The Mary & Erik Sword Show

published Nov 28, 2015 | | |
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This is the deck I played at the Huddersfield event on 28th November. A variation on a Sister Mary and Miracles deck I've been trying to make work for the last few months. It's definitely better than it used to be; I really like the Abram's Crusaders outfit though the ability of all 14 hearts to hide in the deck only appearing at lowball, usually in sets of 4, is amazing!

Round 1: long tough game against The Arsenal in which my deck really did pretty much what I wanted it to do including trying to win by sending Doris Powell around town using the Railroad Station to go off and get pulled about by Walk the Paths when we went to time. We still had a couple of shootouts in the last moves and I just about won but it was very close.

Round 2: Against the 108 Worldly Desires. I put two deeds down on the table early on, three if you include Jackson's Strike, and then quickly realised that the many bandits were much better at controlling deeds than me and spent the next 45 minutes dancing around not daring to play another control point loaded deed and failing to kill off any of their influence as I could never win lowball to Unprepare Xui Yin Chen and Dan had an endless army of influential temporary stud chumps. I was quite glad to eventually lose, I forget how, just to get out of there!

Round 3: A terrible game (my fault) which should have been won by my The Fourth Ring opponent. He pointed out a mistake I had made late in the game (booting the wrong copy of Walk the Path so the same dude used it again later on when he shouldn't have been able to). I felt bad about it and didn't really know what to do at the time and he was sportsmanlike and told me not to worry about it. I later realised I had mis-used Walk the Path earlier in the game too. Not my finest gaming moment. I feel really bad about this one.

Round 4: Against a Desolation Row deck. I didn't dare take him on until my dudes had got equipped with spells and weapons. I thought things were going pretty decently for me. Erik found Stoker's Sabre. I found Rev. Perry Inbody out of my deck for the first time all day (though pleasingly he never managed to screw up a spell-pull whilst in the deck) and I loaded him up with spells rather than spreading them among the Blessed as I had been doing up to then. Then Perry got kidnapped and Desolation Row got all the bounties and control points and I couldn't get back into the game from there.