Faith Demands Action. Justice Demands Retribution.

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Argelius 41

This was played in CPH Deputy 2016-04-23. Several people thought the deck looked like a lot of fun and demanded (DEMANDED!) that I post it here. Apart from being played by an idiot whom chokes under pressure, it had a good chance of winning the whole thing.

The point of the deck is to slowly gain the advantage with strong, protected dudes, and a lot of mobility. Protected by what? Faith. Faith and good draws. Your general mindset should be to take it slow and steady; wait until you hunky dudes are mystical studs; Don't worry about it, God will protect you.

Putting a cheap weapon on Erik Samson or a blessing on Andrew Burton should give you enough influence to get you through act 1 (Genesis); During this time, you also wanna place a cheap Deed like Railroad Station, Carter's Bounties, or Jackson's Strike. Act 1 should take a turn or two.

Your mission is to get a weapon and Holy Roller on Erik Samson, then he has reached his goal of being a mystical stud, protected from most dangers. Once Erik is ready to line some track, you are ready to start going on adventures. Rev. Perry Inbody means you can run home and rest your head on his lap whenever you feel scurred. Walk the Path means you can boot-move anywhere to have Erik Samson show up, like a godsend.

Entering a shootout with Erik Samson, the whole Erik Samson, and nothing but Erik Samson is a great idea and a lot of fun. Faster on the Draw means your safe from Sun in Yer Eyes and anything else that might take your chosen warriors stud status away. Holy Roller means you're safe from small losses, Hot Lead Flyin', Takin' Ya With Me, and other nasty savagery. Jael's Guile means trying to cheat this studmuffin' often leads to Righteous Smackdowns. Even though Erik Samson walks in the valley of the shadow of death, he shall fear no evil.

Once Erik Samson is all prettied up and rarin' to go you're ready for Act 2 (Psalms). Saving your allowance while keeping savages like Chuan "Jen" Qí and Zachary Deloria away from your precious, precious Deeds using Unprepared and a combination of movement shenanigans means you will eventually have enough to start your own band of Holy Rollers. The goal of Act 2 is to get another stud onto the field, preferably Deborah West. Everything said about Erik Samson can be said about Deborah West (at least gameplay-wise, she's a lot less hunky and a lot more blind). Using Election Day Slaughter when you feel brave can often keep a check on the board and has even outright won me the match a few times.

Once you've put the fear of God into your opponent, and assuming you haven't won already, it's time for Act 3 (Revelations). Dropping Deeds like a madman, flying around the board, and calling out the crooks of Gomorra becomes a whole lot easier when Abram Grothe (Exp.2) (praised be his name) saunters into town. This handsome, God-fearin', son-of-a-gun will surely secure Gomorra, and then the world.

TL;DR: Take it slow and stay safe, until you can smite to your hearts content. If I could, I surely would, stand on the rock where Moses stood.

May 08, 2016 Devogenes

Deck seems cool; write up was ultimate. Would read again.

May 08, 2016 Mixxathon

That was some serious entertaining writeup. I was at the same tournament and having playtested against this deck previously, I did not have any high hopes for it taking anyone down. I mean, Blessed? Who plays that, when there are HLF, Deed/Dude Slide, maniacal clowns running around and all?

I had not taking into account Jacob, who build the deck and knew it's strengths. I managed to snag a win from it due to him not having the needed patience to just sit back a turn or two and then steamrolling me with dogmas and scripture. At the final round, he played at top table - and had he applied some restraint there too, the game would have been his. Inexperience burned down the whole darn church!

I hope he was not discouraged and keeps on building, training and playing alot. He can go far since he is one of the best players over all I know about. Me beating him was all about experience :)

Good Show, and thanks to all those who made this a fantastic tournament. (I placed Third - Got the mat to prove it)