Clyde and the Legendary Dance - IOUF

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Clyde and the Legendary Dance [2-3-4] 0 1 2
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soulblight 87

Updated for IOUF

Original Description

Clyde is a very versatile card, and this deck provides him extra movement options to allow him to terrorize ne'r do wells in Gomorra.

Clyde with the Holster fails on 5 cards (10%). With Gomorra Parish this can be reduced to 3 (6%).


Added some War Paints and removed the Kidnappin's.


Threw in a Dog's Duster and the Faithful Hound.


Added Jake for security, added Butch, swapped out Howard for John. I also threw in Funtime and Lawrence as they are lower costs than Tommy. I never have 5 gr lying around.




Sucessful Pull: JOKER: 2 = 4% A: 3 = 6% 2: 13 = 26.5% 3: 13 = 26.5% 4: 13 = 26.5% TOTAL: 89.5%

Pull Fail: 5: 3 = 6% Q: 2 = 4% TOTAL: 10%

Oct 02, 2015 Gozik

How about swaping Deus for Junior, drop one holster, and in extra slot play one moe deed(pony express for example)?

Oct 02, 2015 Gozik

I mean Butch Deuces*

Oct 02, 2015 Prodigy

To give this deck some props, I played against it last night with my original sloane. I've done a lot of testing and playing (both casual and tournament) with my deck, and this Clyde deck was the only time I've never set foot in the town square with any of my dudes, all game long.

First turn legendary holster on Clyde, plus a shotgun a turn or two later on Travis was pretty much gg on the spot!

Oct 02, 2015 soulblight

Junior would be great for sure! I never have 5 gr lying around though, or 9 for his ETB ability to be useful.

I do need more deeds, and one way to play it is to wait until I have 9 gr in my stash and Junior in my hand before bringing out the Holster. That seems like it would take a long time with Clyde's upkeep and purchasing the shotguns and Blueticks to defend my deeds.

Junior would be useful to remove the other copies from my deck if I ever happen to get him in hand. It would be a late game play after I get some Shotguns and Blueticks out first, and when I have more than 1 deed in play.

Thanks for the suggestion.