Funked Out With A Servitor Twist (Edinburgh 2019)

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Espatier 17


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It was a clear black night, a clear white moon,
Jarrett B is on the streets, trying to consume
Some dudes for the eve, so I can get some control,
Just rollin' in my ride, chillin' all alone

The Plan

Use horses and Morgan Regulators to play chess. Use Run 'Em Down! and Ridden Down to isolate dudes and make 'em vulnerable. Use Peacemaker, Hiding in the Shadows, Hamshanks and Jasper Stone to build Jarrett into an untouchable monster. Parachute in some bodies if Jarrett didn't manage to bring any buddies with him. Win all the games ever.

The Event

This plan did not actually work, and I went 1-3. Turns out I'm just kinda bad at picking Stone targets, and at isolating dudes, but also some skilled (and lovely) opponents didn't break much of a sweat putting it down.

Round 1 - Loss
Russell was on the back foot for a bit in round one. His Slucksters were running low on cash. But then some brothers pulled some gats, so I said "I'm stuck."

Round 2 - Loss
Graham's Morgan Stables. Again, but much, much faster, some brothers pulled some gats, so I said "I'm stuck."

Round 3 - Loss
I managed to enact part of the plan against Andrew's Den of Thieves, and Jarrett managed to get a couple of scalps for Stone. A protracted town square stalemate ended abruptly when Morgan Lash made an appearance. They got guns to my head, I think I'm goin' down. I can't believe this happened in my hometown! If I had wings I would fly; let me contemplate. I look to the left, and I see three consecutive cheatin' five-of-a-kinds delivered by Barton Everest grind through my two This'll Hurt in the Mornin'.

Round 4 - Timed Win
Up against Stephen's Law Dogs in a tightly-fought contest for the wooden spoon. Hart's Tea Shoppe came through for me, booting Onward Christian Soldiers every time some brothers pulled some gats. The deciding shootout laughed at all attempts to call time, but eventually they were droppin' and yellin' and it was a tad bit late - Jarrett B and Travis Moone actually for once managed to regulate.

Tweakin' Onto a Brand New Level

Dave H frankly deserves co-author credit for any functional bits of the deck, after patiently coaxing me into playing some effective, affordable cards. There might be room for Espuelas and a few other tweaks to the hearts. Something to stop folks running away after the first round would be welcome, cos it's hard to get them alone. But after fiddling with this deck for ages, I'm switchin' my mind back into freak mode and playing something which gets full bullet bonuses instead.

Huge thanks to the Edinburgh lot for a great event! Full recognition can only be expressed through different 90s hip hop, though.

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Jul 01, 2019 jordan caldwell

Never thought about using Cavalry Escort with Jasper Stone as an insurance policy. That's genius...

Jul 01, 2019 DoomDog

Love this writeup.

Jul 02, 2019 Harlath

Top work. Materially surpasses by similar write-up efforts in 2017. Keen issue: should Pinebox issue errata for Warren Graves and Nathan Shane? Their abilities are clearly the wrong way round given the events regulated in 90s hit "Regulate".

Ideas - worth experimenting with swapping Maggie Harris and Henry Moran in to replace Travis Moone and Willa Mae MacGowan? Doesn't increase net GR starting posse cost and would let you fetch horses from discard more easily - Henry Moran fills up your discard pile when you cheat and then Maggie Harris grabs the horses cheaply. Irving Patterson can even come with her on the job and make you 1GR.

I like the use of Inner Struggle as an off value cheatin' card - gets out of your own draw structure but lingers.

Worth including some copies of Calling The Cavalry off value? Could shift the Cavalry Escort over to Pedro and/or add more Mustang and then use the off value space created for Calling the Cavalry. Lane Healey worth considering on 8?

Cunning plan for when Barton Everest has cheatin five of a kind to your head and you (correctly) think you're going down, you can't believe this is happening in Edinburgh town: mix a couple of I'm Your Huckleberry in to the deck? It is on value for your 5s and would let you take control of their Barton Everest and either kill him off or use him to turn the tables. :) It might mean sacrificing a copy or two of Hiding in the Shadows, but "Standing in the Shadows of Love" was decades earlier and in a different musical genre, so the move would reinforce the deck's theme too. ;)

Grand to see you again on both Saturday and Sunday!

Jul 03, 2019 Espatier

@Harlath All very intriguing suggestions! And I'm relieved I'm not the only one bothered by the obvious misprint on Warren and Nate.

Maggie Harris is an excellent shout. I've only recently acquired the card, but it would replace Travis Moone in a heartbeat. She also replaces Travis seamlessly as a sweet early-game Regulators target with her 2 bullets.

Lane was in the deck right up to the last edit in favour of the second Steven Wiles, which wasn't a choice I regretted. If the deck is flush with cash enough to afford Lane, it's usually flush enough to keep Stephen around a couple of extra turns. And if it isn't flush enough, then Stephen is the more welcome sight!

I'm Your Huckleberry is an absolutely amazing idea. I'm yet to snag a copy of 2T2D, but I wish now I'd borrowed somebody else's. It would give the opposing player a nasty choice: cheat and risk the Stone target catching their own bullets, or don't cheat and risk losing the shootout.

Now I need a new theme for the next Edinburgh event. Could be a Crowded House-themed House of Many Faiths. Could be a Law Dogs deck full of references to The Police. I'll have to get thinking.