Kill-Trol Clowns (Kill and Control) - 2016 Great Maze Outlaw

published May 08, 2016 | | |
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Rosenawesome 61

This is the deck that went 6 - 0 in the 2016 Great Maze Outlaw Series. It was a fantastic event that was put on by some very cool people, and I want to first thank everyone who helped put this together. Also when looking at this deck it's important to know that the new ERRATA was in effect, changing how I used both Paralysis Mark and Ivor Hawley (Exp.1)

First off I'll explain the name, This is a Kill and Control deck. Since Paralysis Mark was nuked, people have been down on it. I think that is a bit of an overreaction, it is now a defensive card. It works best to help keep people booted down in town square, or when you are holding a location to keep then knelt and then open to Blood Curse or shootouts and Point Blank. As soon as you think of it as defense it is still a good card.

So here were the match ups:

Round 1 vs The 108 Righteous Bandits Tough, Tough Match Up. Justin had a great start that had me make my deck a slower experience. He held down my strikes and his high bullet value made me have to abandon my plan for Point Blank. Turning point was getting my 2 Soul Blast out on Ivor after bringing him in on a cheating lowball with Soul Cage. I won this one right before the time with Nicodemus Whateley. Great match up.

Round 2 vs Law Dogs This one was a weird one, it was won with a single control point on the first day. Sometimes you just get a good starting hand that has 3 Blood Curse and then you just nuke down their line up. A solid build deck that just needed more influence in the starting posse. Jake Smiley is a life saver.

Round 3 vs 108 Worldly Desires and my nemesis Ed. Ed fought a good fight, he did. But as always he fell to the might of the fourth ring. After being able to get the The Ghostly Gun out for free. My main killing combo was fired. Ghostly Gun and Funtime Freddy are defending with Valeria Batten and 2 Blood Curse. Drop two guys by two bullets, then draw all the cards. get a legal 4 using a Joker (black). then point blank with Ghostly Gun, then put him in to make it a 5 LEGAL, then in this case It's Not What You Know... to kill or discard the rest.

Round 4 vs Den of Thieves Zac had an unbelievable deck, he was able to match my aggression and keep me in check in the early game. but like other matchups, my three skill hucksters ( The Tattooed Man and Ivor ) with Blood Curse were too much. When he did cheat to win the Soul cage kept bringing back the brute to soak up casualties.

We then took a break to go get a burger before the top 4, I ordered a Bison Burger while my next opponent, Jon, ordered a turkey nonsense. I honestly believe that our game was won right there.

Round 5 vs Morgan Gadgetorium Jon ordered a Turkey Burger and his "Dead" Billy Jones with forcefield was found to be Unprepared for our fights. I blame the burger.

Round 6 and Final Matchup vs Den of Thieves THIS. WAS. INTENSE. First turn he wins lowball, first actin' was Kidnappin' on the biggest piece of my starting engine, Arnold McCadish. He puts his entire force forward. I have to accept the discard. Brutal turn off events. This deKc is fine though. I got my two strikes out and just moved slowly, held my money up put out good stud units, I then put out three deeds and only defended the 2 pointers, kept his influence down using typical The Fourth Ring tactics. Then it was over, hardest fight of the night by FAR. Zac had an excellent deck and would love to face it again.

May 08, 2016 davido

Sounds like some great games/matchups. Sorry not to have played you (I was in the bottom feeders bracket).

1) Ivor via Soul Cage, I trust the in-play and KIA Aboms lowered the cost to something reasonable. Unless Justin top-decked a 5oaK in Lowball :P

Zac is an amazing player who plays toolboxes and waiting game to perfection. As long as he is not losing, he ALWAYS has a chance to win. Here is an example of Zac at his finest in Classic - not taking away from your considerable achievement of running the table in a very good field of 18 players. Just showing that Zac has been doing this a LONG time, making YOUR achievement all the more commendable:

May 08, 2016 Rosenawesome

@davido Yeah, the top deck was a straight 9 value, plus there were 4 abomb out at the time: The Brute, Funtime Freddy, Eve Henry and his Hamshanks. It was a shame that Ivor couldn't bring back my Sights but for as many times as I got him out through shenanigans, I think the errata is very good.

May 08, 2016 rhythm

@davido Agreed, this was very stiff competition. I also think everyone was very prepared for slide. -Jason

May 08, 2016 Devogenes

Way to go Rosenawesome, neat deck. I much enjoyed watching the final round with you and Zach — that kidnapping of Arnold was exhilarating.

After having my clown posses smashed to pieces several million times by Zach over the past week, I'm glad that it was a clown deck that took him down!

Congrats to both of you, it was a fun day of Doomtownin'.

May 09, 2016 memento_corgi

As I recall, for the Ivor out of Soul Cate during the first game it was a Full House lowball (super unlikely in my straight flush deck, but obviously possible ;D), plus a mini-parade of abominations. I definitely felt when Kevin hit his groove. A good deck that was well-piloted!

May 09, 2016 Rosenawesome

@memento_corgi it was a good day all around, the beginning of that game had me scared, honestly the way you piloted the 108 had me rethinking using Hamshanks. Hopefully he finishes his book some day. :)

May 22, 2016 mysticpickle44

Solid deck man! I couldn't even get one win the multiple times I've played against it sadly :~~

What I like best about it is the use of Sight Beyond Sight which lets you build up a shootout card advantage for the high noon when there are enough control points on the table to force a critical shootout.

Also a lot of folks like myself didn't expect the synergy of Blood Curse to direct targeting with Point Blank which was quite masterful!

Congrats @Rosenawesome a well deserved win against a tough field of 18 die hard doomtowners. Well done man! :D