Girls Run the World

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Sinclair91 6

This is a work in progress, done by my girlfriend. I typed it up for posteriety, and thought I'd share it because it seems like a fun little theme. You'll notice all the dudes are, in fact, dudettes. We saw the high amount of female characters and she couldn't resist building a deck like this. It's heavy on hex-slingin' and getting as much control as possible on your dudes, especially Allie. Putting a Mustang on her is essential for keeping her safe, and with A Good Stiff Drink you can spam with that ability and really annoy the rest of ya (trust me on that). Overall she does well with it but it really needs work with pulls and could do better with hands. Thought I'd post it, see if anyone could give advice on how it could be better.

Dec 17, 2015 kirsty

I've been trying to put an all-female deck together since I got the game too. I'm not quite convinced the card pool is there for it yet. Sloane and Alice are nice but I think running 9s and 10s out of Law Dogs gives you access to more playable dudes, Wendy is the cover girl after all! I haven't built a deck this way that feels playable yet though.

Dec 17, 2015 Polarbeast

Draw structure-wise, it seems like there are a lot of almost-but-not-quite straights. I like the Dude(ttes) list... perhaps focus on a selection of values for the other suits, such as 8s, 10s, Qs and/or Ks?

Perhaps raise the total of Deeds (Other than Allie, there are 6 Control Points, and 2 that will belong to the opponent)?

Lower the total of Goods? Or add a General Store or Pettigrew's Pawnshop to help pay for them? A Pharmacy could unboot Allie to safely get her CP after everyone else gets booted by Pestilence.

Some items seem like their advantages will be difficult to make use of: Wendy's Teethkickers provide a little Influence, but there isn't a way to boot someone home. Maria Kingsford and Bad Company assume bounties.

I like the idea! I've wanted to create an all-woman deck as well, even to the point of choosing Clubs/Deeds/Goods that depict women in the illustrations.

Dec 17, 2015 Prodigy

Good comments form Polarbeast. Some additional points:

*Mustang will not keep allie safe. If she boots to get a control point, she can be immediately called out before you get another action to use mustang. If allie is to be a main source of winning/control points, then it might be best to shift the focus from 'keeping her safe' to 'winning shootouts'. Shootouts with allie are almost gauranteed (she WILL be called out, at some point), so prepare for that by making the deck structure tighter in values and making sure there are some good shootout cards.

*As far as making a tighter draw structure, you can keep all the same starting dudes, and use K's and Q's as your main values. Try to get 4 of each of those values in clubs, diamonds, and hearts. That'll give you a 15x14 structure. If you want even better shootouts, add 10's as your off value. You can get up to 13 10's if you have your non-club suits filled out, otherwise a 15x14 isn't a bad structure, assuming you can have at least one or two studs in any shootout.

*If you want to keep the hex aspect of this, trimming away as many values below 8 as possible would be ideal (maybe even cut a few of the low value dudes as well - that will give you more space for shootout actions).

Dec 17, 2015 Polarbeast

It looks like the following are themes for this deck, especially if some higher-value cards are added:

Dec 27, 2015 Sinclair91

Thanks, @kirsty @Polarbeast and @Prodigyfor the fantastic feedback! I'll pass it along to her.