The Wretched

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Robert 17

I would like some help. I want to play a viable scientist gadget deck. It doesn't have to feature The Wretched, but that's the angle I took. I'm the fool that left his deck in the car Saturday morning at PAX while trying to catch the train because I overslept because I drank too much Scotch Friday night!! This is the deck I had, for better or worse.

Dec 24, 2017 Harlath

Howdy! Epic post follows...

This looks promising and I'm glad you've found a theme/style that interests you. I'm going to stick with "The Wretched", but Gadget Horses can work really well too using Calling The Cavalry, Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton, A Slight Modification and Outgunned. Use Diego Linares in your starting posse to help your include lower value cards while still always passing your skill checks. If I can be so bold/self-aggrandising to offer one of my old decks, this worked well for me:

I normally only try to start one upkeep in my starting posse (a useful rule of thumb, as it means that even if you lose low-ball you'll be generating one GR per turn), but the Morgan Mad Science deck linked shows that rules are made to be broken: It gets round this issue by being able to generate extra GR via POST-A-TRON and through having Irving Patterson accompany Maggie Harris on her innate job. :)

Leaving the Cavalry decks aside and sticking with "The Wretched" as a fun theme, how about this as a starting posse: Irving Patterson, William Specks, Kyle Wagner, Jacqueline Isham, Clementine Lepp. That gives you 4 starting influence and Jacqueline Isham as a stud when defending your own dudes/deeds against early aggression (as she's a stud on defence), alongside two starting mad scientists. This gives you a couple of 0 influence dudes to discard to replace with The Wretched without eating in to your influence.

You can also go high risk, high reward by throwing in Maggie Harris in place of Kyle Wagner and running the deck out of Morgan Regulators.

Sticking with the original theme I'd try the following values:

7: 4x Kidnappin' (having a way to remove opposing influence is key, particular against defensive decks), Diego Linares, James Ghetty, Adrián Vallejo or Roderick Byre (if you want more back-up mad scientists) and Nathan Shane (great if you can boost his bullets), plus various deeds! Auto-Revolver and Hydro-Puncher are good gadgets on 7 and easy to invent.

8: 4x The Wretched, A Slight Modification (the only "counterspell" in the game and a real powerhouse). Then a mix of Flame-Thrower, Force Field and various deeds.

J: 4x Outgunned to make use of the high bullets on The Wretched, plus 2x Buckin' Billy Ballard, 1x Rémy LaPointe and 1x Warren Graves. Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton is one of the best gadgets in the game, and then just add some deeds.

Throw in 4x It's Not What You Know... and 2x Rich Man's Guard Dog off value as Cheatin' Punishment and you've hopefully got a fun, unconventional deck that's still pretty competitive.

You could even try to stuff The Wretched and Calling The Cavalry in to the same deck by starting Margaret Hagerty and Diego Linares so that you could pass both checks even on a low pull. :)