Make CPs, Not War! (8-player up to EDS event winner)

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Csonti 65

This is my first attempt to build a deck and managed to win a 8 player event with it. In our meta the game just started to get rolling so the event was strictly up to EDS.

This is a very "peaceful" landslide where your main goal is to avoid shootouts as much as you can. The draw structure guarantees a very high chance to get lowball which help your economy and cripples your opponent's. In addition it will yield you the critical chance to strike first during fights.


There are almost only 1 and 0 CP deeds in the deck with the exception of 1st Baptist Church that can be a pleasant boost at the end of the game. I also tried to steer clear from cards that lessen the cost of some things, therefore give money to the controller indirectly. While you could get good use of those, it is more important to not let your opponent receive "free" GRs if possible.


There is quite a lot dudes in the deck. Firstly to help replenish the ranks when over aggressive opponents force you to lose characters with Kidnappin', Ambush, Judge Harry Somerset or some other violent action. On the other hand many of the dudes in the deck have the ability to generate CP for you. As for the starting posse: this is the basic minimal option but you can play it more safely Inf-wise if you include Jake Smiley or even Androcles Brocklehurst.


These are fairly obvious choices to avoid fight (Pistol Whip, Make the Smart Choice), help your movement (Horse Wranglin') and control (Run 'em Down!, Ridden Down, Rumors), get you money or card cycling (One Good Turn…) or have a nasty surprise (Coachwhip!).


Only 2 Mustang but with the 2 Horse Wranglin' you can fairly safely get one when you need it. You could squeeze in one The Evidence but I think when you face decks up to EDS this is not a must. (Please note that I only have one base set so my numbers are caped at 2 in case of the basic cards.)

General strategy:

Play as much deeds as you can. Protect your dudes with outmost care. Deliberate movement and Make the Smart Choice can get you out of trouble for most of the time. At the later stage you can go out on the offensive and use Run 'em Down!, Ridden Down, Pistol Whip to render your opponent's dude helpless. With the Mustang you can steal your opponent's deed even if he tries to blockade the town square. If he goes back after you, you still have the option to move back to safety. Eventually your opponent will spread out so thin that you can safely bring out dudes like Allie Hensman or Lawrence Blackwood to earn the last CPs needed to win.

May 31, 2015 mplain

Horse Wranglin' becomes useless after you get a horse, but its cost of 1 gr makes it hard to cycle it away. Was that ever an issue for you?

May 31, 2015 Csonti

@mplainObviously 4 horses is a better option but as I said I'm limited to 2. On the other hand I have never faced with a situation where Horse Wranglin' would act as a dead weight. First I need as much horse as I can in play, so after the first brought into play the card is not useless. It helps me get the 2nd. Even if I manage to bring in 2 horses (which I'm not sure if ever happened) there is a very high chance that I will lose at least one. Opponents with Kidnappin', Bounty Hunter etc. like to pick up the dude with the valuable good on it.

May 31, 2015 bbzs

Also worth to mention, that Gomorra Parish like the card (corner case I know). And if there is no Horse left in your deck, you can still play the card for one gold I guess. (This deck always have plenty of gold unfortunately.)