Showboating Gatling Memorial

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jaythejester 435

Don't be fooled and think this deck has no economy. This deck has a massive economy, and you're going to need it. Howard Aswell almost guarantees that you can start with an Auto-Gatling or Doomsday Supply. You want to invent Disgenuine Currency Press (which you can pull with doomsday supply) for gr, invent horses and Auto-Gatlings at the ranch for production. As you invent Auto-Gatling at the ranch, you will increase it's production and hold it against higher and higher influence dudes, since opposing dudes at the ranch will be -1 influence per Auto-Gatling.

But how do you invent at the ranch if opposing dudes are waiting for you? That is where the home ability kicks in when used with Mechanical Horse / Espuelas / or Prof. Eustace True. The mad scientist moves over and invents before getting called out, and unboots after inventing from the ranches ability.

So, then how does it win. Showboating. When inventing gadgets, you have a chance to gain CP's when showboating is pulled for the skill test. As your cards get put into play, and cards get aced out with Buried Treasure, the chances increase. Lillian Morgan (Exp.1) allows you to play a One Good Turn… or Buried Treasure from the discard pile and draw a card, and ace the action (she also has tons of influence). Buckin' Billy Ballard also grants an extra card a turn, and can combos well with Mechanical Horse to take control of opponents deeds and boot their dudes if they move there.

Final combo is Louis Pasteur + x2 Marty. You can make repeat mad scientist skill tests costing 1 each. Each time you pull a showboating he will gain a CP (unbooting dudes is just a decent side affect).

The heretic jokers are to help against Lighting The Fuse, and can create hand rank 7 legal 5 of s kinds.

Sep 06, 2016 SavageJack_

I haven't tried out this deck, but I do have some notes based on past experience with the Wagner Memorial Ranch.

1) Kyle Wagner is probably better than William Specks, he can unboot the ranch after inventing which allows you to increase production twice a day.

2) Why don't you have any 10s? You already have a strait flush. Personal Ornithopter can help your dudes retreat if they end up in a bad job. Aetheric Shockwave Inducer is experimental (auto CP if you showboat) and gives you some extra bullets if you bring a stud.

3) Nicholas Kramer/"Dead" Billy Jones are both amazing additions for defending yourself (Probably better than Steven Wiles). Nicholas will always be a 4 stud and "Dead" Billy can take a bullet. If you don't plan on bringing shooter I would replace the Monte Bank for some Auto-Revolvers

4) Why do you have One Good Turn/Buried Treasure/Lillian Morgan (Exp.1)? I know they help you cycle cards but it seems like you brought them just so you could ace them. Replace a Yagn's with 2 Fate Dispenser and you can do basically the same thing. That also gives you room to bring a few Auto Cattle-Feeders and make extra money (I'm not sure if you have a money problem in the early game but Auto Feeders would be my first fix to that)

5) Are the Yagn's and Espuelas there to give you an influence boost? If they are I would go for Fancy New Hats and some high influence dudes. Tallulah "Lula" Morgan (Exp.1) and Lane Healey (Exp.1) come to mind... or just bring Max Baine. Actually why don't you have Max? He is practically made for this.