OP Kit #5 Winner: Horsemaker

published Feb 14, 2016 | | |
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Cadavaca 96

This started as an Experimental deck using Teleportation Device to trigger the Stables' ability, but it morphed into its current form through a series of decisions that seemed logical at the time...

First play is generally trading Marty to Specks. The Disgenuine Currency Presses can be invented for free and then strapped on to "Lucky" Sky Borne. His upkeep lets him be discarded whenever you want the Presses back.

Rich Man's Guard Dog is fantastic, don't let anyone tell you different. And this is the only deck I can think of where Howard Aswell pulls his weight! He's a third Mad Scientist and a good target for a Bio-Charged Neutralizer.

This deck ended up going 3-0, against a Desolation Row that couldn't handle Miasmatic Purifiers, a horsier Stables deck that I kept cash-strapped until Lane Healey was stacked, and a Sanatorium deck that fell pray to A Slight Modification and the Guard Dog.

Feb 15, 2016 Doowa

Well done! Can you elaborate a little about your choice of goods? You have so many different goods, that you can't really rely on drawing any specific of them. Would you say in retrospective, that you could/would tighten it more? Fx only have Personal Ornithopter and not Mechanical Horse or have 3 Rich Man's Guard Dog and only 1 Auto Cattle-Feeder or only have Asyncoil Gun or Bio-Charged Neutralizer? :)

Is 8 (6 with Marty) starting GR more then plenty? or start another dude?

Would you risk having 2 or 4 more clubs?

Feb 15, 2016 Cadavaca

Part of that is my play style - I like having a toolbox of different options, and making my opponent worry about all of them. Also, there are a lot of ways to see more cards (home ability, Fate Dispenser, Circle M Ranch, Currency Press, and Harold Aimslee), so I didn't have to search too hard most of the time. In general the Ornithopter's better, but Mechanical Horse lets you trigger the Stables without starting a posse, and it makes a straight flush more likely. I would go 3/1 on the Kings though, as you suggest, and I'd try to find room for a fifth horse.

Starting with Marty means there's no room to start another dude. Swapping Jackie or Jon Longstride in for Howard Aswell is an option though.

I don't think I'd want any more clubs - I try to hoard them in my hand after the first reshuffle, and more clubs would make that impossible.