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Chefonk. 2/5. Converting a deed that you do not need at the moment into GR is useful. I doubt that most decks would rather not sacrifice a starting dude for this deed. Perhaps this ends up in some sort of Slide deck, but then slide musters as many starting dudes as possible. Bandit slide with Xiaodan Li can start 5 dudes plus this deed. Discarding a deed might not be an issue, since you will probably draw into more deeds at Sundown. Meanwhile, that 1 GR might buy you another deed that you have in hand. The deed’s movement option is situational enough that one should not factor that in when selecting this deed.

Jhandy27. 1/5. I’m really not a fan of this card. I can’t see a situation I would ever want to discard my deeds at the start of the game. I get annoyed when I don’t have a deed in my opening draw hand. Without a control point, I can’t even really see people wanting to run this card at all.

Nu_Fenix. I would love to know why this became a Core deed! Unless you expect start with two copies of the same deed in your opening hand, and want to cycle your hand faster while gaining 1GR, I can’t see why you would want this. If you aren’t starting the game with this and are using A’s, take Pony Express instead.

Doomdog. 3/5. This strikes me as a useful deed for a Dead Man’s Hand Deck, letting you cycle Jack of Diamonds from your play hand and netting you a ghost rock in the process. As an Ace, it’s on value for some of the cards you have to run. I am not sure if I’d start it, though. This card helps out if you run duplicates of a key deed, or just have a hand full of deeds that you can’t afford. There are plenty of deeds that are commonly played, so you might be able to use the movement effect to jump to an opponent’s deed and get the drop on them.

Jedilanni. 1/5. I just can’t get behind this card. Would I sacrifice a starting dude to put this deed in my starting posse? My answer is always no.

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Doomdog. 3/5. A cheap filler dude on 10 with a trait that could save you from a This’ll Hurt in the Mornin‘ in low ball, or frustrate your opponent who was hoping to use One Good Turn or Soul Cage on your cheatin’ hand, or Flight of the Lepus your dudes home. Of course, there’s no guarantee that the next five cards won’t make a cheatin’ hand…

Jedilanni. 2/5. Henry may or may not save you from getting hit by Cheatin’ punishment. Cheap dude with no influence, but does sport 2 draw and will fit into decks, including those requiring pulls.

Chefonk. 4/5. 1-cost neutral dudes are always good. Especially as a 10 value which traditionally lacks cheap dudes. Henry is also a viable starting option when you really do not want to cheat during low ball. Of course, this will not automatically prevent you from cheating with the next five cards, but it really helps with your chances. His high value and low cost also makes him a good starter in Hot Lead Flyin’ decks.

Jhandy27. 4/5. Having had him used against me, I can only describe him as a pain because its happened enough times to be statistically significant that the first hand is cheating and the next hand is either legal, lower hand rank, or both. This is annoying as I like winning low ball. He’s a definite sleeper card and I’d recommend trying him out, especially given his low cost.

Nu_Fenix. Philip Swinford‘s worst nightmare, as getting the chance to redeem your cheating low ball hand with another has helped me more on OCTGN in the past week then I would have initially given him credit for. The majority of the time I replaced the cheating hand with another of a lower rank, allowing me to win where previously I wouldn’t have. If you have the spare dude slot for your starting posse and 1GR, give him a shot, doubly so in a Kung Fu deck to help discard your techniques faster.

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Doomdog. 5/5. Looks like Travis has been practicing his gunslinging! Fives and sevens are both strong values for aggressive decks, so you could start good ol’ 5-value Travis for two ghost rock, grift to search for his experienced version, and then get yourself a 3 stud and be cycling a shootout value card back into your deck! Not only is Travis now legitimate shootout threat, he can get you card draw. Seeing more cards is rarely a bad thing. He’s still a grifter too, so you can use him with Den of Thieves, Monte Bank, and Hustled.

Jedilanni. 4/5. With card draw gaining more tools, he will definitely see play. A three stud with only one upkeep is a steal. Free, if you start the original grifter (OG). Fits well into any shooter deck using 7s’ since you won’t want to use him as a starting grifter.

Chefonk. 3/5. Nice filler for the 7 value if you start with Travis Moone and can keep him around long enough to overlay the new version. Other than that, he is pretty expensive for a dude without influence. His ability is good, but conditional and booting a 3-stud is a big cost you really have to consider. Being a grifter, he helps Den of Thieves decks which are probably use 7 as main value and start with the base version.

Jhandy27. 3/5. A lot of decks start Travis and always will. If you can run experienced Travis, then I would suggest it. I don’t like playing non-influence dudes in the deck, but for him an exception can be made due to his likely zero cost. I personally wouldn’t rely on his effect too much as it is reactive. If it happens, all the better. He’ll be seen in Sloane decks as they love 7s the most.

Nu_Fenix. A tremendous savings if you can upgrade from his starting version. I’m not a fan of a character with his bullet count and type with an upkeep but no influence. If I go to an opponent’s deed to scare or shoot them off it, I’d rather he was able to do it alone instead of having to bodyguard someone else. There is also his ability, which I’d be less likely to want to use due to his bullets. If he were still a 2 draw I would happily boot him at home to get 2 cards when you get 1, but for a 3 stud? That’s a tougher choice, and one I wish I didn’t have to make for his cost.

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Doomdog. 4/5. If you want another body to fill out your fives in a 108 Kung Fu deck, then “Mahogany” is the dude for you. She’s also a natural stud, which is something 108 lacks at that value. She opens up the possibility for Fu in any faction, though as the only Kung Fu drifter you’ll probably want to draft in some 108 dudes to help out. Bonus points for the 70’s Blaxploitation movie vibe.

Jedilanni. 3/5. All outfits now have a dude to run Kung-fu with opening up crazy decks. In 108, a stud is a bonus and her ability to discard cards from your deck is a boon not a drawback.

Chefonk. 3/5. Being a neutral 5 value dude with reasonable stats makes her useful and necessary. She is on value with one of the Rabbit Taos. Dedicated 108 Bandits kung fu decks will probably play her as a filler, but other decks running 5s also benefit from her. Her ability is nice to have but not essential. When you need more dudes in play you probably will not be disappointed drawing her as she is a stud, not too expensive and has 1 influence. What Doomdog said about the 70’s pop culture reference.

Jhandy27. 2/5. I think Mahogany Jackson is going to be quite strong in any kung fu deck running the 5s and lower as she can pass those Fu checks. Her stats alone happily slot into most decks that run 5s without worrying about her text box. Overall, she’s a utility card that won’t make a deck top tier, but will help it tick over.

Nu_Fenix. I don’t feel wowed by her, but I don’t feel disappointed by her either. Her trait only benefits if martial arts by discarding techniques you want in the discard pile. Still, she hits hard enough to make a difference. You don’t have to use her with martial arts. But I feel that if you’re not using her for Fu, there are other dudes you could use instead.

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Doomdog. 4/5. Theo’s another cheap neutral huckster, so now you’ve plenty of options if you want to run a hex slingin’ deck out of any faction. He also makes a decent filler dude on the 4-value. If you’re running hexes, then his Resolution ability could win you a shootout if he’s managed to save a joker during low ball.

Jedilanni. 3/5. A neutral huckster that allows you to save jokers to be used when it matters, e.g. shootouts. He also saves them during low ball. Nothing bad either about 0 upkeep with influence.

Chefonk. 4/5. I did not play classic Doomtown, but I am already a huge Whateley fan and this new neutral huckster just gave me another reason. Relatively cheap cost with 1 influence as well as useful conditional abilities, he will sure see play in one or another Huckster deck. If you have a Joker attached to him and run Hex Slingin‘ plus It’s not what you know… he can be a really big threat to your opponent on his own while your other dudes can start trouble elsewhere.

Jhandy27. 4/5. Here’s a huckster I can totally see starting the game. He’s rather low value other than maybe Sloane Hucksters, other decks look to start him. He also supports hex decks running jokers, which is a big deal as a fourth ring deck that can control you while shooting you in the face is dangerous. The fact that he can decide when to use the stored jokers at resolution is excellent as they won’t be wasted. Definitely going to see him in quite a few spell decks that can use no-upkeep influence.

Nu_Fenix. A cheap drifter Huckster, who has a chance of letting me keep a Joker only to replay it later when I need it, whilst also having 1 influence and no upkeep is an interesting idea. Whilst he unlikely to appear outside of 4R or Sloane, I love the idea of keeping a Devil’s Joker in a Sloane Huckster deck, with your opponent knowing you can bring it out when you really need it.

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Doomdog. 5/5. Grab a Maza Gang Hideout for your Spirit Fortress, or perhaps Baird‘s or a General Store to help out your economy. Perhaps grab The Joker’s Smile to get maximum use from it along with a saloon for Clementine to set up shop in. If your deck would benefit from getting a particular deed into play quickly, then Howard’s your go-to ghost. He keeps the abomination keyword and so makes Ivor xp cheaper, discarded with Abram Grothe’s job, and can be moved elsewhere with the Idol of Tlazolteotl. Howard opens up plenty of jank possibilities and will see a lot of play.

Jedilanni. 4/5. Self-acing decks will love the ability to grab the Undertaker or Parish. The ability to put 1 of a certain deed into a deck instead of the 2 or 3 will open up more options for those janky decks, even if the played deed forgoes its production and control points. The only downside is going to be balancing your starting ghost rock and making the grifter sacrifice. Chefonk. 4/5. This one is really hard to judge. There are a lot of possibilities like General Store, Baird’s Build and Loan, or The R&D Ranch for increased economy or deeds like Testing Range for useful abilities guaranteed from the start. Also this could be a nice addition to the spirit fortress deck-type as it really lowers the amount of deeds you have to include in your deck if you already start with one of you choice. The major drawbacks with this in general is the increased cost and the fact that you now start with one less dude which can really set you back early on. But this is the case for all the deeds you can start with now, so this does not only apply to Ol’ Howard. This card only grows in usability as more deeds are released and surely will be considered when building decks for quite some time. Because of him being very conditional and not suited for many deck types I feel like this is not a 5/5.

Jhandy27. 4/5. This guy deserves his own article. The deck building potential is almost limitless and future play testers will have to bear him in mind for every deed for the future. Most of his combos people probably already know of such as starting with an undertaker to provide income from the offset etc. I think he is well-costed as he takes up a starting dude and a lot of your income to actually use his ability. I applaud anyone who uses Howard and the Idol of Tlazolteotl to give Howard to your opponent.

Nu_Fenix. Much was said when he was spoiled. I do like the flexibility of now being able to start with any deed, although due to the lack of production and control points, it needs a tremendous ability. Also, don’t forget he is still an Abomination on the table for Ivor Hawley (Exp.1).

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Doomdog. 2/5. He’s cheap, and on value with Hot Lead Flyin’ (ugh… I hate that card). His trait is very strange, and I can’t think of a situation where you could take advantage of it as you usually want to keep your hexes in play. His huckster skill, however, boosts Bobo to a 4 stud so he has that going for him. He’ll find a home in dude swarm decks, but I can’t think of much else he’s good for. Perhaps a jank build using abominations and Raising Hell?

Jedilanni. 4/5. Darragh Meng helps Sloane and 4th Ring hex-shooter decks just by being a 1 drop huckster 3 dude that shares a value with Bobo. He is on value with many of Sloane’s preferred hexes, so discarding back into your draw structure is a minimal drawback. Another thing going for him is he can recycle hexes for late game use on Essex, Nic, and/or Ivor.

Chefonk. 4/5. We are seeing a lot of 1-cost dudes lately and this is actually the second one for the Sloane Gang. Generally, I really like cheap dudes as they allow you to start with 5 dudes in decks where this would otherwise not be possible. In-game, I always have a ghost rock for someone to throw under the bus. You might not want to start him though, because I believe that Willa Mae MacGowan is better suited for that role. But 6 is a value with many options for Sloane, especially if you focus on Hucksters and more different dudes on that value are great. The fact that he is also a Huckster with a high is a nice bonus when you play a couple of on-value Bobos. Because of his trait, you really do not want to attach important Hexes to him. Then again, he will probably not stick around very long anyway. My rating might seem a little high, but I really can not rate a 1-cost dude any lower, especially when you can easily play him in any faction that needs more bodies on the 6 value.

Jhandy27. 1/5. Not too keen on this guy, just because one of hexes biggest strengths over things like clubs is that they stick around. He offers a very cheap claim soak and you could use him in a Sloane Huckster deck as your backup hex-slinger, but can’t see him being used too much elsewhere.

Nu_Fenix. Why?! The benefit of Hexes (and hearts in general) is that they hang around to be used every turn, whilst actions have the surprise factor to balance out only being used once. Darragh takes the worst parts of both in my mind. I doubt I will ever use him.

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Doomdog. 5/5. I may be a little biased here. Maybe she’s more a 4, but she’s definitely good. We finally get the Experienced Miss Morgan I’ve been after for ages. Morgan has some decent shooty options on Jacks to help protect her (not to mention Mechanical Skeletons) and there are plenty of Noon abilities that generate ghost rock available to them. Morgan slide decks will find space for her for her 0-upkeep 4 influence, along with bonus income from cards like R&D Ranch and Androcles Brocklehurst. Some of Ghost Town’s new deeds also synergize with her. I’ll end up building a deck around her, because she’s my favorite Morgan dude!

Jedilanni. 4/5. Any Morgan deck will start a 4 influence dude with a 2 upkeep and possible 0 upkeep. Her ability slots into Mad Science decks that spend to win.

Chefonk. 3/5. More money for the decks that already should have plenty. 4 influence is huge and it should be easy to reduce her upkeep to zero. This can be a one-of in most Morgan decks as there will almost always be uses for her. Lula does not negate some of Morgan’s flaws, but she sure is a nice addition. And Jacks are trending right now in Morgan, so I’m sure a lot of decks will be running her. Or you can start with her, Gomorra Lot Commission (see below), and an Ol’ Howard’ed Gomorra Parish for potential 4 GR bonus each turn. I doubt this will be any good, but the look on an opponent’s face might be worth it.

Jhandy27. 3/5. I think she’s very much a slide card. Most slide players will never have to pay her upkeep, running one of the experienced and maybe 2 of the inexperienced version to mitigate costs if they wish. Only an extra 1 influence over the unexperienced version, but the potential lack of upkeep is strong for not losing the game.

Nu_Fenix. In Morgan, 4 influence for what will likely be no upkeep by the time I can afford her? Welcome aboard! The earning extra GR from cards such as R&D Ranch, Reserves, or Gadgetorium is icing on the cake for me. Additionally, her value of J means she is in a strong value.

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Doomdog. 4/5. Law Dogs get some useful cards out of Ghost Town. Constance is great out of the original home for setting up bounties and she gets support from the in-faction Deputy and Government themes. She’s less useful for The Arsenal and Abram’s crusaders, but she still reacts to the home abilities, She’s still a reasonably-priced dude with influence. Jedilanni. 3/5. Cheap influence is one of the complaints Dog players have had and she helps that problem with 2 or 3 influence at the cost of 4. The Deputy trait helps with Crusader builds or Faster on the Draw. Her ability will come in handy from time to time, but 2 influence at the 4 spot remains clutch.

Chefonk. 4/5. Clearly designed for the original Law Dogs outfit. Starting influence has always been an issue with Law Dogs, and she somewhat negates that drawback. Also one of the problems playing the Law Dogs outfit is that you potentially boot too much influence to compete for in-town deeds. which she helps a lot by unbooting. Essentially you get a free bounty on a 1-influence dude each turn, if not more. She can also be a great filler for value 4 Law Dogs decks which can play her, Prescott Utter, and the Brute. This opens up a lot of deck building possibilities. She is also a deputy, which means that she becomes a potent surprise shooter if you run Faster on the Draw. Her influence bonus at government deeds is negligible right now as this theme is not really well developed.

Jhandy27. 4/5. I see Constance as a straight side grade to Lucy Clover if you have extra cash in original Law Dogs. Lucy is normally played as a “booter for bounty,” so being able to unboot afterwards I think is worth the extra 2 ghost rock if you have it.

Nu_Fenix. I believe that she will be most at home in the core Law Dogs outfit, especially when also starting Gomorra Jail. Have her camp at the Jail each turn, knowing without any help you can give any dude of influence 2 or less a bounty without any cost beyond booting your outfit. As a Deputy, she fits into Abram’s Crusaders. Boot her to go anywhere. Then when you use the outfit to deputize a dude, she unboots and all ready to call someone out, keep movin’, etc.

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Doomdog. 5/5. Cheap, and trading something not currently useful out of your hand for an influence is an amazing ability. Plus, if you splash him out-of-faction, his influence disappears at the end of Sundown so he won’t incur any extra upkeep costs. If you’re playing any kind of spell deck you’ll want to see if you can make room for this guy. He’s also a cheap filler for anyone running sevens and gets bonus points for being a creepy antiques dealer!

Jedilanni. 5/5. The only thing bad about this dude is he allows Fourth Ring decks another way to gain influence. Circus players love this card and most likely just slotted him into their non-Odett decks. If you’re looking to fill out your 7 spot you can splash him in to get a cheap 2 draw that can gain influence. He also allows you to use your outfit an additional time. Double Oddities or how about a two-fer of original Morgan?

Chefonk. 5/5. Cheap dude with an awesome ability. Discarding cards is an advantage most of the time and the additional influence is great by itself. Using your outfit again is really huge. All three 4th Ring outfits benefit greatly from using their ability again, but this does not mean you cannot play him in other factions as well. Because he lacks influence during Upkeep Phase, you don’t have to pay for him. You still get to turn cards into influence later in the round. If nothing else, he is a cheap dude on a value that does not have many neutral dudes. He made it into many of my 4th Ring starting posses.

Jhandy27. 5/5. Erm…Bonkers. that is all. So for 2 cost, I get a 2 draw with influence if I discard a card (there’s nearly always a card in your hand you don’t want or can’t play). Even assuming its a non spell/mystical god you discarded he’s still very useful. His synergy with the fourth ring outfits is incredible. He makes the original fourth ring able to cycle more cards and make more money or he allows the Sanatorium to give you even more influence and your opponent even fewer bullets. It is scary that he allows a Paggy, himself, and a Brute to go and take your deeds for the win. He will be in the majority of fourth ring decks for sure.

Nu_Fenix. At first glance, discarding a card for a temporary influence didn’t interest me. But his kicker of being able to unboot your outfit, along with 7 being a strong value means he can be added to many decks. Desolation Row using Hucksters? Blessed Abram’s Crusaders? Almost any 4R deck? I see him making an appearance in more than just 4R control.

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Doomdog. 3/5. Francisco is the Eagle Wardens’ very own Disney princess. The Wardens get another 0 upkeep dude with influence to add diversity to starting posses, though he does have quite a high cost and isn’t super-useful outside of a horse/sidekick deck. How much use you’ll get out of him depends on how well you can hold the town square, but you’ll probably get away with running his job as your first action of the game to get a horse or sidekick into play if you saw one during low ball.

Jedilanni. 3/5. He might be a Disney princess to Doomdog, but to me he seems to be a Weird West Radagast. In a sidekick deck, he will see play, but outside of that I don’t see him being a starter. His value puts him into an already great value with Steven and Enapay. He is a solid as a no-upkeep stud with influence who fits well into draw structures and can shoot if you need him to.

Chefonk. 3/5. 1 influence, 1 stud bullet and no upkeep are solid stats. He might see play just because of this. Other than that, his ability is straight-forward going with the new sidekick sub theme. Grabbing a sidekick or horse from your discard pile shouldn’t usually concern your opponent, so the job most likely goes uncontested. But then again, it’s really not that strong in return. Right now I am not seeing the general game plan of a deck built around sidekicks. That said, he sure is a good starting point. Hopefully there will be a few more action cards that support this archetype. Until then, he is a solid dude in niche decks.

Jhandy27. 3/5. Cost wise, he’s a tad expensive (e.g. Tommy Harden) so it is the ability that we’re looking at to provide value (I again refer you to Tommy). Francisco allows you to recur horses that have been lost in low ball and shoot-outs while usually reducing their cost to zero. While strong, I’m not sure about the requirement to mark the town square. This job can be incredibly brave against some decks or easy as pie against others. The requirement for a horse to be in the discard pile means you probably won’t be looking to start him as he’s just expensive if you don’t have a horse in the bin. Overall, I think he can be useful if in the right place at the right time.

Nu_Fenix. I have always been a fan of recursion in card games. There are enough horses and sidekicks costing 2GR or less (14 currently), giving him plenty of choices to work with. Town square jobs, however, make me twitchy. Send in too few dudes, and your opponent could oppose and kill off your dudes. Send in too many dudes, and your opponent will happily watch you send them home booted, and then move over to sit on all of your deeds. I am tempted to try him in a deck using Personal Ornithopter, so only he goes in but backup is only 1GR away.

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Doomdog. 3/5. Ghost Town’s Eagle Wardens expand upon the faction’s sidekick and horse sub-themes hinted at in previous cards. Rhonda is a cheap shaman who’s likely to be a starter rather than in-deck due to her low value. Her skill level of 0 could also restrict your deck building. To get the most out of her, you’ll want to give her a horse, while two bullets means that she can threaten with a Shotgun or Pearl-Handled Revolver. On her own, however, she doesn’t seem that great. I do like the idea of loading her up with a cheap horse, Buffalo Rifle and Strength of the Ancestors, and having her hold the town square while my other dudes go about their business. A Sidekick focused deck that’s light on spirits could make use of her as a starter or in the deck as there are several sidekick options on twos.

Jedilanni. 2/5. With 8 actual sidekicks in the game and a potential 10 more via the trait horse. I can see a shenanigan deck being built with a win to lose strategy using Takin’ or Hot Lead. With Three-Eyed Hawk and Francisco (see below), that type of deck may exist, but time will tell. Her stats and low cost, plus modest upkeep, means that she will find her way into Eagle Wardens starting posses.

Chefonk. 2/5. So with this, Bluetick and Requiem for a Good Boy (see below) there are good reasons to choose 2 as one of your values in a sidekick deck. Unfortunately, because of the low value, you cannot really play Spirits which makes Rhonda’s Shaman skill of little to no value. Another option is starting with her, but her 1 upkeep and 1 influence means that you probably have to choose another dude with upkeep in order to have enough influence and/or a stud available. Her ability is not bad, but it is not good enough to pay 1 upkeep for it. The upkeep is really what hurts this card as Eagle Wardens tend to have a lot of it. I am not sold on the usefulness of this dude right now.

Jhandy27. 3/5. Her stats are incredibly cheap for what she brings, but given her low value I can’t see many decks that run spirits decking her. She’s primarily a starter as either an incredibly cheap shaman with influence, or in a sidekick deck of some sort as being able to recur sidekicks. I think sidekicks have strong potential, but need the cost to play them being reduced.

Nu_Fenix. I like how Rhonda is able to treat her horse as a sidekick, using it as a means to escape a tie or loss of only 1 rank. She makes sidekicks a more viable option to absorb casualties, due to Shoppin’ them back again for her or someone else. One combination is for Three-Eyed Hawk to get them and give you 1 GR back, then Tradin’ them over to Rhonda, to lower the economic drain.

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Doomdog. 4/5. Ghost Town gives us Hymns, a new keyword for Miracles. Lucretia is the second Blessed for the 108 and a talented singer! Stat-wise she’s solid. Use 108 movement tricks or a swarm of dudes and you can safely park her in the town square to make the most of her trait. With only the one hymn at the moment, it doesn’t seem like you’ll be using that aspect of her often. I’m not going to complain about another option for 108 Blessed as they’re a lot of fun to play and she’ll only get better with more hymns. She’s also likely to pop up in 108 slide decks as a reasonably costed 2 influence dude.

Jedilanni. 3/5. Blessed in 108 not a bad thing. For Lucretia only being able to use hymns could be good later, but right now Onward Christian Soldiers (see below) is the only Hymn in the game. At least she has good influence, cheap upkeep, and her initial cost is cheap.

Chefonk. 2/5. Good stats, but her trait is useless right now. The only currently available Hymn is mediocre at best and not a reason to play her in order to use the trait. If we see more Hymns or Blessed in 108 Bandits, it might open up a little sub theme as there are some miracles worth playing even if not focused on them. Bandit-slide might play her for the influence, if there is enough room. She will most likely be the first dudes that gets replaced if someone better comes along. But the fact that you can play an Italian opera singer and perform in the middle of the town remains a huge plus.

Jhandy27. 2/5. Stat wise, Lucretia is very solid with 2 influence for comparatively little ghost rock and upkeep. She’ll find a way into slide for her stats alone. Not a whole lot to say about her for her ability yet as its entirely dependent on how strong the hymn miracles are going forward.

Nu_Fenix. Whilst I’ve been wanting 108 to get more Blessed, her ability having the double restriction of only Hymns (of which there is currently only 1) and occupying town square really put me off her.

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Doomdog. 3/5. The 108 get a third Kung Fu dude at the 7-value. As sevens will cause most of the lower value Kung Fu dudes to fail technique pulls, you’ll probably want to start him, but his cost means he’s an expensive starting option. This is offset by his lack of upkeep and the wealth of cheap starters the 108 have available to them, so starting him isn’t too prohibitive. His ‘Robin Hood’ ability lets him unboot, always a useful ability to have. His ability synergizes with Rabbit’s Deception, and with Kung Fu 2 he really should be getting into fights and using taos. His stud bullet makes me want to use him with the Zhu Bajie taos, but his bullet rating really needs boosting to reliably pull off the combo. He doesn’t strike me as a dude for a slide deck. They wouldn’t want to start him and paying six for one influence doesn’t seem like a good deal.

Jedilanni. 2/5. With his kung fu and 0 upkeep he could slot into a starting role in 108 decks. The mobile influence for the 108 slide build will be where he sees the most play with his ability to pay a ghost rock and unboot.

Chefonk. 3/5. He is pretty expensive but at least has no upkeep. In a dedicated kung fu deck out of Worldly Desires, you probably have to start him because of the rather high value which limits your other choices especially with Companhurst’s as a viable alternative. Value 7 and kung fu 2 is really good so depending on what other Taos we will see in the future, he will surely increase in usability. Right now you can include a couple of higher value cards in your regular kung fu deck when starting with him and other high value kung fu dudes like Bai Yang Chen, Shizeng Lu, or Yunxu Jiang. I can also see him as part of a Bandit-slide deck. Although you should probably really reconsider paying 6 GR for only 1 influence, the ability to annoy an opponent even more with movement and unbooting is nice to have. Only his cost precludes a higher rating.

Jhandy27. 3/5. First thing to note about Carlton is his value plus kung fu skill effectively makes him a 9 value. This allows for all sorts of flexibility when building a consistent kung fu deck as it allows one to run 7s and 8s. (Something you cant really do if starting Xui Yin Chen or Longwei Fu). I could happily have a starting posse of Carlton and Yunxu Jiang along with others giving kung fu access to kidnapping and techniques which can be a dangerous combination. Unbooting is good. Simple as that. The fact that it only costs 1 gr and allows the 108 player to manipulate their gr to meet worldly desires condition is as synergistic as you could ask. Plus he’s a stud with 1 inf and 0 upkeep. He’s gonna be played a lot as both a starter as well as in decks.

Nu_Fenix. A no upkeep stud with 1 influence, and Kung Fu 2 as well to give him viability for using techniques, I would use him in 108. Whilst his ability to unboot relies on having less GR, that could be done by simply Shoppin’ for something expensive enough to reduce you.

Ambrose Douglas by on

I want to love Ambrose. As a dedicated Fourth Ring Player, I was underwhelmed at him when it was realized that he was our only dude in Ghost Town.


Because Ambrose is amazing, but not for Fourth Ring. Sure, he helps Fourth Ring, his ability is good, he's an ok value, he has bullets, can have influence, and doesn't have an upkeep.

You know what else he's good in? What he's... actually better in?


He is everything that a landslide deck is after. Cheap, no upkeep, influence, card cycling. It kills me that they continue to support Landslide.

Soothe by on

This miracle is almost amazing. Seriously. It's such a prime example of how miracle design is so close to great, then adds some ridiculous clause to the spell. This spell should never have had the "Boot this Blessed" on it. Never. The difficulty is high enough and it costs one ghost rock. Crippling it by requiring you to boot the blessed dude with this spell makes it unplayable and I don't think I'll ever see this miracle in a deck. Shame.

J.W. Byrne by on

This dude is definitely worth another look with the release of Yagn's Mechanical Skeleton. He's at a good value for a gadget deck that needs high pulls, and if you slap him in the skeleton He's suddenly a 4 stud 2 influence with a value high enough to ignore most hexes either by his value (Q+3) or from the ability on the skeleton.

Janosz Pratt by on

This card is a representation of an ongoing problem with Law Dogs dudes and one of the biggest issues with playing the faction: no influence. This card would be absolutely fanctastic, and a serious starter if it had a single influence, but for some reason it doesn't. I view this and Philip Swinford next to each other and both are deputies with one draw for three cost and no upkeep. I would argue that Philip Swinford has a better trait than Janosz Pratt's ability, which is fine since Janosz Pratt has Mad Scientist 1 skill. I view them as equal in this regard. Then, for some reason, Philip Swinford gets 1 influence and Janosz Pratt gets nothing. Starting influence is a big deal and as a 3 value this is a starter in a gadget deck. So what's going on? Why cripple the card by making it a zero influence? For this reason I'm struggling to add this card to a starting posse. End rant.

Prayer by on

@Pintyhet: the only time you must discard the Miracles after Sundown is when the dude you attached the Miracles to was not Blessed prior to the card. The way I read it, if the dude was Blessed prior to the play of this card, then the dude will get to keep those miracles.

Samantha "Sammy" Cooke by on

Samantha is a character with mediocre stats. In a deck that you are building around giving the stud ability she is good. For me she serves one single purpose and she is doing it well, she is here to help me beat land slide decks. With the known combo Makaio Kaleo, Esq. and Fred Aims you can keep your influence really high. If they play evidence in their home samantha can easily take it in your turn. So you are safe to keep digging for that ace removal to finally remove all his dudes. Beware you might need a move in action in case they use pistol whip.

Den of Thieves by on

*When using multiple grifters, all grifters must be used at once - then the next players uses both of theirs (if each player has 2). This is referenced twice by the rules team:

www.alderac.com and www.alderac.com

*This home ability applies to all grifters in your deck - for starting posse, for the cost of playing a grifter, and for grifters in play. All 3 situations have their cost reduced by one.

*The react ability on this home makes your hand illegal AFTER hands are revealed, therefore if you are a Den of Thieves player and you originally reveal a legal hand, cards like Barton Everest, Tommy Harden, and Flight of the Lepus all consider you to have revealed a legal hand, even if you use the Den's ability.

*Remember that you have to have a grifter in play in order to use the React ability. That grifter does not have to be in the shootout - it can be anywhere in play.

A Slight Modification by on

@redgun The ability is considered to have been used. See the ruling here.

Since a review has to be at least 200 characters long, check out the Unofficial FAQ for rulings on all the new cards :)

@platypus could you please enable short comments to reviews? Or basically turn reviews into discussions?

A Slight Modification by on

Just a question about the first cancel in the game : Could the abilty canceled be used another time or it count as the one per day. ? I think it can be use another time before next day but i would prefer confirmation. Thanx

Marion Seville (Exp.1) by on

He is an awkward build compared to the original Marion Seville. He has the extra two bullets built into him at the cost of 3(!) more rock. His ability is playable, but as of this writing the only melee weapons he can equip are Rapier, Stoker's Sabre, and Evanor, and only one of those gets full benefit from him. Hopefully we will see 'Francine' soon and he can really shine.


Prayer by on

This card should have been a condition that stays attached to a dude making them a blessed 0 OR increasing their blessed skill by 1 in addition to allowing for attaching miracles as shootout plays and at any location. That would have made this card an auto-include in miracle decks with it being on value with strong miracles and strong blessed dudes. As is the utility is too limited since it ends after sundown.

Max Baine (Exp.1) by on

Okay, first off, this guy is so perfectly linked thematically and mechanically to his inexperienced form that I'd play him just for that. His first ability is the twisted mirror of the original Max, draining control from ranches instead of turning them into more. And his second ability looks for dudes that are already high value, instead of worrying about securing your low value dudes against shotguns and soul blasts. And he's just so sad! This is the end state of a frazzled accountant who just took the books and ran, and didn't even care enough to run that far. He just sits in town square, moping.

Mechanically, I'm still not sure if a 1-draw is worth the upkeep, even with the ability. Half the influence of the original is kinda hard to take as well, even if it makes sense. But he's also the first character we've seen to switch factions (or just lose their faction), and I hope this is a precursor to more of that.

It's Not What You Know... by on

Also remember this card when it comes to lowball. It is absolutely fantastic for both 1) denying your opponent 2 GR, which is great by itself and 2) making sure you are the winner and will be making the first shootout action each shootout.

If you use this to win lowball, it essentially costs you zero GR (spend 2 for the card, get 2 from lowball), AND it denies your opponent 2 GR (along with giving you the first shootout action).

Just remember if you use this to lower your lowball hand rank, your new rank is considered the highest possible of that rank, so only do it if you'll be one rank below your opponent.

Law Dogs by on

FAQ Version 004­20150701 - www.alderac.com

● To use this ability, you only need to boot just enough dudes with combined influence greater than the chosen target dude.

● Can be used on your own dudes to make them wanted.

The Sloane Gang by on

FAQ Version 004­20150701 - www.alderac.com

● The control point is gained during Sundown, after victory conditions are checked at the start of Sundown so cannot count for that turn.

● If someone puppets your dude after you use this ability, you still get to choose whether to add a control point or take ghost rock, and if you choose the latter you gain the ghost rock, not the player who puppeted your dude.

Desolation Row by on

FAQ Version 004­20150701 - www.alderac.com

Desolation Row

● When checking Desolation Row, the shootout has ended by the time you make the check, so any bullets gained or lost during the shootout no longer apply. For example, a dude who was Blood Cursed during the shootout will no longer have the -­2 bullets applied.

● Only the leader gets 2 bounty, and you gain ghost rock equal to the leader's bullets only.

'to a maximum of 4' should not be help text, so I've modified the card image with the correct wording.
In OCTGN, you can find this card here:

The image is named with the correct OCTGN id.

link broken - contact soulblight via BGG or Pine Box forums

Other errata images available: 108 Worldly Desires, Auto-Revolver, Bad Company, Concealed Weapons, Focusing Chi, Forced Quarantine, Henry Moran, Hot Lead Flyin', Ivor Hawley (Exp.1), Junior, Morgan Cattle Co., Mugging, Nathan Shane, Nicodemus Whateley, No Turning Back, Paralysis Mark, Rico Rodegain, Smiling Tom, Undertaker, Unprepared, Unprepared Promo, The Wretched

Posted with permission form Pine Box.