Jia Rule, M.D. - Top4 Tyler TX Outlaw Event (4/15/2016)

published Apr 18, 2016 | | |
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dibat 45

Hey all, SirLargeness won the event where I played this deck and it was very exciting to have 2 of my playgroup members in the top 4 along with myself. I had some people asking me to post this version, so here it is.

Henry Moran means we get 5 more cards in our discard pile often, which is a 1g means of seeing more Forced Quarantines turn 1.

Willing to answer any questions, it has trouble against 108 slide unless they stumble majorly (knocked me out of the tournament), but you still want to run Ambrose in the starting posse instead of Henry if you see MCC base or 108 Righteous Bandits outfits.

I believe this is close to the most streamlined version possible for this deck, and I have been considering running a Rapier or 2 for some Forget's in JACK value, since ive recently added another free spell through Sight Beyond Sight.

Make house calls, get control points, keep doing it.

Apr 18, 2016 Doowa

Thanks for sharing. A few different questions that I've been pondering while thinking about a Jia deck: - What did you use Shadow Walk for, mainly the noon ability or to have Valeria Batten join? Did you miss Paralysis Mark? Would you consider adding singles of some of the low values conditions? Fiddle Game or Fool Me Once...? Would you consider Horace Manse to get fx Tyx out of Boot Hill?

Apr 18, 2016 dibat

`@Doowa Horace sounds fine, though I guess I would feel bad if he was sitting in my hand doing nothing. Luckily, you only really need Tyx die for you once on average, so I'm not sure how recurring him feels.

Shadow Walk is phenomenal because it helps mitigate the fact that your Forced Quarantines booted each dude you sent. If Shadow Walk is attached to Valeria or Jia Mein, that means they can now take over a deed or head to town square after the job is finished. And of course, it tends to solve Pistol Whip as an option for the enemy.

I've never run Paralysis Mark in this version but I did see a variant piloted at the tournament that ran control elements like Paralysis Mark to have a plan B, but as a linear gameplan if you are Quarantining folks at their home, booted people can join anyway.

Fiddle Game and Fool Me Once are cute but I don't think they are locked in for the strategy. Fiddle Game would be fine if it could be used post-quarantine, but I really haven't messed with it. The 5 and 3 values are kind of scary, though. I want to be able to succeed every Sight Beyond Sight because you really want to avoid Hot Lead Flyin' and Coachwhip, which are prevalent.

Apr 18, 2016 SirLargeness

Gotta say, i dont hate the idea of a Horace. Its awkward for values and all that, but if the decks NEEDS 3 Tyx to protect Jia, then it would be nice to have a card that didnt turn the other 2 into dead cards in your hand. Either that or adding 1 soul cage over a blood curse, dont know if that feels bad though

Apr 18, 2016 SirLargeness

I will say this deck is super brutal and super fun. Total blast to play and the Js value adds so much to the linear gameplan of the deck. Flight of the Lepus is not a card to be slept on here

Apr 20, 2016 Yipe

@dibatI've been trying to build a Jia Mein (Exp.1) condition deck for a while now because it looks like so much fun, but I haven't found a way to adequately protect him, and if he goes down it seems like the whole deck falls apart.

Other than Tyxarglenak, how do you keep Jia in play, especially vs a turn-one Kidnappin'? If Jia gets aced or discarded, how do you recover?

Apr 20, 2016 dibat

I typically do not recover in those situations

Apr 20, 2016 SirLargeness

Sure, Jia Mein dieing is super difficult to recover from, but if my ask @Yipe, what situations does he die first turn other that Kidnappin? Your opponent's primary ways of removing jia mein in my opinion are Ace actions like coachwhip, which you can remove from hand with Sight beyond sight. No Funny Stuff helps avoid Hot Lead Flyin' which is a good way to get blown out as well, so its possible to play around your opponents actions to keep him alive. Even a first turn kidnappin isnt the end depending on when it happens in the first turn (first action Kidnappins are exceedingly rare). If you can strap a Blood Curse that helps even out the bullets (assuming they kidnappin before you turn Jia into a stud), the structure is tight enough to just win a shootout and Flight of the Lepus is your biggest weapon to help you survive an early job.

Apr 20, 2016 Yipe

@SirLargenessMy apologies, I wasn't trying to be contentious or discredit the deck's effectiveness. I'm still piecing all the Doomtown strategies together so I was genuinely trying to see if there was something I didn't understand. Other than a first-turn Kidnappin' or Judge Harry Somerset (Exp.1), I don't know of other ways Jia dies on the first turn. I mostly wanted to know if there was a back-up plan.

One question: If Jia is central to the deck's success, is it possible to start Tyxarglenak or does that put too much pressure on your economy? Could you go with something like this:

Jia Mein (Exp.1), Valeria Batten, Tyxarglenak, Henry Moran

That leaves you with 2 wealth, 1 income and 3 influence. The deck does seem quite efficient with GR as the majority of your deeds are 2 cost and actions and hexes are free, with only Blood Curse and Jia's ability being the real drain. In this case I could possibly see running x2 Jackson's Strike in place of 1 California Tax Office to help ramp up your economy and get out Baird's Build and Loan (paying for its 3 cost would more difficult with only 1 income, especially if you lose lowball). Like I said, I'm still figuring this game out so that may be a terrible idea.

Apr 20, 2016 SirLargeness

no worries bud, i was just interested in what you were seeing in your local group. Starting with less than 5 dudes is generally less than ideal, but if you know specifically that you are gonna face some sort of aggro job deck then i say test it out. Money could hurt with starting Tyx, but cant be worse than losing the centerpiece of the deck. I would not attempt to start him against every deck.

Other builds have a backup plan in the form of Paralysis Mark and building up Valeria to try to run a control option. This is fin, but i agree with the author's intent to streamline the deck and make it more linear. Personal taste really.