Fearmongers 2x Base Set + up to HCWM

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Harlath 751

An introductory Fearmongers deck with 2x Base Set and 1x each expansion up to and including Hell's Comin' With Me. The six decks in this series (one per faction can all be built at the same time, excluding the jokers (you'll have 4x jokers from two Base Sets, so you can switch them in to whichever two decks you're playing with).

Your main shooting values are 10, J and Q.

Your goals is to get some copies of Blood Curse in to play and use it to lower your opponent's influence while out maneuvering your opponent with Shadow Walk to snatch control points, pull your opponent's dudes out of position and deny them income.

  • You have a positive net income each turn even if you lose lowball, so you can build safely unless your opponent has enough control points to win. This gives you time to wait for the right cards in your hand and to play more dudes/deeds. Remember you can spread your deeds either side of your home to help spread his dudes out. The The Sloane Gang home only generates control points after victory is checked: this can buy you an extra turn.
  • Use your home to cycle cards you don't need and replace them with cards you need and generate ghost rock.
May 25, 2020 ironcache

Given the values, Arnold McCadish is worth consideration if someone is looking to tweak this deck. Also, given the low spell diversity (and the fact that Blood Curse number 3 is worth 3 Ghost Rock), consider Ezekiah Grimme.

Also, Rumors has always been good for this archetype, but have to be careful about it failing Blood Curse pulls on Huckster 0s.

A deck with Mind Twist would really benefit from a 0 influence huckster, such as Funtime Freddy in place of The Brute (but, of course, it's only 1x - might be more worth considering the swap if Grimme is in, as mentioned above).

May 25, 2020 ironcache

High spell diversity, I mean to say.

May 25, 2020 Harlath

As ever, thanks for the comments! :)

Other dudes can cast Mind Twist on The Brute, but upgrading to include a grifter like Funtime Freddy is a great way to adjust the posse. Particularly as it will teach players that you might not always want to use a Grifter's ability.

Grimme is another fun way to expand the game once new players are comfortable using a Legend.

May 25, 2020 ironcache

Aye, a good note about others being able to cast it on the brute. But that requires them to be at the same location as the brute. Whereas, for example, if you send the brute off to capture a deed, he will not hold that deed on subsequent turns without support. Whereas Funtime Freddy holding a Mind Twist would be able to give himself the boot he needs.

May 25, 2020 ironcache

Definitely agree though that Funtime's grifter ability may be a trap for newer players, and not something I considered when I made the suggestion.

May 29, 2020 jaythejester

This deck seems like it would play Ezekiah Grimme well.

May 29, 2020 Harlath

@jaythejester - it certainly could, has the Ghost Rock and a varied enough spell list to fuel it. Legends are a bit too complex for an introductory deck series, but it is great to have your comment as a prompt. I should probably do a little section on "other options to explore" for each deck (Legends to add, switching out a value etc), I could edit it in to the deck descriptions. Your suggestion would be right at the top of the list for this one. :)