Allie Get Your Gun! (3rd Copenhagen Peacekeeper)

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Sunday at High Noon the Danish Doomtown players gathered for the Copenhagen Peacedkeeper tournament. Unfortunately none of the Swedes joined us, so we were 6 players. We decided to make a round-robin tournament, so we all got 5 games.

Deck Notes My primary strategy was to have deck that could shoot, be aggressive, and at least give me some fun games win or loose. The Sloane Gang was perfect for this, and with Allie Hensman in the lineup, I knew I would press hard for the win - and force shootouts early and often. I have playtested the deck vigorously the last weeks, and I have never felt the need to have fewer guns. An Allie always seems to end up with a Pearl-Handled Revolver so the deck got is name. The plan is to make CP as fast as possible, and with the very low influence, hope to stress the other player enough, that I will dicate the terms of the game. In a long running game, I knew I would depend on getting reinforcements in play with som Influence. I decided on a 16/16 draw structure, with a backup for Straight Flush. The meta is very much that players do not cheat that often, so I decided to go fairly light on anti-cheat. Quickdraw Handgun works wonders, since it is out in the open, and just by it’s visibility helps to keep the other player straight - it’s a favorite for Angélica Espinosa. The same with Grim Servant O' Death, that plays much more useful than Comin' Up Roses ever did in any of my test games.

The last tournaments I have struggled with the meta, where most play decks that shoot 4-of-a-kind legal, and then use some kind of Hand Rank manipulation - so I had Virginia Ann Earp in the deck as a potential back-up starter if I felt the need (that never felt necessary in this tournament).

Just previous to the tournament I decided to loose my Ricochet and exchange them with Backroom Deals, since it seems that everybody is playing with Steven Wiles. And even though everybody played Steven as crazy, I never got even one of my Backroom Dealings on hand (except during a “for fun” game against Anders). Such is Doomtown a frustrating game, where you never know what you get on hand - and so many fine cards that just never show up and get lost in the lowball.

Tournament Recap

First game: Benni’s The Spiritual Society (win) It was a fine game, I got decent cards, and started making CP’s every turn with Allie and the home ability. The pesky dudes Benni had employed was annoying (especialy Enapay with Turtle's Guard, and Alexander Sequoia and Mariel Lewis). But it was my luck, that Benni made some crucial mistakes - on early shootout he played Pinned Down before using Mariel (allowing me to Pistol Whip the blighter home before any od my dudes got the same treatment). In the final turn Benni got a Dude in play, but ended up with an empy coffer - and no Ghost Rock to pay for the two ...It's who you know sitting in his hand. When I could cheat freely, the resulting shootouts ended in my favor.

Second Game: Patricks The Arsenal (win) It’s was fast an very bloody. I hit 4 CP the first turn, added two the second - and then he had to come fight me before he truly was ready. I was even able to force him into a shootout at his home with a Kidnappin' against Quincy Washburne, where he had to use some useful cards just to keep his influence in play. For the final shootout my opponent (again) couldn’t pay for ...It's who you know allowing me to win, even though I for three rounds of a shootout had to cheat to even get a Full House.

Third Game: Henrik The Fourth Ring Starter (win) For the first lowball Henrik drew two Jokers, so I taught it was a great opening turn. But even though Henrik “just” used the new 4th Ring starter, the game almost went to time before I in the 45th minute or so could get a victory in place. For most of the game I felt confident and had the upper hand, but he just had so much Influence, that I had a hard time getting enough CP’s to force the win.

Fourth Game: Anders The Fourth Ring (loss) Bloody Clowns. With Leonardo "Leon" Cavallo in the starter, Puppet, Rumors and a 2 CP deed in his opening hand, Anders easily won in the first round. Max 10 minute game. My lack of Influence was utterly punished and exploited.

Fifth Game: Daniel Eagle Wardens (loss) I had been sitting next to Daniel for a few games, and knew that hell was coming. He had a nice line-up of Dudes with abilities (Alexander, Mariel), and a crazy card draw. The longer the game would go, the worse my odds would be. So I knew I had to win early, or loose in the long run. I started with one Fleet-Footed and two Grim Servant O' Death on my hand - giving me an idea. If only I could lure him into a shootout, calling me out, I would stand a decent chance of getting the upper hand in an early shootout. So Allie got her gun, then wandered out on the town square, where she booted. The gange followed her, and Daniel send in his troops - but of coure he had a turn one Steven on the hand, that could bolster his posse. When we had to draw cards he drew about 8 cards, and could trade 3. Which he did. I drew 10 or 11 cards, traded 2 or 3, and looked in horror on my hand. It was either two pairs legal or a cheating Full House. I went with the house, and Daniel smiled like a hungry wolf when he laid down his Dead Mans Hand. He had used Mariel to get rid of Willa, and my posse was shredded to pieces. He didn't even had to play his Cheatin' Resolution. Game over. And well played Daniel.

(Anders won the tournament due to his win over Daniel - both of them went 4-1).

I ended up on 3rd place, having played 3-2.