Den of Cheaters

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oortje 82

Howdy gents,

As a winner of the deputy series 2016 18 june in Groningen, the Netherlands I am proud to show you my deck. The tournament was great fun and the competition was fierce.

Now lets disect the deck! 15 A's, 12 3's and 14 7's makes the draw structure quite consistant. Espesially in big fights you manage to get 5 of a kinds quite reguarly. And this deck is not shy on cheating. Getting a rank 11 5-of-a-kind hand happend a few times and helped me a lot. Barton Everest, Devil's Joker (Red) and Den of Thieves help to make you hand rank more consistant higher then yours opponents rank.

At the start of the game use Rico Rodegain to spot the values played by the opponent. Try to estimate if you will win in mirrored situations. The lowball information is also important for this. You have seen 10 cards by now. Use this information! Second spot any shoot cards, especially cheating resolutions like It's Not What You Know... or bulletlowering stuff like Faster on the Draw and Sun in Yer Eyes. Adjust your playstyle to avoid the suprise. Then change your dudes setup with ricos second ability. Get Allie Hensman and Fred Aims in case of landslide. Get Barton Everest and Ramiro Mendoza in case of Judge Harry Somerset (Exp.1). These are the to opposites the first is hyper passive and the other hyper aggressive.

Playstyle: you have a lot of cheap dudes. And the are sort of canon fodder. They assist on the draw and the are just there to fill the board and be annoying. Sometimes you try to bait an important dude to move to deeds where the have less influence on the board. Although all dudes are cheap, never waste a dude on a fight which you could avoid unless the gain is bigger.

Individual cards: I focused on econemy and combat before getting into influence and control stuff. Grifters for one less, Monte Bank and Hustled all contribute to that next to the normal deeds. I choose more The Stakes Just Rose above Sun in Yer Eyes because i have many draw dudes and just a few studs. The Joker's Smile was quite useless, but heh what do you expect for 1 gr. Next version will have a diffrent deeds. Shotgun was quite good, especially with The Stakes Just Rose to get the suprice ace. Pair of Six-Shooters i never used but was a good threat. In stead i used a Bottom Dealin' but learned the hard way that Devil's Joker (Red) is pretty good againts me. Ambrose Douglas is so underprised, this dude should have costed 3 imho. 2 draw, 1 option discard and influence. This dude is so incredible good.

Adjustments for future versions: Milt Clemons in stead of Ramiro Mendoza or maby next to him. Because in the finals my opponent show me that he can be used as profit in combination with Makaio Kaleo, Esq. and Kidnappin'. I need to explore the usefullnes. Travis Moone (Exp.1) I was unfamilair with the experienced upgrade rules. Again in the finals I experienced the hard way you can get an 3stud for just 1 GR (Den of Thieves discount). I think Ulysses Marks or Androcles Brocklehurst has to make way. Also Hunter Protections might replace The Joker's Smile

All in all I was quite happy with the result. Copy the deck and share your experience!

Jeroen out.

Jun 19, 2016 oortje

"I have at all times tried to use my influence toward protecting the property holders and substantial men of the country from thieves, outlaws and murderers, among whom I do not care to be classed." -- Clay Allison, in response to a Missouri newspaper which reported him with fifteen killings under his belt

Jun 19, 2016 Dementia

Little note: We played the Outlaw series yesterday.

I certainly had a great time taking it up against your deck. Your deck looks a lot like an earlier version of the deck I played with yesterday as you can see here: , but after the pine box Ghost town came around I changed it into this: From 3 values to 2. And as you known that also worked rather well.

It's a good thing that both Sloane gang factions came on the top 2 spots of this Outlaw event. Hopefully we'll meet again.

Jun 19, 2016 Dementia

I can't edit my post. So here is the earlier deck that I mentioned in the post above:

Jun 19, 2016 DoomDog

You didn't find The Joker's Smile useful? It's one of my favourite deeds! Did no jokers show up in lowball, and did games not go on long enough for you to want to put used jokers back into your discard pile?

Jun 19, 2016 oortje

@DoomDogPrecise. The first game anded in 2 days. The second in 3 days. The third in 2 days. The last 2 games took a lot longer but the smile was never there.