Tin Star by on

This card might be useful if it also granted Deputy status to the dude it was attached to. As it is this card is lacking utility. Hopefully we'll see something that does this in the near future in the way that Mayfair Family Deck does for Hucksters.

Tommy Harden by on

Tommy is best as an added dude in a shootout. Can't ask for a better wingman, that silver bullet gets you a stud bonus to your main shooter and Tommy's keeping an eye out with his trait for a cheatin' hand. He's pricy, so you want to bring Travis Moon or a sidekick dog to eat a casualty, and you gotta have a main shooter, but Tommy is the meat that makes a fantastic sandwich of a posse.

Coachwhip! by on

Errata text from the card included in Dirty Deeds reads:

Cheatin’ Resolution: The cheatin’ player must boot one of their dudes. If in a shootout, that dude gets aced instead. If you have a legal hand, you choose the dude to boot or ace.

From the AEG forums: www.alderac.com

Doyle's Hoyle by on

Errata​ text from Bad Medicine reads:

React, Boot​: After this dude makes a pull, discard the pull to replace it with this card.

Resolution Boot: ​Discard a card from your draw hand to replace it with this card. If the discarded card was a 2, raise your hand rank by one.

Bunkhouse by on

Errata text for Bunkhouse from Foul Play is:

Dudes with 0 or 1 influence, excluding any modifiers from this deed, have +1 influence while at this deed.


This removes any question of whether the bonus from the Bunkhouse applies when calculating the dudes influence.

Concealed Weapons by on

Errata text for Concealed Weapons from FAQs v2, 3, 4, 5, and Rules Compendium v0.5 is:

Noon​: Your dudes may attach goods and spells (as Shoppin') at locations you do not control, and as Shootout plays

Errata text for Concealed Weapons from No Turning Back and FAQ v1 is:

Noon​: Your dudes may attach goods and spells (as Shoppin') at at any location, and as Shootout plays.

Pine Box Resources page.

For OCTGN play I've modified the card image with the wording that appears on the re-issued card. The file path is

The image is named with the correct OCTGN id.

link broken - contact soulblight via BGG or Pine Box forums

Other errata images available: 108 Worldly Desires, Auto-Revolver, Bad Company, Desolation Row, Focusing Chi, Forced Quarantine, Henry Moran, Hot Lead Flyin', Ivor Hawley (Exp.1), Junior, Morgan Cattle Co., Mugging, Nathan Shane, Nicodemus Whateley, No Turning Back, Paralysis Mark, Rico Rodegain, Smiling Tom, Undertaker, Unprepared, Unprepared Promo, The Wretched

Posted with permission form Pine Box.

Unprepared by on

From the Rules Compendium released Feb 21 2017, the errata text was published as the text of the Frontier Justice card:


Errata Text from Oct 8 2015

Shootout: Choose a dude. Boot that dude and their attached cards. That dude gets –1 bullets and cannot use their abilities. Their attached cards lose all traits, abilities, and bullet bonuses.


Errata Text from Frontier Justice, May 18 2015, is:

Shootout​: Choose a dude. Boot that dude and their attached cards. That dude gets –1 bullets and cannot use abilities. Their attached cards lose all traits, abilities, and bullet bonuses.

Erratas for cards can be found in the FAQ:


For OCTGN play I've modified the card image with the errata wording. The file path is

The image is named with the correct OCTGN id.

link broken - contact soulblight via BGG or Pine Box forums

Other errata images available: 108 Worldly Desires, Auto-Revolver, Bad Company, Concealed Weapons, Desolation Row, Focusing Chi, Forced Quarantine, Henry Moran, Hot Lead Flyin', Ivor Hawley (Exp.1), Junior, Morgan Cattle Co., Mugging, Nathan Shane, Nicodemus Whateley, No Turning Back, Paralysis Mark, Rico Rodegain, Smiling Tom, Undertaker, Unprepared Promo, The Wretched

Posted with permission form Pine Box.

Prescott Utter by on

Prescott Utter is a necessary part of any Law Dogs deck for his effectiveness against another Law Dog opponent. His trait gives him an additional bullet and influence point for each Law Dog at his location (including any of your opponents dudes)

While his stats seem low for how much you would pay, his potential for surprise attacks makes up for the additional cost if used wisely. His potential for a high bullet rating makes him a perfect dude to hold a Legendary Holster or a Pearl-handled Revolver. He also combos great with The Stakes Just Rose, which can bring him into a fight as a shootout action, making him a stud and potentially raising his bullets more.

While he can be used against another Law Dogs deck with great usefulness, he is drastically less effective against any other opponent. His potential is great, but it is far more difficult to use him in a broad spectrum of situations. The best uses of Prescott will have a deck structure built completely around his trait.

Nicodemus Whateley by on

Nicodemus is a tricky card - in the right situation or against opponents who aren't paying attention, he offers a chance to suddenly gain several control points which can give you a sudden win. Starting him plus a couple of dudes with influence can easily put you in a position to pull this kind of move on day 1 or 2. This works best in a control deck running Paralysis Mark and Phantasm - stay safe while you pin down their dudes so they can't call you out, then go for the quick win.

Its very risky, however - if you start him, all your initial income goes just to paying his upkeep. While he's one of the strongest Hucksters in the game, he isn't that great a shooter. Kidnappin' or other early aggression can really ruin your day. Likewise, a California Tax Office on will force you to spend the rest of the game playing around that deed.

Nick is a game winner, but only in the right deck and there is plenty of possibility for things to go wrong.

Shane & Graves Security by on

Cheap income is always good. Cheap income that can help in shootouts is even better. This deed requires more strategy in its placement than most as its ability loses one of its three possible locations if you place it next to your home. Other than that it is a good place to go into any deck that tries to get into fights in their own buildings.


J.W. Byrne by on

A good "Voltron" type dude. He makes a decently cheap starting stud, and opens up queens as a playable value in decks. With a little investment he becomes well worth the initial cost. Give him a Fancy New Hat, Roan, and a Winchester Model 1873 and you have a two stud, two influence, no upkeep dude that cost you a total of six rock.

That unfortunately raises the point that you have to run at least three other cards to make him work at max efficiency, and not every deck wants to or even can run all of those cards. Also targeted removal can turn into a situation where you just got four for one'd.

Be careful with this one.


Benny McGill by on

The ability to call out dudes that can not refuse is a very powerful ability. He is a good cheap starting huckster in The Sloane Gang that definitely opens up some new and fun deck building. He does not pair well with a lot of goods as you want to keep his bullet rating low, but if you deck him out with some good combat spells you can head to your opponents home and call out some of their main shooters while they are vulnerable.

Obviously he will not see play in other decks, but he might see a bit of play as a one of in a The Fourth Ring deck or other hex based deck.


Elmore Rhine by on

A high influence dude with a build around me ability. His ability has a lot of hoops to jump through. Shines more in a multiplayer game than in a one player game. He is a good resource for the Law Dogs home ability though at three influence. Against someone running Desolation Row however you might be able to get some ghost rock from him.


Louis Pasteur by on

Expensive dude that doesn't give a lot of bonus to combat and with middling influence puts him at an awkward spot. Mad Scientist 2 is very good, especially with is repeat ability. In a deck that gets their economy going you can get some combo's going with cards like Mario Crane mixed with Flame-Thrower create a repeatable assassin to go out and get into fights that you pretty much cant lose as long as your economy holds out.


Howard Aswell by on

In your standard Morgan Cattle Co. deck he will not be doing a lot. However if you think outside of that and head to Morgan Gadgetorium you will find he has a lot of use. His react ability gives you a bit of leeway to run fewer deeds than you would want to normally. If his ability goes off, it does not boot him, so you still get to invent or move or do anything that you would need him to do. I honestly believe that he is extremely underrated and a build around me grifter.


Legendary Holster by on

Legendary Holster is an awesome card! It was underrated until A-2-3 decks came up. These decks have around 80% chance to succeed the holster pull since there are still rogue values (jobs and the holster itself). You may want to include 4-values like the costly Ambush if you can equip 3-bullet dudes (Ramiro Mendoza...)

Fighting with or against this type of decks is all about winning lowball because you want to ace someone first. I mean before your opponent can reduce your bullets, send you home, play Unprepared or even kill you with another Holster ;)

Attached to Angélica Espinoza it can be very frightening even though her ability makes you losing initiative. You will also want to abuse of grifter abilities to get the holster early. Travis Moone or The Fixer are good candidates.

I think this card is meta-defining since it forces to include cards and adopt strategies to counter it.

Andrew Burton by on

Andrew Burton is a good starter that currently has the problem of being outclassed by other dudes with similar abilities. Travis Moone gives the same bullet rating for cheaper, and a full mulligan is better than a single rummage. Genesee "Gina" Tailfeathers actually gives you card advantage. Philip Swinford can trigger more often and has an influence. Rev. Perry Inbody has a better skill rating and an ability that is relevant on every turn. Also all of those starters are at a higher value so may not be as punishing should they cycle through your deck.

One card he combo's very well with is definitely Faster on the Draw and Holy Roller. Out of no where he can become a four stud that will not die.

The ability that I am really looking towards however is the ability to add a bounty to a dude before the game begins can create some really explosive starts for Law Dogs.


The Flying Popescus by on

The Popescus are a strange pair. They sit at a good value to main deck them, but their bullets and influence are low for a mid game play. They do remedy these shortcomings on their own with the trait, but with a skill rating of zero you have to be careful what hexes go on them. For their cost however they make a decent secondary starting dude.

Their shootout ability at present time is very niche and difficult to make good use out of. What few mystical good there are most require mad science or Valeria, and most of the relevant ones run the risk of taking spots for hexes.


Funtime Freddy by on

Funtime Freddy is a faction grifter for the The Fourth Ring. He is a cheap stud, a huckster, and an abomination in the faction that cares about having all three. His react ability aces him, but it is most certainly not an ability you will want to use unless you feel you need to. He might be a bit of a trap for new players in that they will only use him when they have no hexes in their opening hand. There is merit to using him to get some hex redundancy, and even for a bit of deck thinning.

The only downside to Fred is his lack of influence, though if you plan on aceing him anyway that isn't much of a downside.

Not for every deck but a good alternative to Genesee "Gina" Tailfeathers and Travis Moone.


Arnold McCadish by on

Arnold is remarkably cost-effective, no-upkeep influence vehicle! If you're looking for long-term influence in The Fourth Ring he's your man hands down. As most Fourth Ring decks take awhile to develop while you search for hexes, Arnold buys you that time and then some. How many 2 actual influence (no Jake Smiley doesn't really count) no-upkeep dudes are out there? Besides Irving Patterson if you're Morgan Cattle Co., Arnold is your only choice!

But there's more! Arnold can also resuscitate your dudes assuming they weren't mangled up too badly in whatever shootout they were involved in!

Things to like about Arnold:

NO Upkeep! - Most Fourth Ring control decks like to take their time building up hexes before moving in for the win. Upkeep costs from dudes like Dulf Zug tend to eat into your precious cash reserves and after the 3rd day start to cost more than Arnold without all his other benefits!

High Value - a 7-value is nigh immune to unaugmented Shotgun and Soul Blast acing which is something Irving Patterson and Jake Smiley simply cannot say!

Amazing ability - If you're facing an odd number of casualties, this ability essentially reduces the number of dudes you'll have to lose by one. That's like a free hand rank if you're tied or on the losing end of a shootout. If you're running The Fourth Ring you're almost certainly packing high value cards in your deck so the pull on Arnold's ability isn't usually too much of an issue for most of your classic bullets sponges like Travis Moone.

Be aware that since this ability is a react, you can use it even if Arnold isn't even involved in the shootout!

The Sloane Gang by on

The vanilla Sloane gang outfit provides something no other outfit can do, straight up control points! Compared to Desolation Row, this outfit card provides 1 more starting cash, a faster more consistent flow of control points assuming there are no other methods to build bounty with Desolation Row.

Assuming no one bothers Allie or the dude targeted with this outfit ability, The Sloane Gang can earn 2 control points every single day as long as they keep a steady stream of dudes without control points streaming into town square. This forces many deck types into conflict rather quickly and it is wise to pack your posse with lots of strong stud shooters and a good number of shootout tricks that will give them the edge.

Works well with:

Small Cheap Dudes (Silas Aims/Travis Moone/Jake Smiley/etc.) - The downside of the outfit that newer players tend to overlook is the fact that once a dude has a control point, they can no longer earn another point using this outfit ability. A stream of small cheap dudes into town square not only provides bullet soaks but can hold a control point from this ability as well!

Angélica Espinosa - Even if you boot her she can still provide shooting backup to any in town deed from town square. This makes Angelica ideally suited to be your town square gatekeeper!

Morgan Cattle Co. by on

This outfit card is one of the most versatile out there as cheaper deeds are going to be useful for almost any style of play. In particular, it is a staple of the "Landslide" archetype of decks which rely on the strategy of buying up town instead of fighting out for it. Irving Patterson is a popular target for this ability.

The primary drawback of this outfit ability is the fact it requires you to boot your dude to that deed to get the discount potentially exposing them to shootouts they can't handle until the end of the day. Cards that mitigate this drawback are particularly good in combination with it!

Combos well with:

Out of Town Deeds (Blake Ranch/Jackson's Strike/The R&D Ranch) - The primary danger of using this outfit ability is that it leaves one of your influence bearing dudes booted and likely exposed for the opponent to call out. Using the outfit ability on an out of town deed keeps the dude you're using with the ability with safe as enemy dudes (without Shadow Walk/Mustang) need to boot over to get to them and can't call them out the first turn without some action cards shenanigans.

Clementine Lepp + Saloons (Charlie's Place/Pearly's Palace/Killer Bunnies Casino/The Union Casino) - Again this negates the primary drawback of exposing your dudes by using the outfit ability. Clementine simply cannot be called out if she's in a saloon you own! Using the ability while she's already in a saloon will grant you a 2-GR discount on subsequent deeds due to the influence bonus she receives.

Lillian Morgan + Shadow Walk - This is just an example. Any high influence dude with a movement ability like Mustang can work too though Shadow Walk is the most cost effective of them. You boot Lillian Morgan to make a free 5-cost deed, then you simply Shadow Walk back to the safety of home before she can be called out!

Make the Smart Choice - This card basically allows your exposed dude to run back home during the shootout plays step. If you have one of these in hand, you've got a risk free use of this outfit ability!

Law Dogs by on

The classic Law Dogs outfit gives you 1 extra GR compared to other starter outfits which is crucial given how comparatively expensive Law dogs dudes tend to be. It's ability however lets you do something no other outfit can, straight up generate bounty on any dude of your choosing if you have enough influence. This opens up a whole new dimension of play no other faction has the same access to!

Combos well with:

Bounty Hunter - This card basically defines this outfit as it is the only one it can be used consistently with.

Too Much Attention - Makes this one a slower, longer range, and more reliable Paralysis Mark!

Bad Company - Turns mediocre shooters like Travis into a bowel loosening 5-stud shooter. Just don't lose him or the opponent is going to get a massive payday!

Outlaw Mask - Generate 1 influence for you a turn if you keep the wearer stationed in town square! Wear four at once to quadruple your influence gain and combine with ..It's who you know for an absurd amount of stud bonus. All in town square of course!

B&B Attorneys - Doubles the bounty accumulation rate on a wanted dude!

Silas Aims - Toss him Pearl-handled Revolver or Shotgun, water him daily with bounties and watch him to grow into a killing machine!

Wylie Jenks/Clyde Owens/Judge Harry Somerset - These Law Dog dudes thrive on bounties.

Railroad Station by on

Railroad Station is one of those cards that can appear kind of mediocre at first, but can be incredibly valuable in certain circumstances. Standalone it is it not that interesting - it can let you get dudes to an out of town location without booting, but that is not always terribly useful. The card really comes into its own when your opponent is camped out in town square with a superior force. Moving anybody into the square is going to get you called out, but a Railroad Station next to your home can let you move Home -> Railroad Station -> Some Other Location without getting jumped. Using this to threaten your opponent's deeds can help to force your opponent out of the square, while still leaving you unbooted to run away if necessary.

The 2 GR cost is great for an early play, when the spots next to your home are still available. Overall, a solid card for decks that want to do a lot of maneuvering without necessarily wanting to fight.

Avie Cline by on

Not much to say here. The 10 is a very nice value for fourth ring. She has a low huckster rating but its going to be hard to get her off of the board due to her harrowed trait and her 2 influence is nice. Its really going to come down to whether you have the money and need to influence. I usually run her in my deck but I hardly ever send her onto the board. She spends most of the time in my deck as a 10 helping to ace the opposing dudes. Her influence and upkeep makes her unplayable outside of the fourth ring but the fourth ring is notoriously bad at economy so her cost makes her nearly unplayable in fourth ring. Sticks her between a rock and a hard spot.

Arnold McCadish by on

I don't really like this card. In most of my decks i try not to lose shootouts and a seven doesn't really fit into the draw structure of a fourth ring deck. That means you're going to want to start him but there are other starters you can get started for 5 ghost rock or even two other starters for that price. He has influence but if you're interested in Arnold then you are interested in his ability so you wont be moving him around and risking the chance to lose him. His ability is also very specific. Its not very often that you will be only be losing by one hand rank. The problem with Arnold is that he is expensive and just not really that useful.

Bobo by on

Bobo is the card that made me fall in love with The Fourth Ring. I don't actually run him in my main deck right now but Im looking forward to trying him out in my abominations deck thanks to Faith and Fear. In the right deck he can be terrifying. Just as his ability states he works best in combo with a high huckster rating character such as Ivor Hawley and Smiling Tom. Ivor with a Hex brings Bobo up to a 4 stud and Tom brings him up to a 5 stud. That makes him one of if not the best shooter in the game that we've seen so far. This explains his high upkeep as you can take him into a shootout and see up to 9 cards without having to bring along anyone else. In a mirror match he can be a one turn guy you bring in to deal with the other guys Ivor Hawley or other heavy hitter. Just like any other card he works well when synergized well.

Faster on the Draw by on

This card is a great new value at six for every faction. The making a deputy a stud is just icing on the cake. It woks great in conjunction with sun in yer eyes and other bullet reducers while also being a partial counter to those same cards.

Xiong "Wendy" Cheng by on

Wendy with a Buffalo Rifle is one of the most brutal combinations in the game. If Wendy makes it to the town square with a Buffalo Rifle it will require the opposing player to bring at least two guys to every shoot out until she is dealt with. She not only pins people down but is also extremely useful at clearing out deeds. When playing against Wendy one strategy is going in with two dudes. Another is making sure you have enough dudes on the board that after you force her to use the ability you still have enough mobile influence to make plays.

The Fourth Ring by on

The Fourth Ring is a ton of fun. It has the steepest learning curve out of the base outfits, but learning to play them well will pay off in the end. As far as I know this is the only card allowing you to cycle through your deck faster besides Lady Luck. That alone is a reason to go into Fourth Ring. a Cycling ability allows you to put a card or two in there that wont always be useful as you can just discard and grab another one. Economy can get rough even with the ability as it can be tempting to play lots of high cost/high upkeep dudes. My answer to this is my deck, The Circus of Value. I wind up with way more than enough money to play all the card in my hand.