Circus desease (improved)

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(Black) Death and Taxes 1 1 7

gurab 3

Heya folks! Wanna spread some desease in Gomorra? If so, this deck might interest you.

The main values are 9´ s & K´ s with 7´ s as backup.

The deck is built around "desease" condition cards and focuses on spreading those out, (using Jia Mein (Exp.1) to bring Incubation and Tummy Twister into play as noon plays (for free and making her a stud), Curse of Failure, Forced Quarantine as jobs and Deliberate Infection if cheating hands arise), to force the opponent discard their dudes or draining their economy if they don´ t choose to. In case they discard them, #Bacroom Deals can take control over them.

As a booted dude needs to be home in order to play Incubation, Christine Perfect or Micah Ryse (Exp.1) can lower the value of the dude, making the use of Soul Blast more efficient. The Whateley Estate and Explorer's Lodge along with Phantasm and Leonardo "Leon" Cavallo, Avie Cline (Exp.1) and Mark of Pestilence can help completing the task. Sight Beyond Sight is there to ace opponent cards, and can be recovered by Ivor Hawley (Exp.1), though he is crazy expensive, #a piece of the action can bring him out cheaper.

The movement aspect is covered by Railroad Station and Shadow Walk, not to mention [Kevin Wainwright] (/en/card/01011) himself is a very agile dude (and a potential stud).

Regarding defense, Arnold McCadish, Mario Crane and Avie Cline (Exp.1) can soak some damage up, and Fetch helps in cheating shootouts. Tummy Twister can be used to prevent opposing dudes move to deeds the player wants to defend.

Economy is mostly built around the outfit card itself, Telegraph Office and Epidemic Laboratory for income, and Huntsmen's Society along with Backroom Deals to keep the upkeep cost low.

As per the shootouts, I think there are enough stud dudes to engage in them, and pull good hands, but maybe the deck is lacking hand rank inprovement/reduction (that´ s why I included devils jokers), bullets bonus/reduction etc. so if I´ d be careful on that sense.

Finally, these are some tweaks I´ d like to implement but don´ t know if they´ d improve the deck a lot more: * Funtime Freddy instead of Christine Perfect (no grifter at the moment), starting cash lowered. * Drop #kevin for Tyxarglenak (Exp.1) or Valeria Batten (Exp.1). Deck structure improved (problem is I don´ t have Valeria yet) * Include Lost to the Plague, Blight Serum, Paralysis Mark somehow? * Bullet/hand rank reduction cards maintaining the deck structure? Comin' Up Roses at 7?

So that´ s all. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed

Mar 28, 2020 Findegil

Just throwing out some more disease-themed cards that may or may not fit mechanically:

The Blighted and Festering Grasp (not really viable at all here)

Not sure Huntsmen's Society or Ivor Hawley (Exp.1) are worth it, given the lack of high-value dudes and Abominations/expensive Hexes.

Mar 28, 2020 gurab

@Findegil thanks a lot for the feedback, it´ s much appreciated.

That said, here are some ideas I need to work on:

Too many things to consider.... Anyway, I´ m pretty happy with the overall look of the deck, more so considering this is the first I build.