Turbo Doris

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This deck attempts to gain 6 or more control points for a stealthy turn one win. If The Caretaker gets a Buffalo Rifle it should allow Doris and Nicodemus to rack up control points.

May 12, 2017 jordan caldwell
May 12, 2017 jordan caldwell

Or better yet, Gomorra Lot Commission?

May 12, 2017 drew

Thanks for the suggestions. I think the design works better for generating control points if the left and right locations go to 2 control point deeds. Gomorra Lot Commission would only generate 1 GR, offsetting its own initial cost, but require dumping a 2 CP deed. Its also unlikely to trigger extra movement. If anything, The Mayor's Office, is much more synergistic so I'm adding that as an off-value deed.

May 12, 2017 Nobuyoki

Well, the Gomorra Lot Commission can be added to your starting line-up. That's why he proposed that : if you don't draw any deed (which would be pretty unlikely, but shit happens), that still gives you the opportunity to do your 3 CP mind trick. Plus, if you draw two identical deeds in your starting hand, it's all good, since you will be able to move your Doris + get another gr + draw more at the end of the turn. Could be used as another mean to move if you don't draw a guide horse.
And yet another use of it is if you draw Nico T1, you can play him instead of a dead to gain a fuckin ton more "safe" cp. Like : first move Nico on Gomorra, then miss Powell (+1 CP), then move Powell on TS into Gomorra (+1cp), boot Powell (+1 CP), move Irving on Gomorra and boot him (+1Cp), boot Nico (+1CP) = 5 CP only with Nico. If you get your hand on a guide horse, that could gives you 2 more CP, so 7 CP turn 1. That can't be taken by your opponen with dudes, which is a great bonus.
Also, why Henry Moran and not Willa Mae MacGowan for your starting posse?

May 13, 2017 jaythejester

Thank you for inspiring me. Interesting deck, and possibly very meta changing in a local environment. I could see decks falling hard to this if they boot some of their dudes first turn for D-Row, or gadgeting. I am looking at taking a 6-8-Q approach, starting Nicodemous, and running Blood Curse to drop their influence / bullets.

May 14, 2017 Devogenes

Baby with the bufallo rifle is maybe the funniest image in Doomtown.

May 15, 2017 drew

@Nobuyoki I think you make some really compelling arguments, esp. about making the deck more control-y, less draw dependent, and more diversified by way of the improved Nico tactic. I think as it currently stands a draw hand with Nico and a 2-CP deed has really stunted play possibilities; I think the deed would be in play and Nico would be a wasted card in hand, otherwise Nico coming out would be reliant on the opponent playing a deed for shenanigans. I'm going to tweak some things around and see what I can do with Gomorra Lot Commission. One thing though about your Nico T1 with a Guide Horse example, would it be possible for Doris to use Nico's ability twice? ("Noon, Boot: If this dude has 1 or more influence, give Nicodemus a control point.") She gains the ability, boots and uses it, then moves to TS unbooting, losing the ability, then moves back on the deed, gaining the ability, and uses it a second time. . .

Regarding Henry Moran he's mainly there to win lowball hands and get the extra GR to play two deeds. He's needed because of the strict 3-J-K composition. Note, there's a mistake in my list - Clementine Lepp and Jake Smiley shouldn't be there. They should actually be J value characters and thus the deck more for shootout draws.

May 15, 2017 drew

@jaythejesterTotally, in my meta there's a lot of engine building and confidence in 4 starting influence. If opponents aren't careful it'll end up being a slam dunk. And even if they know what's up, I'd like to exert control and get the win regardless. :) I look forward to seeing your specific implementation. Dropping influence while boosting CP seems to be the way to go.

May 15, 2017 Nobuyoki

@drew Doris Powell would not be able to use twice the ability of Nicodemus Whateley. It's still an activated ability, and thus is limited to be use once per day.
Anyway, it's still a great idea, and the deck is very funny to play, i'm sure. I'd love to see how it goes against fortress/landslide decks though!

May 15, 2017 Harlath

Sometimes you can sneakily gets people to use Nicodemus Whateley's ability more than once if you can get them Out of Town/to Town Square/back to your Home as then the ability drops off and they get a fresh new version of the ability to use! I think this is perhaps what was being referred to?

It's a sneaky trick and you still need to unboot a dude so they can vote for Nicodemus, but it can get you the extra control point you need to win! :)

May 15, 2017 DoomDog

@Harlath Is that true? Sounds in need of a rules team call to me.

I believe having a way to unboot the dude and a Good Stiff Drink will let someone use the ability twice.

May 15, 2017 Nobuyoki

Technically, the dudes gain the ability when they are in in town deeds. Which means, when you go to the TS, you lose the ability, that you gain again when entering an in town deed, would that be the one you left or any other. You can argue that, since the capacity "disappeared", you can use it again, but I personnally find it a bit too strong. I'm pretty sure this exploit wasn't intended. They should have just written "Your dudes gain the ability : Noon : While this dude is at in town deed and he has one influence, boot him to give Nico a control point.""
However, as DoomDog said, Good Stiff Drink would allow the use of the ability another time, but that's the aim of this card ;D

May 18, 2017 LordManHammer

Hmm... That seems as an oversight ruleswise. I like the deck idea! :D Well done.

May 18, 2017 LordManHammer

@drew By the way - if you can spare Henry and a GR, Maggie Harris would ensure getting the horse for free (getting that GR back again). Also with 16-16-14 as draw structure Henry would be obsolete in my meta (you would still lose lowball 4/5 and cheat as well).

May 19, 2017 Harlath

I checked with the rules team about refreshing the ability from Nicodemus Whateley, and my post above is indeed how it works (link below). Given the reasonable concerns expressed by people above, I hope people are reassured that the rules team are monitoring this for any future problematic interactions.


I've occasionally used this trick in tournaments to eke out an extra control point, but it is quite janky and requires a bit of movement + unbooting.

May 19, 2017 Nobuyoki

I then have a question : you don't necessarly have to move to an out of town deed, isn't it? You just have to move to your home or to the town square to be able to use the ability again, which means that this deck can do 2/3 CP with one dude with guide horse/Pharmacy/outfit ability.

May 19, 2017 Harlath

@Nobuyoki That sounds like it should work too. Guide Horse and Morgan Regulators weren't around when I used this trick in the past - I normally did it out of Spirit Fortress and it was safer to leave town and come back than go through Town Square.

May 20, 2017 drew

@LordManHammer Thanks. Maggie Harris is an awesome suggestion. I did some field testing with Henry Moran + two Heretic Jokers and it just didn't work as games didn't go beyond T1 or T2.

@Harlath Thanks for the rules clarifications. It doesn't seem quite OP... yet.

I also found the Buffalo Rifle + The Caretaker combo to rarely ever come out, just too janky. This deck also has a weakness against Steven Wiles.

May 20, 2017 Harlath

Glad to help.

Pleased to see this decklist prompt so much discussion. Doomtown has a large enough (and growing!) cardpool and playerbase to allow experimentation and new things to be discovered while avoiding having such a large playerbase that the game is considered "solved". A happy medium at the moment. :)