Dora The Explorer - Tombstone Version

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This is the deck that won by votes at the Tombstone Storyline Tournament.

This is what I would call a choose your own adventure deck. The deck is built not to win, but to tell a story. Just like in a choose your own adventure book, the journey depends on what cards you draw.

For this particular deck it is revolved around Dora the Explorer if it were circa 1880. Before the game starts, explain that Dora has amnesia. And although she remembered her name the kind folks down at The Orphanage (haunted by Ol' Howard) took her in and fixed her name proper as Doris (Doris Powell). Like most stories with amnesiac girls leaving the orphanage, they want to learn about their past but have nowhere to start. This is her Inner Struggle. She also must have her trusty "backpack" (Soul Cage) so that she can store things on her journey. At some point she should also make use of her "map" aka Buried Treasure. Also, on her journey she is joined by some weird drunken monkey (Baijiu Jar/Whiskey Flask) that the townfolk refer to as Mr. Outang (aka Boots before Dora lost her memory). When possible he happens to wear a pair of Espuelas. Jake Smiley also referred to as Swiper is a bit overbearing (after all he is wearing an Outlaw Mask), so Dora tries to keep her distance from him as he is Bad Company. In fact, once Dora leaves The Orphanage, "Swiper" will attempt to steal any stuff that she left there (Siege Of The Orphanage).

Playing the deck:

So when getting any of the previously listed cards, I would explain what Dora's adventure is going to be, and what are her motives (which is basically to find out about her past, and why this monkey is following her around). (For example, Inner struggle might not show up until later in the game, so when it does I'd just explain that she had nowhere to start). Any cards that I drew I would try to assemble some sort of story out of it based on those cards' story hooks, and based on the overall plot. So as I would play the card I would explain what's happening with Dora and of course that "Boots" would follow her and she wouldn't know why. This would continue until I got to the endgame storyline. If I ever reached the storyline finale, then I would concede as Dora didn't want to stay in this town anymore after such traumatic events. (This never occurred as most of my games were over in 1-3 turns. No one cares about an orphaned girl and her pet monkey apparently.)

Story hooks:

Endgame Sequence:

  1. Dora will need to get The Evidence, to find out what really happened. Only Hamshanks or "Professor" Duncan (with a spirit attached) can give it to her.
  2. Hamshanks requires attire which once one of her family or the Explorer Girls know of her plight, they will help her obtain. "Professor" Duncan requires the Idol of Tlazolteotl which through Rumors she thinks it can be found at Lula's Exploit.
  3. The Evidence leads Dora to look at Concordia Cemetery, where she finds her parents graves (one being Ol' Howard). This verifies the truth to Dora, that her parents were Lost to the Plague manufactured by Morgan Research Institute.
  4. Dora then proceeds to the Explorer's Lodge to gather her Explorer Girls to help her take down Morgan Research Institute.
  5. Once Dora, Boots, and the Explorer Girls have control of the Morgan Research Institute, Dora's truth is revealed and Dora can move on with her life.

The Evidence:

  • Dora, and Boots were experimented on by the Morgan Research Institute. At first it was voluntary as Morgan promised to provide medicine and cures to the Orphanage based on their findings. Over time, Dora seemed different and Boots lost his ability to speak. Her parents were done with it, but mysteriously contracted some disease just after confronting the Institute. Dora's extended family only knew the story up to this point. Mounting a daring rescue, Boots fought his way out of the Institute also freeing the troll (Hamshanks), but knocking Dora unconscious (and giving her amnesia). Boots then brought her to The Orphanage as it was the only place that would take care of a lost and forgotten little girl.

End Notes:

Property Is Theft was used as the outfit, simply because I didn't want too much attention on "Boots" if I was playing 108 Drunken Masters. The story is more about Dora than it is Boots, so I felt Property is Theft was the best overall choice. I'm very disappointed that there's no backpacks or maps in the game, hence the use of my alternatives.

Nov 16, 2019 Findegil

How about De Annulos Mysteriis or Rites of the Smoking Mirror as a sort-of-map?