UK Outlaw Winner - Lest We Forget v2

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hehasmoments 127

This is the deck I ran to a hard fought victory at the UK Outlaw event at IQ games, Huddersfield.

I ran a previous version of this deck at the London OP event a week earlier to fairly un-spectacular results, but saw enough promise to have a re-think, make a few tweaks and come back fighting. Most of my losses at the OP event were at time and I just didn't have enough influence to swing the tie break so my tweaks were to add more influence in the late game.

I made the deck trying to think of tactics to beat most of the types of opposition I might face. One main thing with this deck is it generates loads of GR, Irving is used to create out of town deeds with the home ability, Arnold once in play is used both to fish for those deeds and to get gadgets into the discard pile for Technological evaluation.

First step game plan is to put an Auto-Gatling on the Wagner Memorial Ranch to give a safe place to invent and use any abilities, generally dudes mostly tend to stay here against aggressive decks. The deck can also stand to lose a dude or 2 without too much trouble, most of the time someone runs a Kidnappin' etc. I'll defend with the dude who is being kidnapped and usually lose them, but ideally have a shootout at the ranch and have a chance at taking a crucial opponent dude out at the same time. With the +2 (at least) stud bonus at the ranch it will fairly reliably (though not always) pull a full house and tries to stay legal, so is only likely to be beaten by a cheating hand at which point a well placed Coachwhip! will kill off an important opposing dude. Even better if a well placed Sun in Yer Eyes can reduce them to just a draw while they try and take me out..

Once 1 or ideally 2 Auto-Gatlings are on the memorial ranch, the others are often attached to Circle M Ranch and/or Yan Li's Tailoring once in play where the -1 influence kick to opposing dudes generally keeps them away.

Technological Exhibition is the new MVP in this deck, using it to get the right gadget at the right time is crucial. If i'm running really short on GR I can fish for a Disgenuine Currency Press (which is a great combo as the press unboots the scientist after the job...), early in the game it might be used to get a Gatling or once the ranch is defended I'll try and get the sole Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton to attach to Chuan "Jen" Qí for the amazing boost she gets. Late in the game, if I haven't already seen it I'll be looking for a ballot counter to make use of all the GR which i'll hopefully have piled up and set myself up to swing a tie break.

Once everything is set, Mario Crane or "Dead" Billy Jones with a force field make it possible to start thinning dudes without taking any hits myself, A Slight Modification can hopefully be used if an unprepared tries to take out the Force Field or Luke, the Errand Boy can even send in the other one from across town..

I will say this was built to be a 'tournament' deck with half an eye on winning the tie break through a flood of influence, but in a non timed game the real gameplan would be to setup the fortress, wait for Nicodemus Whateley and then start booting dudes to give him the control points to take the win once the opponents influence is thinned out enough.

Lillian Morgan (Exp.1) was an addition from the previous week and was a really strong card, with plenty of GR to play her with some left in the last couple of Noons she not only gave a huge influence boost, but I used her ability to grab a Technological Exhibition out of my discard which then played the Ballot Counter out of discard too and start grinding into the GR to Experience for the win...

If I was to make more changes, I'd probably ditch the Flame-Thrower for another Force Field. I only tried to invent the flamer twice, with William Specks at the Wagner Memorial Ranch and pulled a 3 both times... I'd also probably take out the Ambush for another Coachwhip!, I only used it once all day and messed that up sending Mario Crane against Mariel Lewis and getting sent immediately back home 4GR worse off for nothing. I also didn't make much use of the Epidemic Laboratory, having that and the ranch to defend was too much of a stretch, I'd switch that to a Surveyor's Office to discourage any attacks on my out of town deeds.

Apr 25, 2016 Gozik

I'm pretty sure that posse goes home booted after succesful effects resolve. So Tech exhibition does not leave you with unbooted scientist.

Apr 25, 2016 hehasmoments

No it doesn't, you go home booted and then invent with booted, without booting. However, currency press says 'After this Gadget is successfully invented, gain 5 ghost rock and unboot the Mad Scientist that invented it.', which is why currency press and only currency press combos nicely!

Apr 25, 2016 LordManHammer

Well done and congratulations!

How many of your games went to time? Would you like to write a summary of your games?

Apr 26, 2016 kashan

You mentioned Ballot Counter as being useful in winning tiebreaks. How many if your games during the tournament would you say went to time?

Apr 28, 2016 hehasmoments

3 games went to time, although i don't think the ballot counter ever actually tipped it directly. Write up is done and will be published on the IQ games blog, I'll post the link here once it's up