Back to the Old School - Edinburgh Deputy Winner 2016

published Sep 26, 2016 | | |
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Harlath 751

Edinburgh's sheriff kit was delayed in arriving, but Black Lion Games did excellently in summoning up a deputy kit from its inventory instead. I was particularly grateful for this, as I'd booked flight back from a wedding in Berlin to complete in the aborted sheriff event and was arriving having only slept for about two hours on flights from Berlin->Amsterdam-> Edinburgh...

We played round robin as we only had five players (a few regulars missing, and two understandably busy doing their jobs running a Magic prerelease instead of Doomtowning!). Thanks to Black Lion Games for running a fun event despite the logistical challenges and to everybody for the fun games.

Given my lack of sleep I decided to play a fairly simple blitz deck. The errata to Paralysis Mark has significantly strengthened the Sloane control point blitz style of deck that many players will remember from the original game. We often use this deck in testing to see how our decks cope with early aggression (both from Kidnappin'/Mugging and also rapid control point gain). Easy to play when sleep deprived and a handy "gauntlet" style deck for testing against.

As everyone knows, Rico Rodegain is very strong with Barton Everest on the first turn - if you don't see any cheatin' punishment from your opponent you've got a very strong position on the first day.

Two Mugging off value as it's a great way to protect Allie from Shotgun and it can cripple Legendary Holster decks.

Changes I'd consider: - another Doomsday Supply, as it's a brilliant utility card. Need a stud: Pearl-Handled Revolver. Opponent has low value dudes in the shootout: Shotgun. No cheatin' punishment in hand: LeMat Revolver. - "Professor" Duncan, massive help against Spirit Fortress if you see it, and reasonable influence for his cost if not. - Maybe some Mustang or Pinto for maneuverability and to help mitigate the impact of Calling The Cavalry. - Maybe some more cheatin' punishment? The deck is maybe a little light on actions to punish this, albeit Barton and the LeMats help make up for this.

Mark - Sanatorium Festering Grasps

An early control point rush from plus a Kidnappin' and Shotgun blitzed me to victory. The kidnappin' was particularly brutal as I was able to Pistol Whip out the job's target, Micah Ryse (Exp.1), significantly increasing the damage done by the job. 1-0

David - Stables calling the cavalry

Sun in Yer Eyes helped in shootouts together with managing to hit my opponent's Jarrett Blake (with Pedro) attached with a Coachwhip! after we tied a shootout. As a fellow Edinburgh player, David knows I don't normally play coachwhip - it made a big difference here as instead of only losing a sidekick he lost both his dudes in the shootout and I only lost Jacqueline Isham and could eject Allie Hensman out safely. 2-0

Dave - The Arsenal

I was facing the Hammer of the Scots, Dave Hogg, the man who had defeated me in all three of our tournament match-ups. Thankfully he was toying with an experimental gadget deck (check it out here:, it won two games at the event!). Dave got an early The Wretched and Aetheric Shockwave Inducer and won an early shootout, but eventually my cheatin' hands (boosted by Barton Everest) and Sun in Yer Eyes swung things my way. 3-0

Steve - Desolation Row

We might as well have played the first turn with our hands face up, as we both had Rico Rodegain! An early shootout in the townsquare went my way when I opposed Steve's Desolation Row with the help of two Pistol Whip allowing me to boot for control points, but Steve then turned the table on my Kidnappin', acing my Pancho Castillo with a five of a kind. However, a shotgun and a few deeds later over the coming days gave me the control I needed to win and the threat I needed to defend my dudes. 4-0