Plasma Dragoons

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DoomDog 902

I like the new option to flag decks that placed high in tournaments. This one definitely didn't! Having been away for a couple of weeks, I got home the night before the Huddersfield Sheriff Event and picked up Nightmare at Noon. Having tasted OP2 event victory with my MCC deck, I wanted to try something new. It was either a Blessed or Gadget deck, and the image of a dude riding around on a Mechanical Horse blasting deeds with a Plasma Drill captured my imagination so I quickly threw this together. I wasn't expecting to win, but I figured it'd do okay. While I got the Plasma Drill in play in most of my games, the cost to do so seemed too high for how useful it actually was. It seems like it'd be a great late game card, but overall the deck was too slow to build up the strength to make it to that stage. I had fun playing it, and it's something I might revisit in the future once I'm more familiar with how gadgets work.

Game 1 vs Oddities Control

We both sat at home the first couple of turns building up, and I got the Plasma Drill out. The clowns were faster off the mark (with their Paralysis Marks) and started taking contol of the deeds I'd played. I figured 'why the hell not', and Plasma Drilled my own Bunkhouse and General Store since I wasn't getting any benefit from them and control points were mounting against me. Attempts to jump the circus in shootouts were thwarted by It's Not What You Know... and Hex Slingin', leaving me without enough influence to stop the freakshow taking over town.

Game 2 vs Sloane Hexslingers

The slow start of gadgets was my weakness here, as the Sloane Gang rushed the town square and started building up control. I had to enter into fights before I was ready, and with Corporeal Twist and A Fight They'll Never Forget in each shootout from the Sloaners, the odds were firmly against me (he had Hex Slingin' in his hand just in case too...) and the scientists of the Gadgetorium swiftly perished.

Game 3 vs MCC Gadgets

This game actually got off to a good start. I got a few gadgets out while my opponent began constructing a pair of QUATERMAN robots. We did a lot of dancing round town as deeds started building up. After Plasma Drilling a couple of deeds, the deciding moment came when I sent Jon Longstride to his Lula's Exploit to deny him the ghost rock. He sent a Ballot Counter equipped Chuān “Jen” Qí to take it back. Next turn I gave Irving Patterson my Plasma Drill and moved him to the Surveyor's Office adjacent to my home. I went to Drill the Exploit, which he thought long and hard about, before deciding to let it go. Then, before I could move Irving back with the Office's ability, the robots burst in to Kidnap him. This didn't go well for Irving and with his influence gone and fewer mobile influence dudes than my opponent, I couldn't save the game.

Game 4 vs Law Dogs Shooter

William Specks fell to an early Bounty Hunter & Steven Wiles attack. I didn't have a great opening but I did have a Flamethrower, which Elander Boldman (Exp.1) equipped and used to take the fight to the Dogs with an attempted Kidnappin' on Lucinda "Lucy" Clover. The Law Dogs went all in, I fully charged the Flamethrower but only managed to draw a cheatin' two pair, so that ended things fairly quickly for the Gadgetorium.

Game 5 vs MCC starting Lillian!

This was against another player who'd travelled down from York with me, and I'd given some advice on building the deck, so I knew what it was capable of. He wasnt having a great day either - the deck does well in friendlies, but in tournaments his luck seems to vanish. I got my best opening of the day and very quickly got my dudes tooled up with gadget weapons, horses and a Plasma Drill. Unfortunately his deck had also finally started working and was building deeds faster than I could destroy them. To top things, every time I tried to take out anyone in a shootout, he had a Sun in Yer Eyes ready to ruin my day. Back to the drawing board again for the Morgan scientists...