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jaythejester 435

Jesters industries is ashamed to present their most recent design. They've channeled with the great spirits through the Gateway To Beyond, and are ready to begin Showboating their totem skills.

This deck has movement. No, I don't think you understand, this deck MOVES! After it moves, it moves, and moves, and moves again. And just when you thought it was done moving, it moves some more. "Open Wound" moves dudes, Tse-Che-Nako's Weaving moves dudes, Spirit Trail moves dudes, Ghostly Communion moves dudes, Fire of Nanahbozho unboots a dude after they boot to move.

In the starting line up we have 4 shamans, because removal sucks when you have no draw structure.

Dudes are 5 more shamans, because removal sucks. Kabeda Hakurei can do some fun things with your totems, Speaks-With-Earth can boot dudes who follow him, and Laughing Crow is spectacular once your economy is going. Androcles Brocklehurst for influence and production. Ambrose Douglas, because the only thing better than casting spells twice is casting them a third time! Nicodemus Whateley, oh, because, I forgot to say earlier, this can also be a Nico control win deck. More on that later.

Clubs are boring. Showboating for win condition.

Diamonds include 4 out of town deeds, and maza gangs, for economy and places you can attach totems. (A Spirit Trail on Maza could result in a 6 production deed) "Open Wound" because they are amazing with Tse-Che-Nako's Weaving, are all adjacent with each other (which is important synergy with the spells), and have built in movement, and are excellent value. The Whateley Estate because, damn does it work in this deck.

Hearts, the heart of the deck. 17 totems that stay in play regardless of most spot removal. 8 totems create holy grounds. 16 spells create movement, or unboot after booting to move. Many Speak as One creates influence token dudes to take control of locations after moving, are a decent counter against Morgan Regulators and Election Day Slaughter. Can be set up to give Nicodemus CP's. Many Speak as One can still showboat if cast at shaman 3, and Fire of Nanahbozho can help shaman 1 or 2 accomplish that.

Cool combo is Silver Pheasant's Bounty and Tse-Che-Nako's Weaving; Boot deed for GR, unboot deed, moves a dude adjacent to shaman, control point on shaman (until they move, or end of day since it's a noon ability). Use home ability, boot deed for GR, unboot deed, control point on shaman, use Ambrose Douglas, Use home ability..........

Nicodemus Whateley because Jesters industries have become sick, twisted, sadistic, and cruel. Remember, if a dude uses the Whateley ability given to them because they are at an in town deed, and moves to a location other than an in town deed, they lose that ability (Whateley keeps the control points), than if they move to an in town deed, they gain the ability anew, and may again boot to give Nico a control point if they get unbooted. This was previously very rare to see happen. Previously. This deck can definitely do that. Repeatedly. http://www.alderac.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=375&t=115672&p=1490972&hilit=Nicodemus#p1490972 (Proof of ruling)

Side note: I hinted at this deck on Facebook, only clues being I had built a deck out of an underused home other than The Arsenal, David Hogg called it exactly! Wow!

Nov 06, 2016 DoomDog

That's because I really like decks like this :) I've never gone quite so loose on structure as you have as I usually find myself wanting to get into a shootout at some point. I should revisit the concept myself as it's got a real boost out of the last few sets.

Nov 06, 2016 Nobuyoki

I just have one question : how about influence? You only have 4 (2 at noon) in your starting posse, and you can get up to quite some with the dudes in your deck. However, with your loose structure, you could have a hard time against hard removal that targets your influence dudes (Kabeda and Mazatl first ;D). That's why I still prefer the old totem outfit, which allows more influence and more interesting movements imho.

Nov 06, 2016 jaythejester

Starting influence is a concern. Originally I started with "Professor" Duncan instead of Kabeda Hakurei, but starting gr suffered. I switched around some things to start Butch Deuces, giving greater control over starting hand. Between Butches grifting, the dudes in deck, and Many Speak as One being able to be cast twice, I started a bit lower on influence.

Nov 06, 2016 Nobuyoki

Ok, Many Speak as One is the real difference with the decks I tried to put together in this theme. But I don't think I can play that instead of the Idol, because there's no better thing than moving your spirit trail on the opponent's deeds while you have one on your home ;D I really love the "moving totem" gameplay ! (Which is also why I need more influence in my starting posse.)

Nov 08, 2016 twoeyedjack

Are there supposed to be no jokers? Or was that an accidental omission?

Nov 09, 2016 jaythejester

I didn't really build this deck to handle shootouts. While jokers might help a lowball hand, it's bad to draw them into hand. The way I built and play this deck is to avoid shootout as much as possible, as you play cards out of your deck every turn.

As you have fewer and fewer cards in deck, and more spells in play, and the ability to reuse spells multiple times, you'll be pulling showboating multiple times a turn. As the deck gets thinner, and totems pile up, you'll create huge numbers of control points on your shamans, each turn showboating will be pulled more frequently and with greater number of spell pulls.

jokers have only served to slow this reaction down, though a single Heretic Joker (Red) might help against certain cheating resolutions.