Law Dogs Mortimer Holster

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seksibro 153

A focused Legendary Holster deck. Ax12 2x12 3x16 structure.

Typical starting posse depends on the opponent, but typically starts with Mortimer Parsons, Lucinda "Lucy" Clover, Philip Swinford and Travis Moone.

Travis Moone usually mulligans for a Legendary Holster. The Legendary Holster obviously goes to Mortimer Parsons who can shoot with impunity alone. After the shot goes off, simply cheat with your draw hand in order to return home. Lucinda "Lucy" Clover and Philip Swinford both hold your game with 3 influence, after Mortimer Parsons gets reduced to 0 for cheating. You can also use Make the Smart Choice to return Mortimer Parsons home after firing the Legendary Holster or should his bullets get reduced by action cards, reducing your chances to cheat.

Alternatively, Make the Smart Choice allows you to place the Legendary Holster to other dudes, depending on the opposing faction. Clyde Owens and Judge Harry Somerset allow you to force shootouts, should you fail to draw Kidnappin'. Against aggressive decks, Sun in Yer Eyes and Make 'em Sweat, are useful against Kidnappin'.

With the standard starting posse, 10 cards can cause your Legendary Holster draw to fail. This is somewhat mitigated thankfully, as you will have a holster equipped, and can ace the rest with Gomorra Parish once you gain tempo. Fishing for Kidnappin's through Pony Express will also lower the chances of a failed holster pull. The deck does not pack Jokers in order to increase the chances of an acceptable opening play hand.

As the deck is structured to have no card higher than a 3 value (save for the 10 cards previously mentioned), Ramiro Mendoza, Travis Moone, Allie Hensman, Olivia Jenks and Clyde Owens can wield the holster with ease.

Equipping Pair of Six-Shooters to your draw dudes allows for an additional medium of defense against aggressive decks and cheating, while Bluetick allows you to chase dudes down once tagged with your home ability.

Shotguns work as stop gaps or to pick off low valued dudes, while Pearly's Palace allows you to shoot first when you lose lowball. With a Ax12 2x12 3x16 structure however, you are less likely to lose as opposed to a typical 16 16. Against straight flush decks, the 7 ghostrock starting pool (with 1 income) allows you to place a Legendary Holster and either Yan Li's Tailoring or Gomorra Parish during the first turn of the game without much trouble despite losing lowball.

The deck is unfortunately afraid of Shotguns and Faithful Hounds. Protecting Mortimer Parsons or whoever the holster bearer is, is usually the key. Accordingly, the deck tries avoiding combat if possible and relies on the holster pull instead.

Mar 12, 2015 FakeLife

I tried an incredibly similar deck recently, working with Mortimer and the Legendary Holster, but it didn't work out for me at all. This deck looks like a significantly better version of what I was trying to do.

Do you think this deck will be able to get Clyde Owens into play easily enough to justify putting him in the deck? Even Henry is 2GR cheaper to bring out for similar stats, and is the same value as the Legendary Holster, which isn't nothing.

Mar 13, 2015 seksibro

Its certainly feasible to put Clyde in mid game, though the deck usually hopes for an early finish. Part of Clyde's point is that he can act as an alternate starter against certain archetypes, such as a deed slide deck where you know you'll likely win shootouts and need to force turtling dudes out.

In most cases though I do tend to chuck Clyde out when I draw him.

If you want to replace Clyde the choices are unfortunately pretty slim. Most dudes below the 3 value threshold are already in the deck, so Clyde's replacement will likely be someone who'll cause the Holster pull to fail, or someone with expensive upkeep.

I thought about putting the experienced Allie Hensman considering her awesome ability but that meant having to pay 4gr for her upkeep. Xiong "Wendy" Cheng was in earlier iterations of the deck but as she also caused the Holster to fail, I ended up going with Clyde for his aggressive call out.

Also thought about Kidnappin' but the 4GR cost (and 4 value) made it less attractive than a dude with influence and re-useable ability.

Mar 13, 2015 mplain

Hey, that looks fun! Will give it a try, thanks for a great deck idea! :)

Mar 13, 2015 lonewolf

I was playing the same deck that I published some times ago, but I started with Wylie Jenks instead of Parsons cause I wanted to go to a Wanted dude, have 5 bullet's rating to shoot the weapons. Actually, I switched to a Clyde's Start cause you wanna him more and more as there is more and more turtle decks (Dudeslide, Hexes decks, Gadget QUaterman with Harold at home, even Mario Party would suffer from an early Clyde's sniping)

Mar 14, 2015 tbowers13

Brilliant way to make Mortimer's drawback a bonus instead. I've been trying to find a way to play him but couldn't keep myself legal without diluting my draw hands. Wish I'd thought of this.

Mar 15, 2015 cranked

Why start Lucy when you could start Jake Smiley? They accomplish functionally the same task (+2 influence to not lose once Mortimer cheats home) and Jake saves you 1 GR a turn, allowing you to simply play more cards early on.

Mar 15, 2015 seksibro

Lucy's advantage over Jake is that she can activate the Law Dogs home ability to make most dudes wanted on her own. Additionally, Jake is unable to cap deeds during the noon phase without help from Yan Li.

Mar 18, 2015 Epimer

Are you not worried about using Mortimer's ability on turn one or two leaves you vulnerable to a Control Point rush from normal Sloane stuff or Morgan Landslide?

I've been testing something similar and am considering starting a Jake Smiley to compensate, but it makes turn one economy a little tight and you can stall out easily.

Mar 19, 2015 seksibro

Morgan's a problem but mitigated by not playing as aggressively. After all, Mortimer only loses his influence if you cheat. You can still shoot normally (though it sometimes can be indeed troublesome) and return home via Make the Smart Choice. Regardless, a number of decks start with 3 influence and hence the need for both Lucy and Philip. Also, Kidnapping can help put Morgan's dudes in check.

The same tactic can apply for Sloane though instead of checking your opponent's hand and funds, more emphasis is given on what actions you've got to counter Sloane's studs.

Jul 10, 2015 Serenity447

I run a similar Deck, focusing on Sheriff Dave Montreal. He has high Value, 5 Stud with Holster equipped. I really enjoy playing this Deck, its so much fun to annoy people by pulling the Sheriff out of the shootout with Make the Smart Choice after you aced one of their Dudes with the Legendary Holster. I also run mainly Aces, Twos and Threes. I love the idea of using Mortimer Parsons ability as a build-in Make the Smart Choice, although its very risky.

Jul 10, 2015 dboeren

Looks like an interesting deck, are you planning any changes now that we have three more new packs out?

Jul 13, 2015 seksibro

Haven't really played this is deck in quite some time but even with the new packs, focusing on Mortimer Parsons means having to stick with A 2 and 3. A revised draw structure might help, as the Shotguns can be quite expensive. Rope and Ride provides a few possibilities, as well as Outlaw Mask.

...perhaps something with Andrew Burton, and Ol' Fashioned Hangin' to replace Kidnappin'.