Abominations Wins Abominations!

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Abominations 6/Q 2 2 5

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Deck Description

This deck won the Halifax Abomination series in a 4-Player Round Robin Tournament.

There's nothing insidious about the deck; very straightforward Oddities of Nature play. Swarm the center with a bunch of studs. Skinwalker gave the archetype some love; worth the upkeep for an abomination influence + either big stud or attachment hate. Doomsday Supply makes the important goods more consistent.

Game plan is simple; get into fights, kill things, lose dudes, and reanimate them.

Tournament Results:

Round 1 (vs. Abram's Crusaders): He played an Election Day Slaughter with a lone Sister Mary Gideon who died. He then put out a Concordia Cemetery that I camped with Skinwalker. He decided to come out to fight. I won it and it cost him Tommy Harden. He held on a bit longer with Erik Samson and a few weenies, but ultimately he had to fight and when he did, it cost him. Might have been an issue of consistent deck vs. less consistent deck, but I was also the better draw hand in all cases. I think the deck needed more punchy shootout plays.

Round 2 (vs. Morgan Cattle Co.): It was a Nicholas Kramer deck. I killed Nicholas Kramer. Rest followed.

Round 3 (vs. Full Moon Brotherhood): This was against the World Champ™. It was pretty well fought. He was going for a similar 2/6 abom suite out of FMB. His start diverged (using The Harvester), but otherwise the tricks were mostly the same. Early on there were some light exchanges that never amounted to much. I used his Pettigrew's to go to value city on Claws + Doomsday + Soul Cage, which pressured a shootout where I managed to get his Karl in draw at the cost of my Golem, but he got him back soon enough with Soul Cage. He aced a Pag on me at some point. I was worried that I cost myself the game when I drew a cheating 5oaK when trying to kill his Karl for the second time, but he clearly had a Soul Cage on the field untapped. I ended up winning that shootout by more than the Soul Cage would've helped by, only to be surprised by Disarm (which I ruled out being in the deck because I saw Bottom Dealin'). Ultimately wasn't too sad, since the only good I had in the fight at the time was a Claws. The match was decided shortly after this when we went into a prolonged shoot-out where he anticipated I was holding 1 Bottom Dealin' (which I gave him a 4oaK on; pretty generous I think), but not the second (which crushed his army). He still had his ever-resilient Karl at this point, but I put down Ivor and, along with my untapped Skinwalker, was able to finally finish him off.


Obvious change to make to the deck would be to include some force fight. I didn't need it because Halifax meta only makes decks that fight, but most meta probably would. Mugging is on value, but I think working in some Kidnappin' would also be good. On the order of -1 Make the Smart Choice -1 Concordia Cemetery -1 Pettigrew's Pawnshop +2 Kidnappin' +1 Mugging.

Reformatting to 6/Q vs. 2/6 is also probably a preferable move for the deck. It's almost all aboms to begin with (and you can simply cut Willa), so Rose isn't necessary (the influence loss could be covered with 2x Bible). Swap a Claws for a Winchester if a gun is needed. You can get away from 2s almost completely (which makes room for the aforementioned Kidnapping). Maybe keep 1x Pag.

Dec 06, 2018 Harlath

Congratulations, thanks for the report and thoughts on what you'd change in a different environment.

Curse of Failure worth considering alongside Kidnappin'? Spreads your values between the two to marginally help in lowball.

The second Bottom Dealin' must have been very satisfying!

Pleased to see two abominations from recent sets making your starting line-up and glad they worked out for you.

Dec 06, 2018 ironcache

Kidnapping is better, and, given they are both off value and thus the odds of diversifying from kidnapping helping me in lowball is low, I would not give it slots.

I discussed CoF with my last round opponent actually, and he brought up an excellent point of that, in addition to killing dudes being better than turning them into blank bodies, the more crippling problem is if they decide to keep those blank bodies around, you don't get your force fight cycled back. Which is a huge problem for the decks you need your force fight against.

Dec 07, 2018 Harlath

Well spotted - that's part of the balancnig mechanism with Curse of Failure to my mind - higher value if it matters for pulls but give some things up relative to Kidnapping. :)

Dec 08, 2018 Redgar

...I could have saved myself so much time in the last 16 hours if I'd just fired up DTDB, read your concluding thoughts, and jumped straight to tweaking my deck (and the Oddities alt) from there. :)

Thanks for postin' the write-up. I'd better get off my tuckus and do the same!