SlyDogs: Halifax Tombstone "Top Lawdog" (SF Slide-ish)

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Redgar 147

Too Much Attention is a criminally underplayed card, in my opinion. As Marshall, it's my job to help clean up the mean streets of Tombstone, and I'll start by taking out the noisiest Cowboys first. Like that no-good Frank Stillwell... .

This is a little deck I've been working on more-or-less seriously since Worlds, and thinking about for a couple of years (ever since one of our local playgroup showed up to an early bicycle event with LD Slide, and cleaned up). I wanted to break free of the low-value LD decks I always play, and I am obsessed with trying to make solid SF decks.

Since I am constitutionally incapable of playing a non-aggressive deck, it is a "slide" deck with 23 clubs and only 15 diamonds. (The correct ratio after more play, I think, is 22/16).

My first match of the event was over in a couple of turns. I had a fist full of actions (x2 Faster on the Draw, cheatin' Punishment), so after playing out a deed I brought the fight to my Justice In Exile-playing opponent.

The second match was the opposite: a long, tense match against the no-good vermints what are trying to extort the locals into handin' over their hard-earned beans. My flea-bitten mongrel of an opponent even found leverage on the Notary Public, Constance Daughtry, and a surprisingly tight lowball flip led to my ultimate undoing. (Along with not actually reading the Experienced Judge to see that his Gunslinger couldn't Pistol Whip, and then losing two shoot-outs back to back). My ever gracious opponent, ironcache, has posted a more coherent synopsis of our match here: (

It had been a long day for everyone, and it was getting late. We were wiped at that point, and decided to call it a night a little early. The event was fun, encouraged new and exciting deckbuilding, and has prompted thus far a week of casual Doomtown with more in store for the next week. All in all, a good time!

Since Wednesday, I've played a few more casual matches with this deck. Changes include:

a) x1 Point Blank was dropped in favor of +1 Pistol Whip. This was the right call.

b) I had changed x2 Ricochets to be +1 Curse of Failure and x1 deed (TBD). I'm not certain about this change.

c) I think Wylie Jenks is still too expensive for a deck that routinely makes 5-7 GR a turn, and should be replaced with Agent Provocateur. (Agent P was in an earlier version of the build; the lack of mobility can be a nuisance but cheap influence is just too good to pass up).

c) starting posse is a little uncertain. Heretically, my main man Henry Moran might get cut (he doesn't help against straights in lowball). I'd replace him with Agent P, but that would only leave 1 GR in the kitty... .

d) I want to like Point Blank. It's never shone for me, but I might just not have drawn it at the right times (i.e. with Faster in hand or a Bounty Hunter and an auspiciously arranged assassination target). I think in a deck that wants to play deeds and dudes quickly, though, it is too much set up. Ditching the remaining 2 Point Blanks would let me run x2/x2 (or x3/x1) on 9's while still snagging a 16th deed.

Now if you'll excuse me, a man with a sash just walked into Point Blank range... .

Sep 08, 2018 DoomDog

Too Much Attention is one of my favourite 'Surprise! You forgot this card existed!' plays.

I always feel like adding Father Tolarios and one copy of Fiery Rhetoric to decks like this. I've never got to the point where I've had it set up, but the idea carries so much threat if you can make it happen.

Sep 08, 2018 DoomDog

Oh, and maybe look at Prescott Utter? Slide Dogs is a deck type he's actually pretty good in!

Sep 08, 2018 Redgar

Since taking Agent P out of the deck, everyone's second-favourite Gomorrah drunk starts to look like an even better prospect!

While I'd previously started Tolarios + Amazing Grace, I hadn't thought of Fiery Rhetoric as a closer / way to pull dudes booted off deeds.

Thanks once more for excellent suggestions!

Sep 11, 2018 ironcache

Just here to scout.