Sloane Comes to Town

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Sloane Comes to Town (Des Moines Epitaph 1st Place) 8 5 5

Zeetoois 116

This deck takes Desolation Row's high-risk, high-reward mechanic and cranks it up a notch. Because Sloane is in town, and she's rarin' to shoot something.

The goal is the same as many DR decks: Allie to Town Square, boot for a control, and run the job to bring her home. What's nice about this deck is that even if they call out Allie after she boots, you can have up to 3 unbooted dudes (provided Travis doesn't grift) join the shootout due to Sloane's trait. Alternatively, you can bring them into the job's posse on the next turn if they don't call her out.

Obviously, the sucess of the job is incredibly important, as you will be making 1 gr per day if you win lowball, and you're losing gr if you lose lowball. Cards like Bowie Knife, The Stakes Just Rose, and Pinto help to keep a decently powered stud dude in the shootout and help counter strong shootout actions like Pistol Whip, Sun in Yer Eyes, or Jade Rabbit kung-fu.

Other tools in your toolbox include Shotgun for those low value pests, Hiding in the Shadows to ensure Sloane stays a 4+ stud, various cheatin' resolutions, and strong shootout actions.

Finally, draw structure. Two values, 3 and 7 have 16 cards each. You have a back up (straight) flush, with Comin' Up Roses to help if you need it.

Overall, this is a really fun deck that can generate tons of control without having to drop a ton of deeds. It's risky, but man is it fun!

Mar 04, 2017 Harlath

Interesting deck, I like using Sloane's strong bullets to run a looser draw structure, free up space for straight flush potential (with wise inclusion of coming up roses) and will make you dominate low ball. Looks very solid, most bases covered. I like decks that make use of key story characters.

Normally I'd suggest a Tusk or similar to protect Allie while she's in Town Square, but you'll win lowball and often have an action in your hand to shotgun wielders and you can always leave Travis in Town Square to call people out before they have a chance to call Allie out.

Have you considered The Grey Man instead of Ambrose? Beyond that it is hard to think of suggestions here, looks very well constructed.

Thumbs up to trying something different and thinking it through. :)

Mar 04, 2017 Zeetoois

Thanks for the compliments, @Harlath! I definitely thought about including The Grey Man, but I found that Ambrose Douglas' ability helps cycle cards that clog up my hand, and helps me get influence (and I don't have to pay for out of faction influence at upkeep!).

A Tusk or two could be really helpful for keeping Allie alive vs shotguns. I'll definitely have to consider that, especially since Hiding in the Shadows only works for one day.

Mar 05, 2017 Harlath

Good point, card cycle is really useful and the timing is in your favour with Ambrose's influence, as you rightly point out.

Look forward to hearing how this does - I find decks with unorthodox draw structures need live testing to really get a feel for them but on paper it looks solid. If anything your sensible design limits the avenues for discussion!

Jul 14, 2017 Pintyhet

You could definitely include Willa Mae MacGowan in your starting posse.