Deck for Vicky one base

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Willisbatman 34

This is a deck for my sister she has one bace set anyone have suggestions for this legendary holster deck I would love to hear them

Aug 31, 2017 DoomDog

Perhaps find a space for Lawrence Blackwood?

Aug 31, 2017 Harlath

Seconding Lawrence Blackwood or maybe another Tommy Harden, Ramiro Mendoza, Olivia Jenks or Lucinda "Lucy" Clover to tighten up the draw structure instead of Sheriff Dave Montreal.

Maybe replace Killer Bunnies Casino with Circle M Ranch as the latter is slightly more efficient when it comes to production.

Otherwise it looks like a pretty cohesive deck for just one core with a decent amount of cheatin' punishment mixed in. :)

Sep 05, 2017 Redgar

Howdy! Always glad to see cowpokes sharing the game, and I think this deck is solid, especially for one core! (I am particularly partial to LH + Clyde decks, I must confess, so I may be biased in my assessment... ;-) )

I would echo @DoomDog and @Harlath in suggestin' gettin' rid o' the Sheriff, in favour of an on-value dude. My personal suggestion would be for a second copy of Olivia Jenks: where 2's are the strongest value, and where the deck only currently runs three 2-of-spades (and starts one of them), I think tightening up the value and increasing the odds of drawing a cheap 2-inf dude would be worth considerin'.

I don't like Establishin' Who's in Charge in this deck. I note that the deck runs a large number of deeds, and so shouldn't be CP shy? Where the job would end up leaving dudes booted at home, I wonder if protectin' deeds after the [job] (en/card/01105) finishes could be a challenge?

I would encourage consideration of x2 Hired Guns instead. Where there are only 2 Blueticks to soak casualties (from, say, tied Legal Full-House hands), being able to reliably replace dudes is important. Where this deck currently runs only 11 dudes, and where this particular openin' posse only starts 4 dudes, I think that being able to snag Lucinda "Lucy" Clover, Allie Hensman, or a 'cycled' Philip Swinford is worth more than the possible 1 CP from Establishin' Who's in Charge. (I confess for a long while I sorely underrated Hired Guns for low-value Law Dogs decks, so I might be overcompensatin' by recommendin' it here, but I think the logic may be worth considerin'.)

Otherwise, I think the action suite is solid, and have no further suggestions for substitutions or removals.

For deeds, I echo @Harlath's suggestion of replacin' the Killer Bunnies Casino. The Circle M Ranch is a good choice, for sure. Even more efficient, however, might be the General Store? While the Store is clearly off-value, so is the Casino, so the deck/pulls would be no looser for the switch. Where the deck runs a solid number of expensive goods (one of which at least that will likely be played repeatedly), there should be a reliable use of the Store's ability. Even using it only once every two turns would generate the same income as the Circle M Ranch, for a cheaper up-front cost.

To play devil's advocate, if the deck reliably cycles through its cards such that the play hand routinely drops to three, then Circle M Ranch might be a better call. Given the ratios of dudes/deeds/2+ cost goods to actions, however, I wonder whether getting an economy boost to help clear the hand would be more helpful than the potential of card draw?

Speaking of deeds: 17 deeds seems high to me, especially given the low dude count and given a startin' Travis Moone who could mulligan if no deeds turned up in the opening hand. In general, I like the Dead Dog Tavern: private and controlled by bullets on a 4 value is a good fit for many of my Law Dogs deck. I'm not sure it is a good fit here, though: 4 is off-value, and though technically a saloon for Clementine Lapp, she contributes nothing towards controlling the deed if it becomes contested. This would open up a card slot for Lawrence Blackwood (or doubling up on Tommy or [Ramiro] (en/card/01047)), that would tighten up the 3 value, increase the dude/influence count, and offer a replacement potential control point on Lawrence when he camps on an opponent's deed.

Beyond this, it might be worth evaluatin' whether runnin' x2 Bank of California, x2 1st Baptist Church, and/or both of Charlie's Place and Pearly's Palace is the right call. I'd recommend shoring up at least one of A or 3 value spades to x4, in exchange. (It might also be worth lookin' at goin' down to x1 Lady Luck if it would enable a tighter focus on 3's). Normally I'd suggest culling the off-value deeds first, but the saloons are better deeds than the Bank/Church, and given that this is a Holster deck, startin' Clem, and that is saddled with only x2 on-value goods at the A and 3 values, I think it might be worth experimentin' to see what works/feels best.

Finally: it is heresy, I know, but I wonder how the deck would work startin' Ramiro Mendoza and Tommy Harden instead of Clyde Owens?

Thanks for postin' the deck here; I hope some o' my long ramblin' is thought-provokin', and I hope to see updates as the deck develops!