Edinburgh Epitaph 3rd place

published Jul 17, 2017 | | |
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Ijiasu 84

This is the deck I took to 3rd place at the Edinburgh Epitaph event, going 4-2 (including one timed win).

The basic strategy is to ace Funtime Freddy to dig for Ace in the Hole and Heartseeker unless either one is in your hand. Both hexes are really quite strong and cost nothing!

It then becomes a waiting game until you have either a Joker (red) on Theo Whateley-Boyer or Hex Slingin' in your hand (which should not take long given the card cycle from The Fourth Ring and Ambrose Douglas). At that point, go on the offensive. Although you have few good shooters you have so much hand rank manipulation that it rarely matters.

Not sure what changes I would make but would welcome any suggestions. Pleased with how it performed, although it can sometimes take a bit of time to set up at which point you might be behind, specifically against The Sloane Gang.

Thanks to all who took part, great fun as ever!

Jul 17, 2017 Harlath

Is it worth considering switching from 8s to Qs as discussed? I know you've had success with Paralysis Mark even post the errata to only boot dudes at your location, but Blood Curse is very good and you could switch This'll Hurt in the Mornin' for It's Not What You Know.... Not entirely sure I'm well placed to give you advice on playing 4R given your record with the faction.

Nice to see various flavours of 4R can still work, particularly without the aforementioned Blood Curse. This has an impressive array of Shootout tricks thanks to Ace in the Hole, The Gambler's Gun, Hex Slingin' and The Ghostly Gun. Structure is strong enough to shoot (with all your tricks) but still likely to win low-ball despite the high values.

Jul 18, 2017 Doowa

Excellent to see some 4R again. How did De Annulos Mysteriis work out for you?

As far as recommendations, I'd definitely look to strengthen the structure. And/Or change a value depending on where your real darlings are at.

Jul 19, 2017 Ijiasu

@Harlath moving from 8s to Qs might well be a good option, given the obvious quality of Blood Curse. I'll play about with it and see, don't think it would lose much barring Horace Manse and would gain in other areas.

@Doowa De Annulos Mysteriis works well as there are a number of in-faction high bullet draw dudes. Not overly fussed about it acing itself as there most games never saw more than 2 jobs max and it removes itself from the draw structure.