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Errata Tue Feb 21, 2017

Dude • Draw 0 • Influence 0 • Cost 3 • Upkeep 0

Source: Rules Compendium v 0.5 from Pine Box Entertainment

For OCTGN play I've modified the card image with the errata wording. The file path is

The image is named with the correct OCTGN id.

link broken - contact soulblight via BGG or Pine Box forums

Other errata images available: 108 Worldly Desires, Auto-Revolver, Bad Company, Concealed Weapons, Desolation Row, Focusing Chi, Forced Quarantine, Henry Moran, Hot Lead Flyin', Ivor Hawley (Exp.1), Junior, Morgan Cattle Co., Mugging, Nathan Shane, Nicodemus Whateley, No Turning Back, Paralysis Mark, Smiling Tom, Undertaker, Unprepared, Unprepared Promo, The Wretched

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Edit Wed Feb 22, 2017: From the Pine Box Entertainment Rules Forums [community.gomorragazette.com](http://community.gomorragazette.com/t/errata-question/1452/6) it was confirmed that the errata text reads:

You may equip this Gadget as a Shootout play (pay all costs).

While this Auto-Revolver is in a shootout and you are forming a draw hand, when you redraw after discarding at least one card, you may draw one extra card.

Errata text from Tue Feb 21, 2017:

While this Auto-Revolver is in a shootout and you are forming a draw hand, when you redraw after discarding at least one card, you may draw one extra card.

source: Rules Compendium v 0.5 from Pine Box Entertainment

For OCTGN play I've modified the card image with the errata wording. The file path is

The image is named with the correct OCTGN id.

link broken - contact soulblight via BGG or Pine Box forums

Other errata images available: 108 Worldly Desires, Bad Company, Concealed Weapons, Desolation Row, Focusing Chi, Forced Quarantine, Henry Moran, Hot Lead Flyin', Ivor Hawley (Exp.1), Junior, Morgan Cattle Co., Mugging, Nathan Shane, Nicodemus Whateley, No Turning Back, Paralysis Mark, Rico Rodegain, Smiling Tom, Undertaker, Unprepared, Unprepared Promo, The Wretched

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The man, the myth, the legend, Nicholas Kramer. A dude the company has long waited for the likes of. A zero upkeep stud dude.... with influence! It's too bad he has zero bullets. Well, that is until you start inventing something! Yeah, he's not all that terrific in a non gadgeting Morgan deck, but for those mad enough to invent, he is what science decks have been waiting for. A potential of becoming a 4 stud, if you control 4 or more gadgets ANYWHERE! If one of those gadgets you made is a weapon Nicholas can be a 6 to 8 stud dude.

He combo's very well with Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton since both the skeleton and the dude it is attached are gadgets. Hydro-Puncher can than be added as well. Assume you have another gadget somewhere, and you've got an Jack value, 8 stud, 2 influence, zero upkeep, who cannot be moved or booted by opponents, can boot an opposing dude and an attached card! He's also got a horse in all that, so he can Run 'Em Down!, make A Slight Modification, or Do some Regulating.

It is possible to put him in a gadgeting dogs deck, the biggest issue is competition with other extremely good value 8 dudes.

Doomsday Supply by on

Doomsday Supply is a deceptively powerful card. While it itself is far less glamorous than a Shotgun, LeMat Revolver, or Legendary Holster, the Doomsday Supply can often grab you those cards when needed. It can do that, and far far more.

One of my favorite combinations with DS is Disgenuine Currency Press. By having a currency press in your discard pile, DS can earn you 3 GR, and get a gadget on a dude like Prof. Eustace True, or Arnold Stewart to use with their ability. It's mid value is enough to pass the low difficulty gadgets, but might not be good enough for your high difficulty gadgets.

DS can also be used to put a goods onto booted dudes, and or dudes at locations you don't control, and even during a Shootout. Simply having a DS in play and a Shotgun in your discard pile can add threat against any low value dude in a shootout. DS is also good counter tech if your opponent uses Unprepared to remove a key weapons ability's and traits, by putting a fresh replacement on your dude and discarding the affected one. This can also help make sure a Force Field is functional. You could additionally use DS offensively to fire multiple guns off in a single shootout, providing you don't mind sparing the cost.

DS also combos extremely well with Pettigrew's Pawnshop, since you will get 1 return GR when DS played, and an additional 1 GR when the exchanged good enters play (if it's not a gadget), effectively reducing goods costs by 1 or 2.

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Morgan gets a home that entirely rewrites what MCC is capable of.

First I will address the home ability. I love how well built this ability is. I really like how the ability is still good if you haven't got any horses out. Morgan has struggled to get affordable stud dudes, especially because almost all have upkeep. Regulators gets one of your dudes to be a stud for the cost of a noon action. It also gives you a stronger chess game from first turn as you can move to take a deed or engage an opponent, than move them back to the town square. This really helps catch opponents that are using movement affects like Asakichi Cooke and The 108 Righteous Bandits trying to get your dudes out of position. This affect is even better with a horse, as they can boot to move or for an ability, than move to the town square and get unbooted.

Then we have the trait. Many claim it's the death of landslide decks. Your opponent is going to have to move away from home if they don't want to get capped at 5 influence, and lose against 6 cp's. Combined with your homes ability you should have the ability to move in and engage shootouts. This means regulator decks should be built to push the opponent into situations they don't want to be in or they lose the game.

Regulators can defiantly still do mad science. Particularly good is Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton since you can than unboot and move them to the town square and making them a stud. Kyle Wagner and his Memorial Ranch ranch can let you invent a gadget horse, unboot wagner, increase the production, boot Wagner to reuse the deeds ability, Home ability to unboot Wagner to the town square and become a stud, move back to memorial ranch, and invent again without booting!

For those sliders out there, this home is a serous concern. There are ways to deal with them though. A pure dudes and deeds deck cannot handle this new home, nor does a non engaging The 108 Righteous Bandits deck that plays the chess game as well. You will need something interesting to handle the regulators. A landslide deck that engages in shootouts! This will turn off their home trait. The trick is to not take real casualties. Some options include Rabbit's Deception for 108. Lay On Hands for decks that can run miracles. Personal Ornithopter for gadgets. Bounty Hunter for law dogs (yes law dog landslide is possible). Shamans can combine Spirit Trail with Many Speak as One to set up Ancestor Spirit tokens around town, that will gain you influence and control of opponents deeds. If they engage a token in a shootout it will turn off their trait. My favorite is a huckster Soul Blasting themselves out of a shootout.

Landslide and evasive control decks are going to have to get a lot more interesting to handle this home.

The Law Goes Underground by on


Firstly, yes it does have 'Law' in the title, and a 'Deputy' appears in the ability text. That does not mean your home has to have the ✪ symbol to play this card.

What does this card do. Well, it saves your butt. Have you ever gotten into a shootout with a great chance at drawing a great hand, and lady luck cheats on you. Maybe you just drew every off value card in your deck. Maybe your one card short of a 4 of a kind, but all you have is a 3 of a kind. Maybe you just can't make a legal hand and your opponent has Quickdraw Handgun. Discarding a stud dude can be far better than taking 3+ casualties.

What else can you do with this card? It seems so defensive, sending your dudes home to end a shootout. This card can actually allow you to be extremely aggressive. If your opponents cheating resolution cards only affect hand rank, and don't affect dudes directly like Coachwhip!, you can go ahead and play that cheating 5 of a kind if you see it. You'll know if they have a response, and if they do, it won't cost you as badly, especially if your stud is unbooted. Straight flush decks are inherently high risk / high reward, and this card allows you the chance that if you don't get the straight flush with your best dudes in a shootout, it won't be game over.

Oddly, with proper maneuvering, it can be used to put a bounty on a(n) opposing dude(s). Have a private deed adjacent to home, move a stud there. If opponent accepts a shootout they get bounty. You try for the best hand you have, and if you lose, you just go home booted. If your stud is a deputy, their shooter is home booted as well. This can help retake your deeds for income or control.

This combos exceptionally well with Many Speak as One, and Bounty Hunter. It is very good with any studs that jump into a shootout as well. Of note on value is Sarah Meoquanee. This card may well make The Lord Provides a strong inclusion for miracle decks.

Counters include No Funny Stuff, Rabbit Takes Revenge. Also, if all opposing stud dudes are booted, they will have to discard a stud to use this card. Nightmare at Noon can be especially hampering to this card. Interestingly, The Law Goes Underground ignores Scoop Hound and Siege Of The Orphanage since it neither is a shootout play, or fleeing.

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Ever since 108 Worldly Desires came out, many players have gotten stuck on it being the best home for the outfit. It would take something truly special in order to pick a home other than 108 Worldly Desires. Drunken Masters could well be that card, for the right deck.

First of interest is adding Saloon keyword to the deeds on the ends of each street. It grants more places for Forster Cooke to serve drinks from and can allow Clementine Lepp to hold deeds that aren't typically saloons. Of particular fun can be using Quarantine Tent to have 2 non-callout influence, 2 control points, and a second use of the home ability for extra card draw. More saloons also encourages use of Baijiu Jar. Serving drinks from The Mayor's Office can be enough of a control point swing as to end some games.

The ability is the other reason to choose this home. It can be disappointing to fail a Technique pull by drawing a little to high on at a critical moment, and this ability might allow the Technique to succeed instead of fail.

The reason I love this ability is Focusing Chi. Every time a Kung Fu dude of value 6 or higher pulls Focusing Chi for a Technique pull something incredible happens (and since you can choose to put Focusing Chi on top your deck when played from hand, it shouldn't be that rare an occurrence). 1: Focusing Chi is drawn as a Technique pull and you may unboot the Kung Fu dude. Than you get to look at the top three cards in your deck and discard any you want to discard. 2: You use home ability to keep the drawn Focusing Chi into hand. 3a: If you than use a Baijiu Jar you have far greater control of what you draw in hand, or 3b: You can play the Focusing Chi that was added to your hand. Since you saw the top three cards of your deck and discarded select cards you have better control of what you will pull and draw.

This combination of using Focusing Chi and Baijiu Jar can make for spectacular displays of Kung Fu. Getting you the right cards you want, when you want them. You can even start shootouts you plan to escape from with Rabbit's Deception just to draw more cards, and change around your cards in hand. Lets face it, card advantage, including massive card cycling is a big deal in a game like Doomtown, and 108 Drunken Masters gives that to you.

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Errata text from Wed Oct 12, 2016 8:43 am

Repeat React: After you draw a draw hand, if you have less ghost rock than all other players, draw an additional card into your draw hand and then discard a card. You can only use this ability once per draw hand.

Seen here: www.alderac.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=375&t=158497&p=1534487

For OCTGN play I've modified the card image with the errata wording. The file path is

The image is named with the correct OCTGN id.

link broken - contact soulblight via BGG or Pine Box forums

Other errata images available: Auto-Revolver, Bad Company, Concealed Weapons, Desolation Row, Focusing Chi, Forced Quarantine, Henry Moran, Hot Lead Flyin', Ivor Hawley (Exp.1), Junior, Morgan Cattle Co., Mugging, Nathan Shane, Nicodemus Whateley, No Turning Back, Paralysis Mark, Rico Rodegain, Smiling Tom, Undertaker, Unprepared, Unprepared Promo, The Wretched

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The Harvester by on

This monster appears to have the best (Stud bullets+Influence)/(Cost+Upkeep) ratio in the game. It's the same as Steven Wiles, however once we put The Harvester to play, it's much easier to keep him with us because of ridiculously low upkeep.

Because of his trait, we can't take benefit from those high stats simply paying his cost and putting him at our home. Resigning from 2 additional dudes in starting posse may be painful as every shootout deck needs some cannon fodder in early game. These are a few cards I found which can be used to get The Harvester into play.

Two goods are designed to put Abominations into play, sometimes even during shootout: Clown Carriage and Soul Cage. There are also two spells: Raising Hell and Summoning. The second one appears to be created specifically for putting The Harvester into game as reduces his cost to zero and is of the same value.

4th Ring's leader, Ivor Hawley (Exp.1) appears to be obvious "summoner" of The Harvester but He Fang can do it as well.

There are also 3 action cards allowing to play The Harvester, each in different fashion: Recruitment Drive as effect of town square job, similar to Summoning; Serendipitous Arrival as support during shootouts and A Piece of the Action as Noon play.

I couldn't find any deed useful for our task.

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Thank you guys for having a second look at this gentlemen. As many thoughts about James Ghetty were already discussed earlier, I'll mention a few cards he might be interesting choice to play with.

From the same base set these are Rémy LaPointe and Flame-Thrower because of obvious reasons.

I can find three action cards which may be played cheaper, or for free, thanks to Ghetty's trait: Rite Of Profane Abstersion, Serendipitous Arrival and the most interesting here in my opinion due to high cost and the same value: Hired Help.

It's worth noting that Lillian Morgan has the same trait with different amount and can invite James Ghetty to her posse, producing even more GR to be spent.

I've thought of one deed here: Old Marge's Manor. Useful to store some unused GR for further actions. Also, this deed has more flexibility how you can spend those GR and gives you opportunity to pay for Force Field, mentioned earlier.

James Ghetty by on

I agree with the previous reviews that James Ghetty is a fine and versatile character on a good value: strong influence, a back-up stud and an emergency mad-scientist. A small but important disagreement with a previous review however: James Ghetty can only pay for Shootout Abilities, so his trait can't help pay for boosting your hand rank with Force Field. Same thing applies for paying for It's Not What You Know..., Cheatin' Varmint and so on. He can only pay the printed (bottom left corner) cost of "Shooutout" abilities (so no using it to pay for the previously mentioned reacts/resolution plays). As noted in the collected rulings this means he can't pay to return An Accidental Reunion back to your hand.

Still a fun card, but make sure your opponents don't make his trait stronger than it is by using the ghost rock more flexibly than intended!

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James Ghetty with a Flamethrower is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Ditto for James Ghetty with a Force Field. Either way, good bang for your buck. He was a starting dude for my Morgan decks for the longest time due to being A) a stud and B) 2 influence right off the bat. He's since been rotated out, but he still has a welcome home in my Morgan decks due to his combination of useful trait and his 7 value, as I've noticed Mad Science does tend to love its 7's.

James Ghetty by on

He's suave, he's classy, he's tired of running out of ghost rock to play all those crazily expensive shoot out abilities! If you're looking for a card that will invent the heck out of something just as easily as he will win shootouts and look good doing it, look no further... His name? James "Free Money" Ghetty

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Just wanted to point out that the review below has an error. You cannot use the Stables react ability with Flight of the Lepus because that is neither a noon ability nor a shootout ability. Flilght of the Lepus is a resolution ability (of the cheatin' sub-type) which doesn't qualify for the Morgan Stables react ability.

Morgan Stables by on

The single most confusing and misunderstood home, by far. I also think it is the most under-rated.

Quick guide on the React (because the GR reduction part is straight forward):

Let's break it down.

"After you complete a Noon or Shootout ability that moved one of your dudes, draw a card and discard a card."

This makes sense by itself. Any time you move your dude with a horse, whether it is a noon action or you are booting your Pinto to join your posse in a shootout, you can use this react. Note, though, that it doesn't matter what causes your dude to move, as long as it was your ability. That means cards like Railroad Station, Surveyor's Office, A Secret Tunnel, and even Flight of the Lepus (if you choose your own dude to move) can activate this react. This does not work if you use your Pinto to join a shootout at the same location, as your dude never actually moved locations.

Then you immediately draw a card and discard. If you move your dude and can react, there is almost no reason NOT to use this react so you can at least cycle one card. Remember that you draw first, so even if you like your current hand you can always discard the card you draw if it isn't better.

Next, and the confusing part:
"Make another play or pass; if you are not in a shootout, that play cannot be actin’."

If you are in a shootout, this is straight forward: you either move your dude into or out of the shootout, and you get to immediately do another shootout play. That means this react turns Pinto into a Shadow Walk, where you can boot in and immediately shotgun a dude, if you are able, and the opponent can't stop you (short of a A Slight Modification).

If you are not in a shootout, you get to make another noon action after you move your dude with an ability (whether its an action card or a horse or a deed ability, etc). There are 6 choices for Noon actions: 1) Actin' 2) Callin' Out 3) Movin' 4) Shoppin' 5) Tradin' (we hate the letter G in the Weird Wild West...) 6) And Pass

Your next play cannot be Actin', so that means you can do any of the other 5. That means you can use your Mustang to move to a location and immediately call out a dude (who, if booted, of course must accept). Or you can use your Guide Horse to move to the town square, react, then move again to any adjacent deed before your opponent has a chance to call you out in the town square.

This allows for some very powerful surprise moves, and if you are playing against a Stables deck, you have to always keep in mind these possibilities. Any booted dude anywhere, except your home, is subject to a call out. Even if they don't have any horses on the board, you have to keep in mind that your opponent could simply be waiting for you to boot a vulnerable dude, at which point they then play their discounted horse and cause havoc.

My favorite use of this is to wait until the opponent uses their Allie Hensman, then equip a shotgun and Mustang and if I am the winner, that is a dead Allie. Only A Slight Modification (not likely if they have Allie) or Pearly's Palace can interfere. Best to wait until you are the winner to do this, of course.

I've also found that many times I will simply pass on my 2nd noon action, since I was just using the ability for the card cycle, but remember if you do that and your opponent also passes, the turn is immediately over. Go Shoppin' or do whatever else you wanted to do instead of passing if you don't want the turn to end.

Pigging Out by on

Pigging Out is a fantastic card in my opinion. I wasn't convinced until I played it. With the additional bullet and value reduction it really becomes easy to set up big combos.

When combined with the Shotgun-Longwei Fu, who can play 5 Zhu Bajie cards in one shootout play, this can ace even value 9 dudes with relative ease if your discard pile is full enough. Shotgun-Longwei Fu can get 4 or 5 bullets while he gets the opponent 9 dude down to a value of 3 or A. Then ace that dude and still profit from your higher Zhu Bajie bullets throughout the rest of the shootout. That's impressive!

In addition to that, the finishing move Zhu's Reward can become even more devastating because of the higher value reductions from Raking Dragons.

The 6-club alternative Faster on the Draw (which has similar effects to Zhu's Ferocity) is less good for Zhu Bajie decks in 95% of the cases. Unless you are playing Deputies or your Kung Fu pulls aren't reliable, the only advantage that Faster on The Draw has is that it requires only one shootout play for it to work effectively, whereas Pigging Out requires two shootout plays.

What Pigging Out most of the time did for me in my Kung Fu deck so far:

  • Put more Kung Fu cards in my discard pile for Combo purposes
  • Give me one Zhu Bajie card into my hand for sure
  • Make my Zhu Bajie cards more powerful
  • Make my Zhu Bajie combos much easier to pull off

That's a lot of benefits for one card.

The only real downside Pigging Out has is that sometimes by discarding the top 5 cards this will result in having to re-shuffle the deck, thus making Pigging Out not worth playing in that situation. Then however I would consider not going into the shootout in the first place and wait for another turn.

Conclusion: If you're playing Zhu Bajie Techniques in your deck then definitely give Pigging Out a try. I put 4 copies of it in my deck and love it everytime time I draw it, as it gets me ready to go for my next shootout.

Heretic Joker (Red) by on

I would say this card is 5/5, but only for very, very specific deck types. This Joker is not meant for shootouts, it's meant succeed pulls and to win low ball. It helps keep you legal during lowball, which will help decks with 'Con' cards. The Joker's Smile Also works well with Heretic Jokers, since, while you have control of The Joker's Smile, you can gain 1 ghost rock each turn you draw one into your play hand, and you won't need to pay to get it out of Boot Hill.

I see this card working best in a deck that, for what ever reason, does not aim to see shootout resolution. Landslide decks might like it if you have decent card cycling, but mostly I see it's use for hit and run decks that want to strike with a spell like Soul Blast, or weapons like Legendary Holster, than retreat from the shootout with, soul blast, Make the Smart Choice, or Rabbit's Deception.

Heretic Joker (Red) by on

From gomorragazette.com

Nu_Fenix. After Devil’s Joker came out, I expected an opposite that made a hand legal. I didn’t expect it to have such a hefty price attached to it. Sure, it doesn’t ace itself afterwards, but it reduces your rank by 3! 1 or 2 I could handle, but 3 feels extreme to me. How often do you cheat with a regular Joker? Sorry Heretic Joker, but there is no room for you in any of my decks.

Doomdog. 2/5. Landslide doesn’t run jokers, and shooters want high hand ranks. Could be useful in tandem with a Devil’s Joker but that’s not something you can rely on. A deck that wants to win lowball and win shootouts through actions or resolutions, such as a Legendary Holster deck, could find a space for this, as could one that manipulates hand ranks. A deck using Fiddle Games to boost its income and uses the ghost rock to win through use of Force Fields? One to experiment with…

Chefonk. 2/5. Even if this was intended for shootout heavy decks to stay legal but at the cost of 3 (three!) hand ranks, don’t use it that way. You are probably better off not using this Joker at all. Decks that want to win lowball but don’t try to shoot are few, and even they should not run this. In Slide decks you are going to win lowball most of the time anyway, while not getting aced after use means that will almost certainly pop up sooner or later when refilling your hand at sundown instead of that crucial Pistol Whip. I just don’t see much use for it. I tried it in my 108 Slide, but literally every time it came up – even during lowball – it did nothing and any other card in the deck would have been more useful. Too bad, as the idea of multiple versions of Jokers to choose from is great, but the next one definitely has to be better.

Jhandy27. 1/5. Guessed something was coming out like this to mirror Devils Joker but that mirror is distorted and wavy. This, in my opinion, isn’t even comparable to the Devils Joker in terms of power simply due to the drop of 3 ranks which is possibly unnecessary compared to a normal joker. If I get a hand consisting of 3 different suit,s but same values and a heretic joker, I would wish I had run a normal joker. There are very few scenarios when a normal joker isn’t enough to make your hand legal so I feel that the 3 rank loss is too much. At least with a Devils Joker, it will always improve upon what a normal joker would’ve given you with the added risk of being cheating. I’m never going to use this joker.

Foreboding Glance by on

From gomorragazette.com

Nu_Fenix. Wow, that is a lot of text to take in. To make the most of this, I would look at one aspect of this and focus on it. Want to stop them using spells and goods, use Meet the New Boss. Want to boot dudes, think about high influence dudes and Fancy New Hat. Want to call out dudes at their home (as you would otherwise call them out), use Desolation Row or the core Law Dogs outfit.

Doomdog. 4/5. Could be a useful card for a Desolation Row deck to close a game by going after dudes turtling at home and combining the call out with the added ‘Unprepared’ ability. Nicodemus and Chief Seven-Eagles could also make good use of this card as a defensive measure, so it could fit into a Spirit Fortress deck or anything making use of those two dudes. You could use Meet the New Boss to make this card effective for a whole bunch of your dudes.

Chefonk. 4/5. Each of the three effects are nice, but the fact that they can be combined all in one noon play is awesome. Having more control points requires a bit of setup as not many dudes can have control points on their own, but if you manage to have at least one booting all attached cards this can win shootouts or even games ala Unprepared. Influence and bounty are easier to obtain and the possibility to boot and than call-out dudes makes this card really useful. Everyone except little Jake Smiley left home to start trouble in the town? Pay him a visit and glance him into his early grave. All possible effects are quite situational but at least one of them will probably be helpful sooner or later. Being a K and 0 GR means that this can be included in almost every deck which can meet some of it’s requirements.

Jhandy27. 4/5. Probably the sleeper card in this set in my opinion. I can see this winning a few games the turn it’s played by any of its effects. Boot every gadget a Morgan monster has before he calls your booted Allie. Booting a dude that you don’t want to move anywhere else. Or calling someone out because you have a bounty cough Sloane cough. Also note that the effects will happen in order so if they have more Influence and bounty than you, they will boot you before calling you out. Definitely going to be seen in a variety of decks from aggro to control.

Plague of Grasshoppers by on

From gomorragazette.com

Nu_Fenix. The idea of free movement is great, but the value puts me off. I’m not sold on it, and don’t feel that there is much to say.

Doomdog. 1/5. More 108 movement shenanigans. I suppose you’d put a couple of these in as off-values. But as it’s a high value and doesn’t fit into the typical Kung Fu straight flush values, I don’t see it seeing much play. You could use it to move dudes like Xui Yin Chen or Yunxu Jiang in to support a shootout, mob a vulnerable dude with your Fu dudes, or move a Fu dude or two away from trouble.

Chefonk. 2/5. Always happy to see more kung fu support and more movement options for the Bandits, but this fails to impress because of two reasons. First off, the 9 value means it will miss most kung fu checks as only a few dudes can successfully pull a 9 for their check. Kung fu skill checks are even more vulnerable to fail as the Taos rely on consecutive successes in order to get the most out of it, so a card that threatens to break the Tao combo has to really be worth it. Unfortunately, this leads to the second reason. Movement is good and moving one or more of your dudes is even better, but I don’t see why it was necessary to require unbooted dudes. Allowing this to move booted dudes would be really strong but mitigated by the fact that each of them would have to pass their kung fu check (not to mention having the trait in the first place) along with the high value of the card itself. So just being able to move unbooted dudes does not provide the impact that is required to include this card.

Jhandy27. 1/5. Running a high value in kung fu means the card must be good enough to warrant the risk right? No. This isn’t the sort of movement that’s going to be very useful and it’s limited to a certain skill type. Don’t run this.

Framed by on

From gomorragazette.com

Nu_Fenix. I dislike this card. For the first ability, I have to pay GR based on your influence, only for you to decide which effect happens. My opponent making the choice of ability, always weakens a card for me. Unless you have bounty based effects such as Bounty Hunter, I would expect most opponents to give the dude a bounty for a potential GR, then booting the dude and giving you one of their GR. For the second ability, it would only happen where you want a dude to have lots of bounty you expect to earn, and then I wonder if you could have done anything else instead.

Doomdog. 5/5. This card really helps out all of the Law Dogs homes, but is particularly good for The Arsenal as a way of setting up bounties. With the original home you can place bounties without booting or increase the bounty on a dude you’re about to send a Bounty Hunter after to get a greater reward if you win.

Chefonk. 4/5. Not really keen on abilities that lets the opponent choose its outcome, especially if you have to pay GR in the first place. But if you manage to play this on a good Bounty Hunter target (even if you don’t have one in hand) you might trick your opponent into booting their dude which than can be called-out regularly. The first ability has probably too many uses to describe here but I feel like there will be something to get out of it most of the time. Jake Smiley also is a nice target as you don’t have to pay and you end up gaining 1 GR or 1 Bounty on Jake, which is nice either way. The second ability fuels your income if you can for certain get to get rid of a wanted dude. The thing I like the most about this card is that you can almost always play it immediately, avoiding clogged hands. With this, 9s are looking more and more attractive to classic Law Dogs decks. Combined with the new Constance Daugherty, Law Dogs got a pretty big boost from this Pine Box.

Jhandy27. 2/5. I’m not sure how to feel about this card. I think this card only works if your opponent thinks you’re going to do something with the bounty. Else they will just let it stack up. Making someone more wanted is the same argument. Do something with it or don’t run the card. Would be nice to see a more playable 9 of clubs as it’s struggling for one at the moment.

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Nu_Fenix. Saving some ghost rock while getting a non-Gadget goods out of the discard pile for the same saving is great. I always worry that I’ll either have this or the dude and not both at the same time. All the while trying to decide if I hold the dude back knowing I could get them cheaper with a good, or play them now and not clog my hand. Unfortunately, unless I’m playing a very passive deck, the targeted call out from Kidnapping is hard to pass up.

Doomdog. 4/5. This card helps those high-cost dudes you never play get some table time, while possibly getting them a free goods as well. Morgan and Law Dogs will get lots of use out of this, while the Fourth Ring can use it as another way to get their expensive abomination dudes into play.

Chefonk. 3/5. Cost reduction is always welcome and there are quite a few dudes that really benefit from this, as they are too expensive to play early on otherwise. Many earlier Law Dogs dudes like Clyde Owens, Wylie Jenks, and Gang Yi come to mind. The reduction alone would not be that great, so you also get to attach a goods from your discard pile to your newest crew member. Law Dogs might run this, although with Kidnappin‘ and maybe Pinned Down! it has some serious competition at the 7 of Clubs slot.

Jhandy27. 4/5. Well this is interesting. So I take an expensive dude and play them for 4 (most cases) while getting a goods out of my bin for free. That’s amazing! Encourages playing more of a bigger dudes with bigger guns style of play. The amount of characters/goods you can combo this card with are almost infinite. e.g., use this to play a Wendy reducing by 2, then go get her teeth kickers out of the bin etc.

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Nu_Fenix. Yay for more recursion, but boo for another job. If the job succeeds, reducing the cost and difficulty by 5 is immense. At least with this job, you decide where in town you want the job to happen. Your home is a likely location, as opposed to most other jobs that occur in the town square. I do like the idea of marking Maza Gang Hideout, so that anyone in the town square can’t get involved without a card effect.

Doomdog. 4/5. This carries some risk. It really helps out Law Dog gadget decks that sometimes have trouble inventin’ with low-skilled dudes that nevertheless tend to do well in shootouts. Morgan can make good use of it to get some control points once they’ve got a weapon or two to back up the job. I could even see an Oddities gadget decks using this to make Clown Carriages!

Chefonk. 4/5. Gadgets finally receive needed boosts such as this card to make them competitive. The lowered difficulty is nice, but nothing you should rely on. The decreased cost and being able to play any gadget from your discard pile are huge though. Play this early on while marking your home and this job probably will not be contested. If you draw it mid to late game and you feel like you can take the fight to town square you can cash in a control point. A bit low value for some mad scientist checks, but this Marty and/or a few mad scientist 2 compensate for this. Although you probably are not able to play gadgets with difficulty 9 like Yagn’s Mechanical Skeleton or Personal Ornithopter when choosing 6s as your main value, this card is good enough to be included off-value in existing gadget decks even if this means risking some skill checks. Just like Disgenuine Currency Press, which sees a lot of play, you will most certainly find room to host that Technological Exhibition. Really, this is a nicely designed card that I am looking forward to using.

Jhandy27. 4/5. This is another reason why gadgets will become a competitive archetype. It has recursion. I personally wouldn’t rely on the difficulty reduction, but I can see using it to allow an MS0 to invent something you would otherwise have to use your MS1 or 2 for. I would rarely mark the town square with this card as by mid to late game it can lead to over extension or losing valuable dudes. Definitely going to be played though, since access to your discard pile is always strong in every game.

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Nu_Fenix. This provides an interesting answer to the problem of discarding your techniques when you haven’t got one to start a combo in a shootout. Additional reduction seems great, but without seeing it in action I wonder how much of a difference it will actually make.

Doomdog. 3/5. I’ve still not put much effort into the Zhu Bajie Tao as I much prefer Jade Rabbit if I’m going for Kung Fu. This looks like a nice support card for it, increasing the chances of obtaining a technique to start a combo. It also boosts the effectiveness of the Shotgun or Legendary Holster combos. Its value will be a problem for some of the low/mid value Kung Fu dudes, but with Carlton “Min” Rutherford joining the dudes at 7, Bai Yang Chen at 9, and He Fang at 10 you’ve got a few options for starters who don’t have to worry about it.

Chefonk. 3/5. It replaces itself with a kung fu action from the Zhu Bajie Tao from your discard pile in addition to even more reduction. The Zhu Bajie is most efficient when trying to ace dudes with shotguns, so this really helps targeting some of those higher value dudes. Unfortunately, this is not the issue the Zhu Bajie Tao has to deal with. It depends on too many factors to reliably work. Sure, this helps in negating some of them, but overall this is just a nice little boost. The card itself is nice, but the tactic that it supports is not the easiest to set up. Sadly, it competes with Faster on the Draw, doing the same if not more without the hassle of having to play the right kung fu cards first.

Jhandy27. 3/5. So this is meant to replace Hot Lead Flyin‘ in my kung fu deck? Maybe. I can see it being useful in a shotgun Zhu Bajie deck to try bring down those pesky 6 value plus dudes that can be out of reach of your shotguns. I can see this being used, but not sure about replacing HLF as that card can be too strong to pass up sometimes.

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Nu_Fenix. Similar to Epidemic Laboratory, marking your home can be great at the start of the game. The further you get into the game, however, the riskier it gets. Like I said about Francisco Rosales, how many dudes you send into the job makes all the difference. I like that it only discards from your opponent using a Cheatin’ Resolution against you, and not simply from your illegal hand. If they haven’t got one to use, or wish to save it for later, you keep this card. Unfortunately, it’s hard to justify using this card when Pistol Whip and Hiding in Shadows exist.

Doomdog. 1/5. If you can get this in place early on it’ll provide a nice boost to your economy. Stacked shooters won’t find it sticking around too long as they often cheat in lowball. For slide it’s a dead card unless they get it in their opening hand, so it isn’t really worth the deck slot for them.

Chefonk. 3/5. Paying 1 GR for an additional income of 2 seems like a pretty good deal. You have to run the job first which means losing tempo by booting at least on of your dudes for this. On the other hand, you probably won’t face too much opposition while playing this. The major drawback is that this has to be discarded as soon as a cheating resolution is played against you. It is possible that you will gain nothing from this if you cheat during the next lowball. Most cheating punishment aims for winning shootouts, so you probably can manage to keep the income boost around for quite some time. I like non-traditional ways of developing an economy. I can see including one or two copies as an off-value, but it is nothing you should rely on.

Jhandy27. 4/5. I can see this being very strong for decks that run on 5s such as Sloane, since early production is always a good thing. Allowing your opponent to use a cheating resolution to get rid of it is a nice drawback to balance the card. This will definitely still see play, since buying more dudes means that you can have more fights. Has to fight Pistol whip, but I can see it winning sometimes.

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Nu_Fenix. I dislike Cheatin’ Resolutions that have no impact on the board. Acing or booting a dude with Coachwhip, preventing casualties with Consecration or Fetch, or moving dudes with Flight of the Lepus, has an impact. Giving me more cards won’t help me if I lose a shootout, whilst lowball is too erratic to guarantee triggering it each turn. I won’t be fooled by this card…

Doomdog. 4/5. The Cheatin’ Resolution that keeps on giving. This one seems like it’s best played during Lowball, and the earlier you get it attached the better, especially if your opponent’s deck is a cheating-prone stacked shooter. As I’ve already mentioned, getting more cards is rarely a bad thing. Running several of these seems a bit like overkill though.

Chefonk. 3/5. While this does not have an immediate impact on the game, the cards you draw might. I know it’s a reach, but you could draw the Hex Slingin’ or Outgunned you need right now. Three more cards in hand will almost certainly make a difference, if not in this then maybe in the next shootout. It just keeps on giving you more cards with each subsequent Cheatin’ hand, so you can receive a pretty huge card advantage if you manage to play it early in the game.

Jhandy27. 2/5. I’m not a big fan of this for a few reasons. I don’t really like “passive” cheating resolutions where they don’t have some direct effect on your opponent as it doesn’t discourage them from cheating. My train of thought goes “Aha! you cheated! I’ll draw a/3 card(s)…” They respond with, “OK, but you still owe 5 casualties”. It also clashes with Sun In Yer Eyes and Stakes Just Rose, both of which are far too useful to turn down in most scenarios.

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Nu_Fenix. Further reinforcing this pack’s love of sidekicks, I first wanted to combine this with An Accidental Reunion. Aggressively cheat, then either they don’t and lose to a large rank difference, or they do and take casualties from An Accidental Reunion and maybe the rank difference on top. Meanwhile, you use your sidekick(s) to take the casualties from An Accidental Reunion. Then send the dude they intend to soak the casualties home instead, making it more likely someone important dies. The only on-value sidekicks are Bluetick and Crafty Hare, meaning Lawdogs and Eagle Wardens would be best for trying this combo.

Doomdog. 2/5. Some interesting sidekick support that could help you get that little bit more out of your Blueticks and Crafty Hares. Useful for an Eagle Wardens sidekick deck or for Law Dogs running Bluetick, the main problem for me is that it competes with Bottom Dealin‘.

Chefonk. 3/5. On value with Bluetick, one of the better sidekicks, and the not-so-great Crafty Hare. So there already is built in synergy when playing 2s. The effect itself is kind of conditional. On the other hand, you probably aggressively seek out shootouts when playing the sidekick theme so you might use this card more often than you think. When it triggers, it does a lot for you. Covering one additional casualty, unbooting your dude, and sending the opposing dude home booted are things that come in handy and might turn the tide in a crucial shootout. With this card being so conditional, I doubt that you should run more than 2 copies. Nice addition, but by no means necessary.

Jhandy27. 3/5. I equate this card somewhat with Turtle’s Guard as another way of casualty reduction without losing board presence. I would love to see a deck mixing Accidental Reunion and this with sidekicks etc. for a “No I am not going to die!” deck, but could see it being a slow starter.

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Rules update 1st May 2016:

"Action • Cost 0 Noon Job: Mark an opposing dude. Boot up to two cards attached to the mark. If the job succeeds, send the mark home booted, and you may ace up to two booted cards attached to the mark."

This card has been fixed by adding the words "up to", bringing it in line with its original, designed intent.

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Rules update 1st May 2016:

"Dude • Stud 1 • Influence 1 • Cost 4 • Upkeep 1 Shootout, Boot: Look at a number of random cards in an opponent’s hand up to Nathan’s bullet value. You may discard one action card you saw."

This card has been fixed by adding the words "up to", bringing it in line with its original, designed intent.

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Rules update 1st May 2016:

"Action Headline React: After you take casualties for losing a round of a shootout, pull. For each dude you discarded or aced as a casualty this round with a value higher than the pull, the winner takes 1 casualty."

Ok first off, this is now a Headline so you can only play one per shootout, and your opponent can block you from playing it by playing a Headline of their own. Secondly the way the ability works has had a major overhaul, it now requires you to actually take casualties and it's efficacy is based on those casualties. Note, this new HLF will not work with token casualties.