Sloane Comes to Town (Des Moines Epitaph 1st Place)

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Zeetoois 116

I made a couple of adjustments to this deck since I last published it, namely the addition of Fred Aims for when you suspect slide and Willa Mae MacGowan as an optional starting posse member. She's great for just "noping" out of a bad shootout if you need it. I also added a couple of off-value Unprepared, because it's just too good not to.

This deck takes Desolation Row's high-risk, high-reward mechanic and cranks it up a notch. Because Sloane is in town, and she's rarin' to shoot something.

The goal is the same as many DR decks: Allie Hensman to Town Square, boot for a control, and run the job to bring her home. What's nice about this deck is that even if your opponent calls out Allie after she boots, you can have up to 4 unbooted dudes (provided Travis Moone doesn't grift) join the shootout due to Sloane's trait. Alternatively, you can bring them into the job's posse on the next turn if they don't call her out.

Obviously, the success of the job is incredibly important, as you will be making 1 gr per day if you win lowball, and you're losing gr if you lose lowball. Cards like Bowie Knife, The Stakes Just Rose, and Pinto help to keep a decently powered stud dude in the shootout and help counter strong shootout actions like Pistol Whip, Sun in Yer Eyes, or Jade Rabbit kung-fu.

Other tools in your toolbox include Shotgun for those low value pests, Hiding in the Shadows to ensure Sloane stays a 4+ stud, various cheatin' resolutions, and strong shootout actions. If you manage to drop one of the Hunter Protections, your control points can start racking up extremely quickly, especially with Makaio Kaleo, Esq. being able to move your bounty around.

Finally, draw structure. Two values, 3 and 7 have 15 cards each (loosened from 16 last time I posted). You have a back up (straight) flush, with Comin' Up Roses to help if you need it.

Overall, this is a really fun deck that can generate tons of control without having to drop a ton of deeds. It's risky, but man is it fun!

Aug 08, 2017 Harlath


Impressed to see a risky expensive starter deck do well. I've tried this kind of thing and tend to fall flat on my face. Perhaps because unlike you I don't use Hiding in the Shadows, which is a great, under-utilised, card. I like the looser draw structure with a back-up straight flush: much more likely to win lowball which eases the pressure if you fail a Desolation Row job and makes good use of Sloane's enormous stud bonus.

Don't know if there is room for Doomsday Supply, but it might be handy for fetching a LeMat Revolver or Shotgun depending on whether you need cheatin' punishment or a way to ace low value dudes.

Could Maza Gang Hideout be another cheap/on-value way to boost your income as it is hard for your opponent to get to the hideout without booting and leaving themselves vulnerable/stranded?

That said, perhaps it is best not to change a winning formula. :)

Aug 08, 2017 jordan caldwell

This is a cool deck.

Aug 11, 2017 Zeetoois

``@jordan caldwell` Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

@Harlath` Thanks for the comments! Doomsday Supply may come in handy, but the fact that it cycles and isn't on value turned me off to it.

I've been back and forth on the Maza Gang Hideout, to be honest. It's been in and out of this deck a lot. It's great as an early game drop, for sure. I swapped it out for a second copy of Hunter Protections, simply because it helps generate both bounty and control points, which this deck loves and I'm never disappointed to see it. I'm sure it will be back in soon, though! :p

Aug 14, 2017 jaythejester

I have played against this deck a couple times online. I didn't know exactly what I was up against, now seeing the list, I am deeply impressed. Zee, this is one of the hardest decks I have ever played against that didn't have spot removal. I had to race against a deck showing 10+ control points by turn 3 roughly. The draw structure, actions, and weapons make this deck a nightmare for most decks to attempt to shoot against it. If you don't face it though, it will control point rush and the pants off you while upholding a serious economy.

Aug 14, 2017 Zeetoois

Thanks for your kind comments, @jaythejester! Your decks are always interesting and tough to beat. Hearing you speak so highly of this deck made my day!