Den of Thieves (3+7+8) Damn Cheaters!

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mplain 1642

Here's my take on the Den of Thieves. The deck also starts Travis Moone for the same amount of starting wealth (because of Den's discount).

I start with two studs, two grifters, and a total of 4 mobile influence dudes. Pretty flexible and reliable.

Milt Clemons seems expensive, but with Makaio Kaleo around he actually provides 1 extra ghost rock per turn. Kidnappin' can give you another 2. With 4x Monte Bank, this deck has a much stronger economy than it seems at first glance.

Rico Rodegain lets you adjust your starting posse, depending on your starting hand you might want to replace Travis with Gina. Against Landslide, start some combination of Androcles, Ulysses, Lawrence, and Allie. And if you face gadgets or melee miracles, Sammy Cooke can really ruin your opponent's game plan.

They say that the Den's bane is cheatin' punishment, Bottom Dealin' in particular. This deck can play around it rather well.

  • First, Rico will tell you if you can go all-in on a Kidnappin' mission right away.

  • Second, Quickdraw Handgun can protect you from cheatin' punishment if both players cheat and you go first (it won't exchange hands, but the second part of the effect will still apply; see the ruling here).

  • Third, No Turning Back lets you lure out their cheatin' punishment, then hit them again with another 5-of-a-kind. You can also use it strategically to ace a booted dude, hire a new one, and go in for the kill, when your opponent thought that you were booted out and broke.

If your meta has a lot of soft low-value starting dudes, consider replacing Quickdraw Handguns with Shotguns.

Nov 24, 2015 Zeetoois

Quick note: you will NOT be able to replace Travis with Gina, as Travis is a Grifter and cannot be shuffled back in per Rico. Other than that, looks solid as always.

Nov 24, 2015 Zeetoois

Also, I'd honestly consider at least one Stakes. It can really help turn those 3-draw dudes (Marion, Sammy, possibly Silas) into terrors, or simply bring Steven or Barton to a shootout they couldn't otherwise reach. Although with all the Kidnappin' you'll be doing, Suns might still be your best option.

Nov 24, 2015 mplain

@Zeetoois You're right, should start Allie as the default 5th dude, so that I can replace her with Travis or Gina on the fly. And 1x Stakes is a good idea too. Thanks for the input! :)

Nov 26, 2015 hockyman68

I really like this deck. I have a suggestion. Keep in my mind, where I play we don't play hyper competitively. So we don't do a lot of the 3x16 builds, its more casual and fun. But to the point, Maybe look to put B & B Attorneys. I say this because this would be great for Milt Clemons. Yes it is off suit. But every turn you could get 1 extra ghost rock. Maybe add 2.

Nov 26, 2015 mplain

@hockyman68that's a good idea, just need to figure out what to remove! :)

Nov 26, 2015 PaxCecilia

This looks like a really solid deck list. I am trying a very similar starting posse but I am using A as an off-value for Hustled. Throw a Monte Bank on Milt and I'll be rolling in dough.

There's been a big resurgence in my area from control and deed&dude decks to shooty Law Dogs and Sloane. I'm worried that Den of Thieves will be handing my opponents an easy win if they're smart enough to pack Bottom Dealin' or Quickdraw Handgun. Does Den of Thieves +1 to hand rank help you weather strong cheatin' resolutions, or do you have to try to be legal now and again?

Nov 26, 2015 mplain

@PaxCeciliaI use the react on lowball in the early game. I try not to cheat if I think my opponent might be playing Bottom Dealin', unless I have NTB. Anything else is fair game - between +1 from Den, +1 from Barton, and +2 from Devil's Joker, I'm usually fine even if they punish me. And they usually only have one cheatin' res in hand :)

Nov 26, 2015 hockyman68

@mplain I would probably take put the Hustings and 1 of the Circle M Ranch. If you want to add just 1 then I would remove the Circle M Ranch.