Manchester Epitaph - 1st Swiss, 2nd overall.

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NuFenix 64

This is the deck that I took to the Manchester Epitaph where I ended 1st in Swiss with a record of 3-1, however for the top 2 cut as it was myself against Vince who I had lost to in the final (in a very short and failtastic of a game), and since we finished quickly we played a friendly that lasted nearly the entire round.

Due to having a 2+ hour ride home (thanks to Andy for the lift!), we asked what the difference in prizes were between 1st and 2nd. As it was a playmat and £15 store credit for first and £10 for second, I was happy to concede it to Vince as I didn't need further brain drain of what would have effectively been our third game together, and as he won our proper game against each other, whilst I could have fought for it, I was genuinely not in the frame of mind for fighting over a playmat I had little interest in, and a difference of £5 credit in a store that is sadly very not local to me (and a massive venue!).

The deck overall is once I used last year, as I have been a fan of Legendary Holster, but due to cards such as Unprepared, Pistol Whip, etc., the owner might not have a chance to use it. With the assistance of my friend and team-mate Jason, we made it with Stables so I could ride in from outside of combat, trigger the outfit, and then shoot the gun before it could be stopped by one of the previously named actions.

Due to using earlier versions last year, it was progressively tweaked. One issue historically was needing enough copies of the gun to make the deck work, but then the excess copies of the gun making it risk being a failed pull. Then, when Serendipitous Arrival was printed, it allowed a specific combo to come out, thanks to Junior. If attacked early on, or a fight where little threats are expected, I play Serendipitous for 1GR, play Junior for free, who then gets the only copy of the gun from either deck or discard. If I've built up enough GR, I can play him normally so I don't have to risk a fight happening. Additionally, when I have the gun, he can still get La Quema for me (which is somehow non-unique!), which has the benefit of getting the discount from the outfit.

One thing which may be noticeable for the deck is the lack of Cheatin' Resolutions. The theory is that after I use the gun, I get out with Make the Smart Choice or Highbinder Hotel, so only whomever started the fight is there (Travis, Luke, Pag, for examples).

With the values I'm using, one problem was being able to force a fight. Mugging was tried but as they could just decline opposing it and let their attached items go to boot hill but not their dude, it didn't solve the problem. I ended up with Judge Harry Somerset, which between my opponent attacking my private deeds, or being given bounty by Notary Public, allows me to go in, and either they let the dude be aced, or the oppose and risk someone else being killed by the gun (or possible Shotguns if value 3 or less dudes help out).

Establishin' Who's in Charge, along with Allie, give me a clock so I don't have to get out lots of deeds or sit in yours, as if I can control the Town Square due to know I will fight back with an angry gun. EWiC has an additional combo option by working with the Orphanage, as when I don't have enough control points to win, I can instead turbo charge my economy instead. Though remembering it all the time is something I need to improve upon...

One change I would make to the deck after using it today between the tournament games and casuals is that 4x Serendipitous is excessive, as I found I was holding a copy (sometimes two) without anyone to bring in.

Hopefully that has helped give an insight into the deck and choices I have gone for, as that will be more useful than me failing to remember details of the games I played today.

Aug 07, 2017 Harlath

Congratulations on your strong placing in a difficult field! Good to see this deck and a winner at a different event starting with "only" 3 influence - nice to see people experimenting with different starting posses and showing it can work.

This deck is an excellent example of the type of deck that makes good use of Morgan Stables, highlighting that this outfit card still has its place despite the strength of Morgan Regulators.

I liked the different style of deck posting here, going in to the thinking behind the deck and some of the choice. I found the section on Judge Harry Somerset's inclusion and triggering this with Notary Public particularly helpful.

Also, well done on boldly going with no cheatin' punishment again, a trick I remember you pulling at the 2016 EU Marshal. Fits the deck well too - presumably you're often acing dudes before resolution with Legendary Holster or Shotgun, and sometimes running away with Make the Smart Choice or The Highbinder Hotel.

Interested in what cards people should dig for with Travis Moone in this deck and if you've considered starting Maggie Harris to dig for La Quema and generate ghost rock by having Irving Patterson run the job alongside her?