Huckster Simulator

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Card draw simulator
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jaythejester 460

Jesters Entertainment is bringing you the latest in immersive gaming experiences. Step into the shoes of a huckster. You'll Forget your just playing a game as you Handle your cards as an actual huckster of the dark arcane. Gommorah Times gives it 4 Rings, The Maze says it's One Good Time and a real Hidden Treasure

This nefarious deck actually plays the roll of a huckster. What does a huckster love to do? Play with cards! A huckster plays with cards to manipulate, to show off, and to win. Discarding a card to draw a card is pure card sharkery. One Good Turn…, Buried Treasure, The Fourth Ring and Walters Creek Distillery (if you have a saloon) will put a card in your discard pile and draw you a new one. Ambrose Douglas can allow you to use your home ability a second time. Phantom Fingers draws you a card if adjacent to a gadget or mystical good attached to an opposing dude, and shuts that goods down.

This deck should not be played recklessly. It does have a good draw structure, but that is only to free you the opportunity of handling a shootout. Carefully consider the importance of each engagement. This deck is built to be what you need it to be, by discarding and drawing to get the cards most helpful for your game. It also has a slight abomination build to power up Ivor Hawley (Exp.1) strategies when he comes into play. Just remember, the end goal is, as it always has been, to have more control points than opponents influence. Your going to use Showboating to gain the necessary control points push to win out over opponents.

When the TCAR comes out, I would definitely start Ezekiah Grimme

Sep 12, 2017 Prodigy

Showboating decks that can shoot are scary, but (as I'm sure you know) a deck like this will be a mediocre shooter and a mediocre showboater. That will lead to some really hard decisions on "when is the right time to fight?".

If you can master that question, I think this deck would be very capable.

I might change The Caretaker for Funtime Freddy to have another huckster, and still keep a 2nd stud (who is able to move). I assume the worst, and if a shootout happens, the Caretaker will be the first to be booted home or have bullets reduced, so I wouldn't count on the 4 stud in most situations. That said, the Caretaker does have a potentially serious early game intimidation factor vs spot removal.