A matter of influence, DK peacekeeper

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Doowa 78

Took this heavy influence loaded deck to the Copenhagen, Denmark Peacekeeper event. We had a 6 man turnout, but unfortunately I only managed to win 2 out of my 5 games. I blame my hangovers from an awesome Saturday night, as I believe this deck should have more good matchups then that, hehe.

First game against Sloane Gang, featuring Allie and Angelica as part of the starting posse. Starting day 2 I was sitting with Pinned Down and decided to gun for Allie. Alas I underestimated the resistance and didn’t use Mariel before she was pistol whipped home herself. Enemy Willa saved Allie, but a Curse of Failure hit Jake instead, making it look better. Next day I decided to spend my last GR on Zachary Deloria as I didn’t expect to go shooting even though I had 2 x It's Not What You Know.... Alas I hadn’t counted the table well enough as the Outlaws could accumulate a ton of CPs. It resulted in a series of bad shootouts in which he could, and did, cheat a lot. Whoops.

Second game against my old nemesis, Anders and the 4. Ring. Freddy fetched a Puppet and the chess game could begin. A quick Curse of Failure saw Leonardo "Leon" Cavallo with the Puppet leave the game. Unfortunately Ivor Hawley (Exp.1) soon arrived with a Soul Blast which put the 4. Ring back in the game. Heavy use of Phantasm made it difficult to navigate, and soon I had to decide how to approach the dreaded Soul Blast. Luckily Ivor failed twice during the next days, which spelled doom for the circus as First People could play CPs enough for the win.

Third game was against Eagle Wardens and as I started more influence via Enapay, I felt good about this game. I controlled TS most of the game as the Wardens played a bunch of deeds. After some back and forth shooting I found myself booted home while there was a lot of control points around the town. Can’t really recall if it was Willa Mae MacGowan fault, but I remember feeling I was having trouble getting the right cards in hand.

Fourth game against The Arsenal was a continuous assault on my home after the law had built a Force Field, a couple of Hydro-Puncher and dragged in a few Pedros. Apparently, Pedro and Force Field is to much when you can’t find ...It's who you know to mitigate all the gadget bullets from Hydro-Punchers and Electrostatic Pump Guns. Or any Turtle's Guards to equal his attrition. Especially when he doesn’t cheat...

Last game against another 4. Ring which also featured Phantasm and other stuff. At least Ivor didn’t show up this game, and after the Fearmongers committed a bit to much on a job against Alexander Sequoia, the Society was able to secure the rest of the town after Ramiro Mendoza came to town and killed a lonely Valeria Batten.

Nov 24, 2019 ThomasJakobsen

I think my win with my Sloane deck was 50/50 my lucky drawing of cards (outside of shoout-outs) and the (crucial) mistakes you made (letting me cheat without any punishment). So blame the hangovers, and let's have re-fight some day.

Nov 24, 2019 Doowa

Anytime Thomas! Anytime!

Nov 26, 2019 Findegil

How about Ke Wang or Joe Vermilion in place of Funtime Freddy?

And with the 9-stacking not that heavy to begin with, perhaps diversify a little more to swap Bunkhouse/Manor for stronger deeds like Shane & Graves Security or even Town Council (narrow, but sooo good if you can use it with Zachary+Curse).

Nov 26, 2019 Doowa

Thanks for the comments. Those dudes are absolutely options, but personally I prefer the additional stud which Funtime Freddy brings.

Both Bunkhouse and Old Marge's Manor are actually very good for this deck. Bunkhouse also provides influence for you and 2/+1 deeds are great for economy. Old Marge helps pay for It's Not What You Know... which can be crucial. If you wanna swap deeds, I’d consider not having Pats or Jackson’s. The draw structure is a little challenging already as you need to be legal to use both Ranger's Bible and Turtle's Guard to it’s fullest.

I’ve considered to go 4 Friends in High Places and add Kidnappin off value. Or even switch a value completely. I’m surprised at how rarely I used Rangers fx, maybe never during 5 games and Nathaniel Tuwikaa never saw play either. Had expected him to be a finisher of some kind.

Nov 28, 2019 Findegil

Ah, sorry - I overlooked that Manor (unlike Lillian Morgan/James Ghetty) also can pay for Resolutions, so that's absolutely worthwhile.

How about strengthening 9s with Red Horse's Tail? Even if there's a risk of failure on medium-to-large dudes, it makes your defense less reliant on Mariel and combos with Kabeda/Mazatl/Teethkickers.

Nov 28, 2019 Findegil

If you're doing a full value swap, 5s gives gives you a set of useful FP dudes (Richard Faulkner, Feichi "Suitcase" Lee, "Crazy" Mike Draksil), Pistol Whip, I'm Your Huckleberry and plenty of strong deeds for shootouts, and cheap influence with Knight's Chasuble.