin', more reportin'.

The deck performed well against Morgan and First Peoples, as I recall. It is also shockingly resilient: in my match against @Blargg, @Harlath's revenge struck as I was forced to keep a Cheatin' 5-o-a-K. 7 casualties later, a Dutiful Donkey and his sidekicks duly took dirt naps, and I was well and properly back on my heels. I lived to see another Day, however, and after some sorely-needed pedicures was back in actions. One legal DMH later, and my opponent had to eat 6 bullets... and his dudes were far more influential than my expendable chumps.

Against @JordanCaldwell, it was a rocky and tense back-and-forth set of games. Thanks to a gracious opponent whose sportsmanship is surpassed only by his abhorrance of off-value clubs, however, I had the chance to stretch things to a best-of-3 and take home all the enchaladas.

(This last is a lie. They were tacos, and they were all eaten in situ.)

Deck Thoughts

This deck is Out For Blood: win by killing better dudes while losing chumps and keepin' your influence mobile. I always like being Faster on the Draw. A cycling shootout/noon 8 that is 2/3 of my favourite card? Aww, you shouldn't have. ;)

I have a Confession to make: I realized as soon as play started that I'd forgotten to make A Slight Modification. Don't tell Dan, though... ;)

The deck runs fewer A H's than I'd like, but if I'd packed three Six-Shooters, I'd have brought one two many, and I don't drink enough to make a second Whiskey Flask a worthwhile investment.

Similarly, though the unsung hero of the deck could be run at x4, I feel like that would be excessive: as a sidekick, he should be cycling well already, and I ought to have plenty of cannon fodder to make up any gaps. Besides, I wouldn't want to be Unprepared in case he one day turned out to be a Unique specimen!

The deck has definite vulnerabilities to spot removal, and to that extent I'd be tempted to switch up some of the off-value cards to fit your local meta. Similarly, there is probably room to tinker with the Diamonds on 8's and J's.

Now I beg yer pardon, but I have to go book a wagon down to Indiana... :)

Jun 29, 2019 jordan caldwell

Eight off-value clubs (3, 3, 4, 6, 9, 9 , 10, 10) is abominable and you should be ashamed.

Jun 29, 2019 Redgar

I told you this was an abominations deck... ;)