108 w/x1 Base Set, x1 Immovable Force, Unstoppable Object

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108 with 1CORE and IOUF 1 0 1
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Redgar 159

This deck is intended as a pair to a Law Dogs deck, each built sharing a total of x1 Base Set, x1 Immovable Force, Unstoppable Object. This limited card pool necessitates certain compromises.

This deck builds upon (steals shamelessly from) the work of Roland, in this deck: https://dtdb.co/en/decklist/1696/108-with-1core-and-iouf# .

As between its Law Dogs counterpart, this deck is weaker at shootin' values and weaker on economy. But... you have Shotguns and Legendary Hoster, a strong influence presence, the ability to get a lot of mileage out of the Tao if you fight with a full discard pile, and great movement. You will hopefully win Lowball a little more frequently thanks to your slightly weaker structure. Go Kidnap their dudes, and Shotgun them in the face. :)

The deck's shooting values are hamstrung (pun intended) by only having x1 Base Set. If you weren't splitting a single core set with another deck, I'd probably look at shifting to 3 values in a 15/14/12 or similar structure. Start by droping the extra Bank of California and either B & B Attorneys and/or [Dead Dog Tavern] (/en/card/01062) . That gets you 3 deeds of your preferred value (I suggest 2's or 5's as a starting point).

I'd then look at -1 Nunchucks to pick up a first "on value" good, and then look at your Clubs (and existing dudes) to see how to finesse the rest of the value into the deck.

2's pair nicely with your existing Dudes and Actions, stay under your Holster pulls, and get you Bluetick, Peacemaker, Bottom Dealin', Gomorra Parish, and The Town Hall.

5's for Travis Moone, Pistol Whip / Hiding in the Shadows and Charlie's Place and Pearly's Palace, Mustangs and Pearl-Handled Revolvers.

If you want to stay tight on 2 values, the Goods at A are a problem. x3 Pair of Six Shooters would be the right call here; where The Bank of California isn't great for this deck, I'd probably run x1 and x3 Pony Express instead (since Pony Express can cycle its extra copies once in play).

If you have The Light Shineth, Asakichi Cooke is a must-include (IMO). I'd start her in place of Hiram Capatch. TLS also gives you Rabbit's Deception on 5, to complete your Tao-based madness!

Something else to consider would be begging, borrowing, or buying a copy of Companhurst's, to start in place of Hiram Capatch (or Asakichi Cooke.) That will help fix your money problems, if you're finding yourself too short in the early game.