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jordan caldwell 369

I think this deck has more potential than I was able to pilot out of it at the Southern California Servitor event. That said, it can be really fun to play when all the pieces line up. I took it to 1-2 in an 8-man event, but I think with a couple more tweaks, and better knowledge of the field, it can do better.

The game starts when Valeria Batten successfully pulls to engineer the Clown Carriage which is then to be driven by The Flying Popescus who are supposed to use it on Kidnappin' runs to pop out Abominations (such as The Harvester, The Tattooed Man, or Tyxarglenak/Tyxarglenak (Exp.1)) to suddenly Point Blank unsuspecting foes. Then, once dudes are sufficiently booted out, the plan is to steal the game using Puppet.

Changes I would strongly consider to tighten this plan: Adding another Kidnappin', maybe starting Ambrose Douglas in place of Jake Smiley, and adding another off-value cheatin' resolution (such as Coachwhip! or It's Not What You Know...).

Anyhow, I will likely keep refining this deck and playing it casually, because I need "to turn a corner" on how to better leverage the position and movement rules to best maximize the possible combinations of Kidnappin' and Puppet. I recommend you give it a try if you like to play a fun, thematic, and slightly janky deck. Cheers!

Jan 21, 2018 DoomDog

Sounds like you could really do with some Shadow Walks, or perhaps Micah Ryse starting instead of the Popescus? Mark of Pestilence might even serve well here. Boot all the dudes, then Clown Car in your unbooted abom for the Point Blank.

Experience has shown me that incredibly cheap wins that gain you no friends can be had by holding onto Puppet until your opponent has booted all their dudes, then giving it to a huckster who just walks into their home and hypnotises their Jake Smiley.

Jan 21, 2018 jordan caldwell


But here is why I like The Flying Popescus: They can become an unbooted 1-stud while driving the mystical Clown Carriage and more accurately target a "juicy" (low-bullet-high-influence/utility) dude using Point Blank.

In fact, The Sanatorium can help set this up, and can later improve the chances of Puppeting a higher-grit dude by +3. I admit I did miss the ability of Full Moon Brotherhood to throw random monkey wrenches into the plans of foes, but it boils down to simply wanting higher technical ("funner") plays in choosing this home over that one. If we are honest, the latter home is probably stronger in the current meta...

Not that I disagree with your points - in fact I think adding "one-of" hexes that have a value greater than 6 works really well with Ezekiah Grimme. That's why I wanted to share this deck - because there is plenty of room for more interesting directions it could be taken!

Apr 05, 2018 jordan caldwell


Swap out Jake Smiley for Rosenbaum's Golem (starting in his stead).

Remove Buffalo Emporium and Hex Slingin' and replace with one each Kidnappin' and Point Blank.

Overall, this turns up the aggressive aspects of the deck and allows it's combo to flow easier and with greater maneuverabilty, in exchange for starting lower influence which can be alleviated a little with the Home ability (+1 Influence) and using Ezekiah Grimme to get spells on The Flying Popescus. Plus the Golem is fun!