1st place Kublacon 2015

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The law 60

May 25, 2015 mysticpickle44

This deck smoked a tough field at KublaCon! Solid shooting and crazy amount of pressure!

May 26, 2015 Steel_Web

Hey I heard you smoked my friend pretty bad at Kublacon. Lol Can you explain how this deck works? I assume you Start Gina depending on the match ups. Has Puppet ever worked for you? I think Maria is a great choice cause as her bounty goes up the easier to pull cards.

May 26, 2015 The law

ok. I actually dont start gina... just fred maria barton makiao and silas. The deck is all about flexibility and options. for example if i start with a hand full of dudes and deeds i will take first turn and run the desolation row job with all 5 and start building up fred's influence. this will allow me to turtle until i can cycle into some better fighting cards. Puppet is a meta pick. since maria's huckster skill only goes up for shootout actions im stuck pulling 3,4, and 5's. My biggest targets for puppet are the game winning dudes (allie H, jake, micah, ect) who people rely on to get them to the next turn or hold all their cp. Other than that its a very straight forward deck... do the job, get the money/bounty, buy the things. hope that helps =)

May 27, 2015 mplain

Who do you usualy send on the job? Silas is the leader, I take it, and Barton supports him. Anyone else? Or is it the whole posse?

With only one stud shooter in your starting posse, a single Pistol Whip or Sun in Yer Eyes would ruin that first job. Wendy seems like a huge problem. How aggressively do you play against other Sloane and Law Dogs deck? Do you ever wait a turn or two to draw a Pearl-handled Revolver or Shotgun, or do you go on the job first turn no matter what?

With only 2x Kidnappin', don't you struggle against Landslide and Clown Control?

Also, I'm somewhat surprised that you're playing Gina and The Brute over Mendoza and Steele Archer (a backup huckster).

May 27, 2015 The law

the usual leaders for the job are Silas (for the money) or Fred (for the influence). depending on the opponent and my hand ill send Barton and 1 or 2 others to support.

having one stud hasn't been too much of a problem. Because the leader of the job doesn't boot i will always have someone available for my own pistol whip. I can also counter their sun with my own. As for Wendy i haven't had too many issues. if i go first then she has to boot to oppose and if i go second then she either boots home the leader and makes the job useless or boots home Barton. in either case ill use it as a chance to catch her cheating and use Coachwhip!

if you go up against landslide or 4th ring control the first thing you do every turn is desolation row with Fred. That should buy you time to search for those kidnappings.

i like Gina and The Brute over Mendoza and Steele because they are cheaper and cost no upkeep. I find that with only 4 Hexes it is not too necessary to have a backup huckster.

Jun 02, 2015 alaric11

with Fred Aims and desolation job my poor 4th ring control didn't stand a chance and I was only able to get second place. Good win the law.

Jun 23, 2015 tbowers13

How often do you have to keep a cheating hand?