New Town, New Rules Hex Slingin'

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RNash 43

A deck built with 2 Base Sets and New Town, New Rules for the Beginner Buyer's Guide.

The plan: Combine Mongwau the Mighty, Hex Slingin', and Unprepared to win shootouts. Micah Ryse and Shadow Walk give you board movement options. The other hexes are all board control elements, giving the deck many different ways to interact with an opponent. Win a few fights and use Blood Curse to close things out once you have a few control points on the board.

What's missing: The main pitfall to this deck is a lack of Cheatin' Resolutions, which could be fixed by making room for some number of Cheatin' Varmint or Magical Distraction.

How to expand: Faith and Fear provides a number of cards for this archetype. Valeria Batten replaces Micah Ryse in the starting gang. Pagliaccio is a cheap fifth starting dude to protect your hucksters from early aggression. California Tax Office, St. Anthony's Chapel and Nicodemus Whateley would come in to replace duplicate dudes and deeds. Making room for Phantasm would move this toward a more controlling deck, while a more shootout oriented build could use This'll Hurt in the Mornin' as an on-value Cheatin' Resolution. Other sets that have good cards for this archetype are Double Dealin', Election Day Slaughter, and Frontier Justice.

Cards from New Town, New Rules: Paralysis Mark and Forget provide new more control-oriented options to Hucksters, and have great synergy with The Fourth Ring outfit. Not shown in this deck, Dulf Zug is another starting gang option if you find yourself hurting for influence (probably replacing Travis Moone, though that does put the starting gang at 2 upkeep).

Structure: Full House (J/10 primary, Q/8 secondary) 16x J, 13x 10, 10x Q, 7x 8

Dec 18, 2018 Zanni

Thanks for your content! I'm new to Doomtown, picking up two copies of the base set and NTNR after Black Friday sales, and I've really loved your breakdowns and other educational content on beginning deck building.

You mention DD, EDS, and FJ as other sets with usable cards for this deck as well. What kinds of changes would those sets have on this deck, just curious?

Dec 18, 2018 RNash

Thanks for commenting, welcome the community! I'm glad you are enjoying the content. For a version of this deck that uses the full card pool, take a look at my Abomination Series list.

As for changes from those specific sets, this is what I would do:

Double Dealin' - Gives you It's Not What You Know..., Baird's Build and Loan, Fetch, Leonardo "Leon" Cavallo and Mario Crane as good options for this deck. If you want a more passive control-style build, start Leonardo "Leon" Cavallo instead of Mongwau the Mighty, add in 1x Fetch, and 1x Baird's Build and Loan (probably -1 Carter's Bounties, -1 Jia Mein). Some number of It's Not What You Know... for The Ghostly Gun and Steven Wiles would probably also be correct. For a more shootout-oriented build, something like +4 It's Not What You Know..., +1 Fetch, +1 Baird's Build and Loan, +1 Soul Blast; -3 Paralysis Mark, -1 The Ghostly Gun, -1 Steven Wiles, -1 Railroad Station, -1 Circle M Ranch would give you a much more tightly structured deck with more aggressive lines of play.

Election Day Slaughter - For this deck, it mostly adds cheap starting gang options. Jake Smiley or The Brute can come in as your fifth starting dude, and you can swap the other one in for either Clementine Lepp or Travis Moone depending on other changes to your build. Smiling Tom probably goes in as another unique dude on Q, the easy swap would be -1 Jia Mein. Angela Payne and Election Day Slaughter are also options, but I don't know that I would put either of them in this particular list.

Frontier Justice - Funtime Freddy comes in for Travis Moone, and The Flying Popescus replaces Clementine Lepp or Micah Ryse. -1 Jia Mein for 1 J.W. Byrne is an easy switch to get more unique dudes, and Flight of the Lepus is a great card for more passive controlling Hex lists. It does replace Hex Slingin', so you'll want to decide if you want to fight to win or pressure your opponent's movement options.

If you have all these sets, you can make either a really strong shooting deck on 10/J/Q or a loose structured passive control deck. A lot of the core elements will be the same, but what Clubs and starting dudes you choose will have a huge impact on play style.