Hexin' Around

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Kjaha 2

Every heart is a Hex, so you get the idea... Forget about your draw hand during shootouts, control the down town with your clowns and playing cards like Paralysis Mark, Forget and Rumors, then win shootouts using plays, like Unprepared and Blood Curse and, very importantly, resolution plays, such as It's Not What You Know..., Magical Distraction, The Ghostly Gun and Hex Slingin'. Plenty of choices there!

Jul 29, 2019 Harlath

Nice work! Is it worth looking at starting Valeria Batten over The Flying Popescus?

  • Gives you another starting studs.
  • Flying Popescus are on value with the rest of your deck while Valeria leads to failed pulls.
  • Valeria will pass the 9 difficulty pull on Blood Curse and Phantasm on an 8 while the Popescus will fail.

Also wondered about starting Willa Mae MacGowan or another Pagliaccio to give you an extra bullet catcher early in the game. Or Ambrose Douglas to get some extra card cycle + influence, allowing you to unboot your home and make more GR from booting abomination in Town Square? Starting 5 dudes can make a big difference.

If/when you get some of the recent expansions, Ricochet is worth looking at over Magical Distraction and maybe 1x or 2x Malison alongside the excellent Forget.

Sep 01, 2019 Kjaha

Nice comment! Good point about Valeria Batten. About a third Pagliaccio, my main concern would be to choose a dude to remove from the deck. And the other cards you mention, I simply don't have the corresponding expansions ;)