Horse of Course v2 - The Horsening

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Horse of Course 1 0 4
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Horse of Course v3 - It's Raining Horses 0 0 3

Crescens 24

Aug 09, 2019 Crescens

This deck is here to move around and annoy your opponent. It used to be bad at shooting, but now it's pretty tight. Legal full houses aplenty.

Use Maggie Harris to look for horses if you have some in your discard. Even better if you can use Irving Patterson in your posse so you can make 1 ghost rock, potentially.

Your first horse goes on Buckin' Billy Ballard, but don't stop there. Horses on everyone. Buy more dudes, more horses. There are 9 horses in the deck, and having them all on the table is living the dream.

You win fights with Calling The Cavalry and Pinned Down. Run 'Em Down! and Ridden Down are board control tools.

Don't forget to use your Morgan Regulators and Vida Azul. Morgan Regulators is a fantastic way to get your Dude back to Town Square so Vida Azul can cycle a card on unbooting their horse. Don't be afraid to cycle a card that could possibly be useful next turn for a gamble on a card that could be useful right now. If Maggie is still alive, always cycle horses.