Worlds 2018 - First Top 8 Finish - EVER!!!

published May 08, 2018 | | |
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Sbushnall73uk 19

I originally started with a Judge Rush deck. Fielding Judge Harry Somerset experienced. To keep attacking the other player. I realised that if the judge gets taken out, the deck is significantly weakened. I played around a little bit and came up with the new starting posse. It runs Aces, twos and threes with a couple of cards splashed, including 2 Legendary Holster. The plan was to try and dominate the Town Square, so as to be able to oppose jobs ran at home (for example Maggie Harris. I also put in lots of low cost dudes to help with casualties, especially The Brute. My plan seemed to work on the whole, the only problem is when opponents sit at home building themselves up with attachments. I have a couple of Mugging cards to try and force shootouts, as well as a couple of Dog's Duster cards. I use Pettigrew's Pawnshop to help with income and Bluetick to help move around. Another way to get control points and try and start a shootout is with Allie Hensman. It was a big surprise to find myself on the top table in round 5, first time ever in the few years I have been playing, I would have been happy to win 3 games. Overall the deck obviously works to a degree, however I think a few tweaks are needed. A big thank you to Max (the overall winner) for pointing out the Pettigrew's Pawnshop works for both you and your opponent, and although I did beat him in round 4, he beat me in first game of the final 8 cut.

May 08, 2018 Harlath

Congratulations on a great performance, nice to see the work from previous years pay off and hope you enjoy the playmat. :)

The Legendary Holster was a nasty surprise during our match and on another day (or if the same situation was repeated without four exhausting matches before it!) I think you'd have won our game during Swiss.

Appreciate the write-up, including the weakness noted on opponents hiding at home, which I think your inclusion of Judge Harry Somerset, Allie Hensman and Dog's Duster does its best to mitigate.

May 09, 2018 Redgar

Congratulations again for the good showing! I really liked your deck when I played against it (both times), and I appreciate you posting the decklist and write-up here for further analysis and commentary by the peanut gallery.

I'll echo Robbie's comments re: Legendary Holster. A side effect of using such low values is that you won lowball off of tied hands, even against my 2-4 heavy deck. I found facing down Winner + Holster to be a major threat... one which you certainly delivered on in our Swiss game!

I'm particularly impressed that you fought off a Morgan Gadget-heavy field without my favourite crutch: Unprepared.

(Paragraph space to emphasize the impressiveness of this feat. :))

My one question about your Club suite is whether, in your experience, Requiem for a Good Boy pulled its weight in the deck? (I periodically try to make it work for my decks, but I always find myself cutting it for Bottom Dealin'. Any tips you're willin' to share on how to leverage Requiem effectively? Asking for a friend... :-) )

I'm taking note of your Hearts choices: there's a good array of useful tools there, and I might change my Cylde-Holster deck to match. I'm curious about one aspect, though: is there a particular reason you went with x2 Legendary Holster rather than x1 Legendary Holster and x1 Doomsday Supply?

Similarly, for deeds, a solid array at good values. I confess I never seriously considered including the Gomorra Lot Commission in my Clyde-Holster deck; did you find it a useful include over, say, The Highbinder Hotel and it's "Gun-'n-Run" shenanigans?

(Since you mentioned 'camping' opponents as being troublesome, I note that the A-value Mayor's Office might serve as a big, shiny lure to draw out opponents to fight. With respectable income, a killer ability, and a hefty 2 cp, I used to run it as a low off-value card in my 2-4 deck... though its price matches its impact, and I found it was a magnet for trouble whenever I'd go home booted after jobs. I ended up cutting it, but where A is on-value for you, I'd be interested in your thoughts... .)

Lookin' at dudes, I'm intrigued by a number of your choices. I was surprised to see both Pagliaccio and Luke, the Errand Boy in your list. Thinking about options, I see how no-influence but cheap and expendable bullet soaks could always be welcome, and I might have to try Pags in my deck. I'm surprised you went with Luke, the Errand Boy over Shelby Hunt, Johnny Brocklehurst, or Olivia Jenks, however. Likewise, on 3s, I was surprised to see both x2 copies of Philip Swinford (Exp.1) and x1 copy of Janosz Pratt, but no Ramiro Mendoza or Buford Hurley. The choices clearly worked for you, and they aren't in line with how I looked at dudes at that value for a Holster deck, so I'd be grateful for any insights you're willin' to share.

Finally, I'd be remiss without complementing you again on yer fancy duds and good sportsmanship. A shinin' example of a good Law Dog all 'round!

Now, before I get too mushy-and-sentimental-like, I'd better go put that Barton fellow underground... ;)

May 10, 2018 Sbushnall73uk

Thanks to both your comments, much appreciated. I have 5 sidekicks in the deck so using Requiem for a Good Boy is a great way to soak casualties and its other abilities are great too. A lot of people tend to not cheat these days if they can help it, and if they do Tommy Harden is there to bump up your hand ranks. That's one of the reason not to use Bottom Dealin' also it is so infuriating to discard there hand and replace it with similar or even higher hand rank from your own deck. I only put Legendary Holster in as an after thought. Someone mentioned they were surprised I didn't have them in. So I put in two copies to try and ensure I got one. After 9 games I have only got played it 3 times. With regards to the deeds. I purely went with the values and low cost, rather than there actual abilities. Pettigrew's Pawnshop was a must though for the income (again thanks for the reminder about it working for both players). With the dudes, the choice was simple. Low cost-low upkeep-bullet soaks; Especially The Brute was a must. The plan is not to loose any of my main posse if I can help it.

Using Inner Struggle along with Tommy Harden is a great combo to try and win if your opponent is cheating hence the lack of Cheatin' Resolutions.

Once I have made my tweaks, I will post the updated deck list.