108 Worldly Legends: 2nd Place in 3rd OCTGN League

published May 31, 2016 | | |
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Zeetoois 116

This is a version of the deck that I used throughout the 3rd OCTGN League. I tweaked it a little, mostly messing with my last off-value card. In this version, it's Min, but I've changed him out for d a 2nd Legendary Holster or a 4th copy of Rabbit's Deception. I still can't decide what I like best, honestly. The holster is great, but it fails pulls, but I so rarely get it in-hand if I'm only running one-of... That said, the deck performs quite well without the holster--holster just makes it even scarier to get into shootouts.

To start the game, always use Benjamin to reduce Bai Yang Chen's upkeep for round one. This will net you 5 or 7 GR, depending on how lowball goes (it should do well with WD frequently netting you an extra card). How you play from here depends on your opening hand.

If you have a deed--GET IT OUT. Your economy is pretty neutered by Bai Yang, so get a deed out pretty much ASAP. If you've got Allie, get HER out ASAP. She can really put the pressure on. And finally, you'll want to try to get Bai Yang to their outfit. Don't be afraid to leave him in the TS, however, especially if you don't have Rabbit's Lunar Leap to get him into a shootout.

This deck excels at shootouts for a couple of reasons. The number one is kung fu! Being able to join a shootout from anywhere with RLL is clutch. You can get Bai Yang in, or jump in with Yunxu or Carlton. Bonus points if you can combo to Rabbit Takes Revenge to become a stud, make them a draw, and boot their cards! Keep in mind that neither your kung fu dude or their dude can then leave the shootout--this includes fleeing and Willa Mae, so even Willa can't save the dude you took revenge upon! Finally, send their obnoxious dudes or studs home with Rabbit's Deception--even MORE bonus points if you can combo to come back in with RLL. Secondly, Sun in Yer Eyes will wreck their studs, and a Pair of Six-Shooters and/or Bottom Dealin' work WONDERS as your cheatin' resolutions.

As for draw structure, this deck is 16-16 on Aces and 4s. Possible straight flush with A-5 clubs, but never bank on it in a pinch. The loose draw structure is great for winning lowball (especially with the 108 WD home ability), and makes Bottom Dealin' even more powerful.

This deck went 14/19 in the league itself. It performed well in the semis vs @Prodigy but the game ultimately ended in a disconnect on his part. He graciously conceded the match, which sent me on to the finals with @Gozik.

Gozik's LD deck was brutal. Even if he had no stud dudes, he was almost always able to outshoot me by sending my stud dudes home with Wendy or Pistol Whip. Despite a few decent shootouts, I ultimately couldn't take him out once my Kung Fu dudes went to boot hill.

May 31, 2016 Baron_Fel

Did you try out Run Rabbit Run at some point with this deck? I haven't tried it out at all yet but I really love using Pigging Out in Zsu Bajie decks

Jun 01, 2016 SirLargeness

Thanks for posting, in a post errata world playing against you on OCTGN helped me understand what i can and cant do against competitive shooty deck. Whats your plays for slide? wondering how this deck would do in an Outlaw type event where its probable that you'd see that and stuff like Nu Clowns. Thanks and cheers.

Jun 01, 2016 db0

When playing against this deck, just remember that if you have the same or lower amount of dudes, you're safe from getting rabbit whipped from a joining dude. You can still be made into a draw, but if you enter with 2 studs, you have a good chance of one staying like that.

Jun 01, 2016 DoomDog

Did you play against many decks that wanted to avoid fights either entirely or wait until they were ready? With only one each of Ambush and Mugging to potentially initiate fights on your terms I'd be interested to know how things played out.

Jun 01, 2016 Zeetoois

@Baron_FelI wasn't able to try RRR in the league simply because The Curtain Rises wasn't supported by OCTGN. My "wildcard" will likely be filled by RRR, and the Bank of California was replaced by The Highbinder Hotel. :)

@SirLargeness and @DoomDog In slide, the goal is to contest their deeds and get dudes out. You don't need to get too many of your own deeds out--your economy can be saved by Natalya's trait and squatting Bai Yang at their home. If you can't get Natalya in hand, Hired Guns can help with that. I had only one match vs slide with this deck, and it held its own, ultimately winning. As for decks that avoid shootouts until they're ready, by the time they've built up to a "ready" point, I'll have more than enough actions in-hand to deal with it. Even cards like Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton don't stop you from becoming a draw through Sun in Yer Eyes or Rabbit Takes Revenge. And Allie Hensman helps put the pressure on them to ensure that they don't have days upon days to build up.